Shot List: Bathroom Sink

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manly sea looking bathroom location and i want to see what i can do to make it more interesting this is an election shot of the bathroom sink so i first saw her high angle headed up into a trigger more interesting this shot his little with two hundred to one hundred watt bulbs in […]

What’s a Meteor Shower? | Astronomy for Kids

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Squeaks and I built this awesome observatory recently, and we love using it to look at the night sky! If you’ve ever looked up on a dark, clear night, you probably noticed that there are a lot of things to see. You can see the Moon, the stars, and even some planets! And if you’re […]

Shower Doors – How To Measure Swinging Door & Inline Panel With Laser Level by Coastal

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[ Measure: Door & Inline – In home w/ laser ] Today you are going to learn how to measure the door and inline shower enclosure by Coastal Industries using a laser level. Start by drawing out your shower enclosure opening on a sheet of paper, or referring to the measuring sheet so you have […]

Baby Monkey | Monkey Doo Likes Eating His Daddy’s Breakfast

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Hello, our dear friends Today, Daddy shares his breakfast Doo had his breakfast already Daddy feeds Doo breakfast before Daddy has breakfast But when Daddy enjoys his meal, Doo also likes eating his Daddy’s breakfast Doo sees Daddy has breakfast so yummy, he also enjoys this dish His reaction with this dish is so cute […]


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[Music] hey friends I have another motivating video for you today this is an extreme whole-house and nighttime clean with me some nights I can get it done and other nights where I don’t but tonight was one of those nights where I was able to get it all done and I went to bed […]

Toothbrush Germs In The Bathroom

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Question for you, Intelligence fans, how’s your toothbrush looking these days? Even if you can’t see it with a naked eye, experts say it may be saturated with millions of toilet germs! Our friend, germ expert Dr. Charles Gerba is a microbiology professor at the University of Arizona. He says there are approximately 3-million bacteria […]

Michael In The Bathroom ASL Song Translation

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[🎶 ] I am hanging in the bathroom At the biggest party of the fall I could stay right here or disappear And nobody’d even notice at all [🎶 ] I’m a creeper in a bathroom ‘Cause my buddy kinda left me alone But I’d rather fake pee than stand awkwardly Or pretend to check […]

Dec. 9 Morning Weather for the Web: A stray shower today, staying warm & breezy

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Planning DITRA-HEAT Installation: Schluter Curbless Shower (Part 4)

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We get this question a lot, and that is: How do you plan a Ditra-Heat installation, specifically, how do you choose how much mat to get and how much cable to use for your bathroom project? So in our latest project, we heated the curbless shower pan area, and we also heated the main bathroom […]

Healthier Fried Food! Why I’m Loving the Compact Air Fryer by Dash

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hi lovelies it’s me simply Shari helping Hi Lovelies! It’s me, Simply Cherie, helping you make home and entertaining simple. A couple months ago I was thinking of getting an air fryer. And since my son who was home from college wanted one also, I decided let me get one for him and test it […]