Baby Shower Cakes: 3 Tips for Adorable Toppers | Gumpaste Cake Decorating Tutorial

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Want to make a baby shower cake they’ll remember forever? Customize your creation with 3 tips for the cutest peronalized topper. Hi, I’m Joshua John Russell. I’m a cake designer and an instructor on Craftsy dot com. Here are three tips to add a personal touch to your next baby shower cake. I’ve started with […]

Lush How It’s Made: Twilight Shower Jelly

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(laid back music) – Hi I’m Taylor, and today we’re gonna be making Twilight Shower Jelly. Rashwin and Brendan are gonna be compounding. To start, we make a calming lavender infusion with real lavender petals. We wrap them in a cheesecloth and steep them in water, just like tea. Then we squeeze out the cloth […]

GMSA at 9am : 2019-12-23

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The Man’s Bathroom

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Weather forecast: Chilly Christmas temperatures as showers continue

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The Amazing Truth Behind Meteor Showers

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[singing] When you wish upon a star… you’re actually wishing upon a meteor shower… Well, that just sucks all the magic right out of it, doesn’t it? But, hey, as long as you believe! Anyway, let’s cut to the chase of the scientific facts of what meteor showers really are, and how likely you are […]

HSN | Home Clearance 12.22.2019 – 04 PM

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Okay guys. Here’s the deal we purchased five acres of bare land, and we moved to our off grid property one year ago, and one of the first or two of the first major projects that we’ve taken on included building a deck and also, building a wood-fired cedar hot Tub, which is awesome and […]

Mili – Camelia {Instrumental/MR/Off Vocal}

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Remember to put on silencer Exactly like our mother’s words We forget about spilled wine But the stain will not be gone Though the violence is familiar And the touch of their fingers bitter and sweet The flavours are not yours to seize Don’t ever give in, please Camelia I was the one to venture […]

Washington state won’t see the Unicorn meteor shower

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