16 DIY Barbie Hacks and Crafts – Making Miniature Bathroom & Accessories

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[Weather] Mild highs, mix of rain and snow later

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good afternoon we had a lot of sunshine to start the day but hora remains rather overcast but daily highs will be a couple notches higher than yesterday most parts of the country and those of us in central regions will need an umbrella for the evening commute showers will begin from the upper regions […]

Video: Two rounds of snow in the coming days 12/17/19

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Fluent Widespread Bathroom Faucet Installation by American Standard

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American Standards fluent widespread bath faucets feature the exclusive speed connect installation system for simple fast and smart bath faucet installation installation is easier than ever before simply drop the pre-assembled handles and spout under the sink and then thread the lugnut onto the shanks from underside of the sink then connect the Val hose […]

Building Plans & Moving Toilet Flange! | Kitchen & Bathroom Earthbag Addition Ep2 | Weekly Peek

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last week we laid the first bags for the kitchen and cleared out the bathroom to begin the earth bag add-ons on the main house [music] [sad music] it’s a sad day is in LittleHomestead-Ville thanks Ashley for coming and helping thanks for having me being such a trooper I like hearing all the musicals […]

Not your ‘Average’ baby shower – Ep 4 Almost Ready

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Okay, so, I know I said that I wasn’t going to have a baby shower, but a few things changed and, uh, I decided I was going to. So here is all the decorations. It’s gonna be good. Hi. Um, my baby shower. Love you, bye. ( smooches )( music playing )Yes! ( overlapping chatter […]

How to change the cartridge in your Sprite Shower Pure 7 Stage Fixed Head Shower Filter

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G’day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter back again, and what we’re gonna do now is just show you how easy it is to change the cartridge in these fixed head, in the new Sprite seven stage fixed head shower filter. Okay? So obviously it’s installed. It’s in your home, whatever, and we’ve used it […]

Planning a Bridal Shower : Bridal Shower: Filling Balloons

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Today I’m going to show you some different options when you’re blowing up your balloons for your party. First you need to decide if you want your balloons to float, if you do, you’ll need helium. Sometimes you can just use air, which you can fill up with your mouth, or with a balloon pump. […]

Philadelphia Weather: Snow Shower Or Squall Wednesday

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How To Repair/Replace Leaking P-Trap Pipe Under Bathroom Sink

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