UX Case Study: Creating an IoT Shower for Moen

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Moen’s Strategic innovation team was exploring the space of a connected smart shower and came to us to do some early exploratory research. One of the biggest challenges was the fact that Moen has such a long wonderful history in hardware manufacturing but not in the digital space. We invested heavily in upfront user research— […]

Grim’s drawing a dragon ASMR with FIREPLACE/SPRING SHOWER sounds in the background. Come RELAX~~~

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Wash Your Hands song for kids | Baby Bath Time + more nursery rhymes 🛀 HeyKids

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Wash your hands Every single day Wash your hands Wash the dirt away Now the hands are squeaky clean But there’s no towel to be seen But we can always shake’em Shake’em, shake’em, shake’em We can always shake’em Shake’em till they’re dry And now the hair… Wash your hair Every single day Wash your hair […]

What If You Ate 100,000 Calories in One Day

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We’re all familiar with that certain sting of guilt that comes after a good meal that was — let’s face it — way too much. Most of us are trying to maintain our health and level of fitness, while the media is teaming with warnings about extra calories. But, let’s have some fun and face […]

못생긴 땅에 잘 지은 전원주택. 편의시설 좋은 단독형 타운하우스 50세대

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Hello, I’m Kim Jung Hwan from Minsung House. Nice to meet you. Let me introduce the townhouse in Paju. The facilities are well equipped. Elementary, middle and high schools are nearby. There are many amenities near the townhouse. There’s a town called Geumchon in ten minutes’ drive. It is also convenient to use the “Freeway” […]

An increase in showers and trade winds expected for the upcoming weekend

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Tracee Ellis Ross Makes Videos in the Shower

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-Congratulations on the launch of Pattern, your new hair-care line. -Thank you! -It is incredible. And what I love about this is you have said that beauty in itself is a form of activism. And I think that’s so smart. Talk to me about that. -Well, I think it can be, and it doesn’t have […]

$100,000 PROFIT We Bought 100 Amazon Pallets for $2000 Storage Wars

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hey guys so here’s another intro for this new video with just about to watch I’m sorry I got several different interests or little things are coming it’s just because new ideas come to my head anyway we buy and already people were criticizing us for that and once I put it on social media […]

How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Faucet : Removing the Collar from a Leaky Bathtub Faucet

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we’ll be removing the inner collar. Our inner collar pieces are these two white pieces that are located around this black center. Now this black center area that’s where the knob went on and actually turn the water on and off from […]

10th Street Bypass, Parkway Bathtub Section Closed For Flooding

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