Kinky Curly Wash and Go Natural Hair routine [5-step tutorial]

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today’s video We’re going through a very quick washing bowl in this product if you guys are interested, please keep on watching I start off with Freshening co washed hair my hair is still wet as you can see so now I’m going to use this […]


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– [Announcer] Honest reviews and advice. Hold tight, and welcome to today’s video. I suppose you’re here to disrupt this peaceful time I’ve having in my deck chair. So I can show you how to cut a hole in the wall and instal, very successfully, the waste for your washing machine or dishwasher. […]


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In this video you’re gonna learn four crucial tips to make sure that you buy the best pair of tap shoes for your age and experience level and we’re getting started right now Welcome, the professor is in! My name is Rustin and if you want to learn more about dance and improve your skills […]

Synek’s beer fridge puts a tap in your home

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Hey, its Jake with The Verge and we’re back with more alcohol. This is the Synek, it is a home beer dispenser. It basically lets you put a beer tap on your countertop, that will refrigerate two growlers worth of beer and keep it good for up to 30 days. So we’re gonna try it […]

LEGO Princess❤ Ariel’s Friend goes to SPA for a full body treatment

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Hello. Welcome to this beautiful place. How can I help you? Full body treatment please. Hi. Please follow me. Do I have to change? Yes, please. Go inside and change. I’m ready. Okay. It is cool. What’s that? It is a spider treatment. This is so nice. Let’s go inside. I’m so relaxed. Now. Enjoy […]

THE BEST SPA DAY EVER (with Sunny’s Fantastic Hair Salon)

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– Today is a super exciting day, cause I got a new toy in the mail, and I’m excited to find out what it is. – So this video is sponsored by Mattel. They paid for this video and helped us create it, and they also sent the kids a new toy. – [Male Narrator] […]

Secret Girls Bathroom Arcade

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– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars )Welcome to Good Mythical More. I spun the wheel, it just landed. Episode’s ended. Two man wave! Here it comes, Link. Here it comes. Whoo! There it goes. Oh. Here it comes, Link. Here it comes. Get ready! Get ready! Ha! Caught it. It’s mine now. […]

Airbnb Interior Design Tips: Kitchen and Bathroom Tour (Part 2) | Nestrs

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– Hey guys, welcome back! I thought today would be a great opportunity to finish our Columbus, Ohio Airbnb tour. In today’s video, I’m going to show you our kitchen, our bathroom, and what we do to stock it to get all those five-star reviews. So come on in! (music) So welcome to our Airbnb […]

Washing Machine Tap Connection from Tank Using Tube demonstration

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How to fix washing machine pipe to tap Washing Machine Tap Apply Teflon Tape on Threads Connect Tube using Male Hose Barb Adapter & Coupling by applying Teflon Tape Insert tap in coupling Apply weight on a tube to stay it in the bottom of the tank Put the tube in the tank Suck out […]

Tap the World! – Countries and Territories of the World Song

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Brazil, French Guiana Suriname and Guyana Venezuela, Trinidad Tobago Chile, Argentina Uruguay, it’s good to see ya Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador C, Colombia, P for Panama Costa Rica is C Nicaragua, Honduras El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize Mex to US, Bahamas, Cuba Jamaica points to Haiti DR, Puerto Rico Hop along the Caribees Canada! DRC, Angola, […]