Christmas Special 2018 – The Ballinger Family

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Restorative Yoga At Home With Chair | Seated Forward Bend

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What happens if you don’t have any special restorative yoga props on hand but you still want to practice restorative yoga? No problem. In day 4 of the restorative yoga at home challenge, we will be simplifying things a lot – using things you already have in your house – so there’s no excuse not […]

Никогда не покупай отдельностоящие ванны!

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Freestanding bathtub is a dream of the life of loads of people These baths look cool that s why everyone wants to put them in his/her home But in fact it s some kind of rubbish And if you come up with so idea, forget about it forever Because at 90% it won t suit […]


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– Hey guys, how you doin’? My name is Robby and a few videos ago I showed you guys my bathroom. Why isn’t anyone talking about how dirty his sink is? You should get a toothbrush, it’s rank. Does anyone think his house is messy? Like, if you agree. Instead of making videos, clean your […]

Dangers of Using Electronics in Bathroom, the Case of the Teenage Girl

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Hi, there has been this very sad and tragic news of a 14 year old girl, electrocuted in the bathtub. According to KCBD news, Madison has been using her mobile phone in the bath while it was plugged in to be charged In an interview with her grandmother she said “Madison dropped the phone in […]

Shower chance for Sunday with cool temps

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Shower Water Heater INSTALLATION with subtitles

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Hi, today we will learn how to install Water Heater.. this Water Heater can brought from shop we install and connect to existing water pipe this is how it works, Existing Water Pipe IN Water Heater Set and OUT to Shower set Let see more clear This is internal system This wire-ring from exiting source(Plug […]

Infant Sleep Safety

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You know babies can get into a lot of dangerous situations in and around the home; so you take a lot of steps to keep your baby safe. But some things that are unsafe for babies are not so obvious. Did you know that babies can suffocate when sleeping in an adult bed? Babies are […]

Fleet Of Time – Official Trailer (2017)

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We have gone through the three most important years of our lives together. Hey! What do you want? Get out of this school immediately. Look at yourself. Who do you think you are? What trick did you use to be in this place? I believe you can do it. If you pass the upcoming examination […]

Baby monkey | Sam loves bath everyday I showered with herbs for Sam

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Baby monkey | Sam loves bath everyday I showered with herbs for Sam