Baywash Car Wash: Bikini-clad Car Cleaning Services

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00:02 JACKI: Hi Welcome to Baywash have you ever been here before? 00:12 COMM: Welcome to Baywash Bikini Car Wash in Winter Park, Florida. The Sunshine State’s hottest place to get your motor cleaned and it’s as popular with the girls who work there. 00:23 JACKI: I do enjoy working at Baywash, it’s a lot […]

CHAOS AT THE CAR WASHES! | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Episode 6

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(upbeat music) – [Man] Nothin’ makes me happier than racing. – [Angie] Woohoo! I know exactly what you mean. – [Man] What’s going on here? – [Angie] Free car washes all day? Well you don’t have to tell me twice. (wheels skidding) – [Villain] (snickers) The only thing better than free car washes is tricking […]

TAP WARI Japanese Animation #4

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So how to do it is, starting with Tap 1? You will have to keep on practicing in front of the mirror Nice job -Nice to meet you -Hello again -Ramen? -Octopus Octopus! Eating it well? 4 key drawings here It’s moving at the same speed first, but gets slow later so leaving one out […]

one little finger tap tap tap nursery rhyme

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One little finger, one little finger, one little finger Tap tap tap Point your finger up up! Point your finger down down! Put it on your head Head! One little finger, one little finger, one little finger Tap tap tap Point your finger up up! Point your finger down down! Put it on your nose […]

Does Kiri Pritchard-McLean answer the front door with a spanner in her hand? – Would I Lie to You?

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I always answer the front door with a spanner in my hand, so if it’s someone I don’t want to talk to, I can tell them that I’m busy fixing the sink. Lee’s team. Why don’t you just not answer it? That’s what I do. Oh, because it might be someone that I want to […]

The Bold Type Season 4, Episode 5 | Sneak Peek: Will Sutton Stick To Tradition? | Freeform

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Wow. Doesn’t get any better than this, Red. Getting paid to plan your own wedding. Trying on dresses with the help of hair and makeup. And professional photographers. Oh, yeah. It’s great. I do wish Richard was here, though. It is our wedding. Yeah, but the dress is all you. And, if you stick to […]

Does THIS Cause Acne? | Weed, Hot Showers, Sleep, Fruits? (EP. 2)

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– Hello, and welcome back, Team Acne, to another episode of Does This Cause Acne. If you don’t know already, my name is Brian Turner, and I am the host and creator of Team Acne. If you guys would like to take part in future episodes of Does This Cause Acne, leave your questions below […]

60 Days In: Jacob Taps Out Before He’s In (Season 6) | A&E

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Tap That | Season 6 Ep. 15 | BOB’S BURGERS

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-So this place must Yeah, I mean, pretty well. Business is up and down. You know? OK, mostly down. It’s Never really an up. That doesn’t make sense to me, Bob. I mean, that was the best burger I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a burger in Japan that cost $1,700. What?! How– how was […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Kang’sKitchen2] Eun Jiwon Super Sweet Moments~♥ | #CompilationZip | #Diggle

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[] (Kang’s Kitchen 2 Funniest Moments) Welcome~ How many are in your party? (#Compilation-Jiwon’s baby talk) Two adults and two children – So, four people? – Yes (There are no tables available) I think you might have to wait a while… If you’re cold… (Chilly weather) – If you… If you’re kind of chilly… – […]