Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2/10) Movie CLIP – Bella’s First Hunt (2012) HD

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Close your eyes What do you hear? Bella, don’t. *groans* Bella, stop! I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we would be this far from the trails. *grunts* I have to get outta here. Ok, I can help you. Or not.

Mum forced to breastfeed standing up after no one offers seat on train

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 A young mum-of-two ended up breastfeeding her baby standing up on a packed commuter train – after no-one offered a seat  Kate Hitchens, 32, from Essex, had to stand for half an hour on a train from Stratford to Wickford on Tuesday  She posted an image to Instagram showing her plight – saying she felt […]

CARTOON CANDY DISPENSER -in- Green Baby Cartoons

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Welcome Green Baby lovers. Today we present another episode on OKG: CARTOON CANDY DISPENSER For more funny stop motion animation please click “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons to see other episodes on OKG Channel. And don’t forget to comment Your bath is ready Mum want milk, okay Hello bla blablablabla Yes Go and change your clothes […]

How to Unlock a Bathroom / Bedroom Door Under 5 Seconds!

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{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1138cocoasubrtf470 {fonttblf0fromanfcharset0 TimesNewRomanPSMT;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} paperw11900paperh16840margl1440margr1440vieww10800viewh8400viewkind0 deftab720 pardpardeftab720ri380 f0fs24 cf0 [music]uc0u8232 u8232 b 00:08 Shane Conlan: b0 Gidday knuckleheads. Uncle Knackers here, talking to you today about door handle sets. And in particular privacy door handle sets and how to unlock one if you find yourself locked out. So what’s the go with privacy door handle […]

It is Well with My Soul – Hugh Bonneville Christmas Concert Narration

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Now, Christmas is, of course, a time for celebrating new birth. It’s a time for family– forgiving– and in my house, anyway, we always raise a toast to absent friends– to those we have lost. And we share stories about them, bringing them back to life in our memory. And the account I want to […]

Gym Locker Room Shower Prank

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Dialing… Dialing… Good evening! Thank you for calling me cancer which I am This is Christine Uh, hey Christine, How’s it going? I have a.. uh.. problem I want to talk to somebody about I don’t know what’s happening…uh…Who can i talk to about the issue i had in the locker rooms? Certainly our […]

7 Days until Christmas HYPE!!!!!!! “!discord” “$zeldathon”

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BATH SONG Not Monkey Banana Dance | Lyrics | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Baby Monkey | Karaoke | LBB

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I jump in the bathtub it’s time to get all clean I’ll be the cleanest kid you’ve ever seen the soap and the bubbles are filling up the tub so I’ll jump in the water and scrub scrub scrub (3X) Wash my hair Doo doo doo doo doo doo wash my hair (3X) Wash my […]

The Krusty Krab’s Bathroom

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(Intense Bathroom Shenanigans)


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Hey guys it is Angela Jean and welcome to my channel runway done my way today’s episode we’re going to be doing a master bedroom, bathroom makeover and my budget is only a hundred dollars this is the top floor to a house that is for sale and it hasn’t had any offers so I […]