Dance Like No One Is Watching

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Let’s Play a Super Sim Part 1: Top Notch Toddler Gameplay (The Sims 4 Lets Play)

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Making a Super Sim without cheating starts in childhood where you will endure the misery of dealing with a Sims toddler. Many of the traits awarded in early life turn out to be really important and have lifelong benefits. We’re going to talk about most of the boosts you can add to a Sim from […]

Baby Jiro’s Bath Time

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Clooney! wee water! is it too hot? Jiro: miaww water~ *laughs* come here Jiro come here! he got skinny! *laughs* uh! no! *laughs*

T-850 vs T-X (Bathroom Fight) | Terminator 3 [Open Matte 1.78:1]

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– Run. – Let’s go!

101 Clever Bathroom Decor ideas (Final)

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Thank you for playing this video. This is our final part of 101 Clever and Unconventional Bathroom Decorating Ideas. Check info if you never play the first part before: 52. Terra-Cotta Floor. Handmade terra-cotta tiles and a claw-foot tub outfit the bathroom. The circa-1780 door conceals a medicine cabinet and linen closet. 53. Dark and […]

WATCH: Showers Tuesday, cold air to follow

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Chance of showers Saturday, chilly the rest of the weekend

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Man accused of burning 1-year-old girl in scalding bath water

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Transforming Your Bathroom with Stain-Free Glass

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(energetic music) – [Male] The bathroom, it’s no longer that room at the end of the hall. Bathrooms have become dazzling displays of clean comfort in the home, a bathing sanctuary that can be transformed with today’s innovations in glass. – The bathroom is first or second on the list when it comes to looking […]

💗 Small Ideas For The Bathroom – Small Bathroom Ideas 2017

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Home Design & Decor Small Ideas For The Bathroom Small Bathroom Ideas 2017 20 Small Bathroom Design Ideas Find inspiration with small designer bathrooms that combine DIY fixes bold paint colors and pretty decorating details small bathroom ideas with shower only An advantage of small bathrooms? Smaller prices. Since the space is usually so small, […]