Portable Shower for Camping Off Grid Living USB Rechargeable

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portable shower for camping outdoor off grid living survival emergencies hunting beach usb rechargeable battery hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m out in my granny camp which is my Alaska off-grid cabin one of the things that I like no matter where I am is the ability to take a shower so for this year’s summer at […]

Advanced Tap Dance Lessons : Syncopated End of Paddle & Roll Combination in Advanced Tap Dancing

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Hi. This is Sarah McLellan in New York City. We are at June Parody’s Dance Studio and, on behalf of Expert Village; today I’m going to teach you some advanced tap moves. Follow me. So you’ve learned part one of the paddle combination and now we’re going to add that little section at the end […]

How to Find Google Pixel 3A ZOOM SETTINGS with TRIPLE TAP Science & Technology

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okay I am using my pixel one to record the pixel 3a and I’m going to show you how to zoom in so we’re pulling this up let me show you how I did that it’s down there we just pull it up like that and we select settings and so we’re going to go […]

Spinal Tap Reunion, 1992, Part 2 of 9

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Intermediate Tap Dancing : Intermediate Tap Dancing: Flap Waltz Step

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Hi I’m Emily Larew, we’re continuing now with our intermediate tap. What I’m going to give you now is a flap waltz across the floor. So all you’re going to do is your steps are this. They are, flap, shuffle, ball change, flap, shuffle, ball change. So let’s kind of get it a little bit […]

The Woman With Two Vaginas | Living Differently

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Some guys view you as a trophy and a goal.That way, when they find out that about you, like,“Yeah, I had sex with a girl with two vaginas.”I felt like a freak of nature.Honestly, when a doctor tells you that, you think, “What the hell?“What do I do with this?”And then there’s the other aspect […]

FCL Tuesday November 13th Pure Hydration Spa

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Paw Patrol Take a Bath Rocky in the Cars Car Wash

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AG Brush Wash Method for Torino Pro & Royalty Brushes | Best Way To Wash Your 360 Wave Brushes

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How to Tap Dance : How to Do a Ball Change in Tap Dancing

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Okay so now that we’ve learned a basic shuffle and you practice hopefully doing them rotating from the right foot to the left foot we’re going to do add another little thing in there to go with the shuffle and it’s called a ball change and the ball of course as we talked about is […]