$600 Boat Vs. $41 Million Boat

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– Selorm, it’s summer, and this is very tough for me, but I’m gonna be taking my talents to South Beach! – [Both] Miami. – South Beach ♪ Me and Steven in Miami standing on rocks ♪ (bird chirps) – [Both] Ayyy! – Translation, worth it! – Worth it Lifestyle. – Boats! – Boats. – […]

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt Song | Kids Song | Camp Song | Animal Song | The Kiboomers

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We’re going on a lion hunt We’re going on a lion hunt I’ve got my binoculars I’ve got my binoculars I’m not scared! I’m not scared! Ooo, look at that tall wavy grass! It’s so tall! Can’t go over it We can’t go over it We can’t go under it We can’t go under it. […]

Digging Through James Charles BATHTUB of Makeup!

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Molly: This bathtub full of PR – James: You can take literally whatever you want. (M): I love you! [upbeat music] (M): Oh my god, sister. I’m gonna go see James Charles! The queen. I’m so excited. James Charles is one of those people I like super respect because at 18, He has built himself like […]

How trans people use the bathroom

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“I’ve used all gender bathrooms.” “What pisses me off is these fucking men that have to piss on the fucking seat.” A human bladder has to be emptied about seven times a day, but a majority of transgender people report avoiding public bathrooms for fear of harassment or confrontation. “Today, we have to cater to […]

How to Go to the Bathroom While Camping

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Trugard Install Shower Valve Seal Like Kerdi Seal Kerdi Fix

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In this video, we’re going to show you how to correctly install the shower valve seal. Rght here is where it’s going to fit. First, we’re going to go ahead and put this on and we’re going to get our two screws. Our two screws are going to hold, are going to hold this in […]

Ove Decors Shower Kit Review from Costco

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Hey everyone today, I’m gonna be doing a review on the OVE Carmel shower kit from Costco. So let’s check it out So here’s the OVE Carmel shower kit that they sell at Costco Comes in two boxes. The one box is the glass and the other box is the acrylic base So this unit […]


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We Built the World’s Largest Cornhole Game

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Are We Married?

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What’s up guys how y’all doing the vlog is back guess what, Kathrine didn’t know about it but when I moved to United States, my first job was a Distant I was a busboy at cheetah’s Cafe . So we’re gonna go and check it out last time I was there But I walked I […]