SP9 X CouchTalk 🌸🌸

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[Couch Talk] [With SF9] We’re on the screen! We came home! – We just came home. – Sitting on a couch. Hello. Isn’t it a doll? – He’s so handsome. – She’s so cute. He’s so handsome. Fantasy, welcome! I hope you had a nice day. Great job, today again! Shall we say hi first […]

FAQ #1 – Exchange Student Edition

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I received some questions about my exchange student life in the USA, and a lot of people seemed interested in this topic. Today, I want to do a simpler and more serious video than usual. Can you please be serious? Ok… I would like to give you more details about my experience in the USA, […]

She’s In The Shower

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*knock, knock, knock, knock* So where is she? She’s in the shower! What do you want? I know about you two. I know what’s going on. Oh, yeah? What’s going on? You’re– you’re doing st-stuff… together. So? Well… you’re not… you’re not supposed to. Why not? Because… because we’re in love! Which is why she’s […]

Sprite Slimline Shower Filter – Product Spotlight

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Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and I’d like to introduce you to our best-selling solution, the Slim-Line shower filters. It is the Sprite Slim-Line Shower Filter made in the USA by leading shower filter manufacturer, Sprite Industries. It is great for renters or homeowners who want to eliminate the horrible chlorine in […]


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The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms

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– I started my transition when I was in my 20s, when I was about 21 years old. I would get the experience of other women freaking out about me using the restroom, and that became very dangerous for me. In 2005, I was involved in a hate crime, and I was shot in the […]

Meteor Showers 101 | National Geographic

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(haunting music) – [Narrator] Nearly 50 tons of space debris crash onto the Earth every day. While some debris shyly dissipate into the atmosphere, others display a spectacular light show. (mellow music) Meteor showers occur when the Earth’s orbit intersects with the orbit of a comet. As comets travel, they leave behind trails of rocky […]

Acrylic Shower Stalls Pros and Cons

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Sooner or later we will be remodeling our bathroom. There are different materials that we can use to remodel it. One of the recommended products is the Acrylic shower stall. Acrylic has been around since 1893. Its real name is polymethyl metacrylate. It has become the finest product from textile to glass to building a […]

Home Safety

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Home safety Your energetic child loves to run and jump around However, he has no idea of any danger around him You should stay alert and check home safety measures regularly so as to prevent any possible accidents Ensuring your child’s safety To ensure safety, don’t leave your children alone at home or to the […]

HSN | Beauty Gifts featuring Beauty Bioscience Skin Care 12.16.2019 – 04 AM

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