Funniest Baby Trying to Say First Words – Fun And Fails

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Babies say the first words, funny, happy, funny will make you feel interesting

LAST to LEAVE the BATHROOM! 24 hours inside!

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Steve & Robin Bathroom Scene | Stranger Things 3 | Netflix

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The ceiling stopped spinning for me. Is it still spinning for you? Holy shit. No. You think we puked it all up? Maybe. Ask me something. [IN RUSSIAN ACCENT] Interrogate me. Okay. Interrogate you. Sure. Um, when was the last time you, uh, peed your pants? Today. What? When the Russian doctor took out the […]

What is a Meteor Shower?

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I’m Fraser Cain, the Publisher of Universe Today. When tiny grains of dust impact our atmosphere, they leave a trail of glowing material, like a streak of light across the sky. This is a meteor, or a shooting star. On any night, you can go outside, watch the sky, and be guaranteed to see one. […]

DIY Drip Rail for Any Swing Shower Door /Screen

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It seems like no matter what type of shower you have, whether you’ve got a bathroom with a shower that has a tub, you’re going to have problems with water. Even if you have a shower with a built-in, walk-in shower, all glassed in and everything, you’re still going to have a problem, and I’ll […]

One Elephant in the Bathtub

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One elephant in the bathtub going for a swim, knock-knock splash splash come on in, two elephants in the bathtub going for a swim, knock-knock splash splash come on in, three elephants in the bathtub going for a swim, knock-knock splash splash they all fell in.

Bath Song | Bob The Train | Preschool Songs for Babies | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Cartoon

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Bob The Train “Hey kids! It’s bath time.” Let’s take a bath. But I’ll get, all wet And you’ll get all cleaned. But I took a bath just yesterday. You need to take a bath everyday. A bath will clean you just like new Scrub scrub scrub that’s what you do A bath will clean […]


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Shower Magic | Interactive Trick (TRY IT!! works every time!)

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Wind-Relieving Pose

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What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga With Adrian. I am Adrian and today we are going to release unwanted toxic gas from our system, digestive system that is, with wind-relieving pose. Not joking. That is what it’s called. Pavanamuktasana, I think, in Sans Script. Still working on those. Wind-relieving pose, head to knee pose, such […]