Pee During Shower (Cannes Lions 2011, russian subtitles)

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shocking Brazilian shower

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Hello. I’m in Brazil, and I just wanted to show you the shower heads. You can see one behind me right there. I’m going to show you the difference between the shower head here and in… probably in most places. The shower heads here, as you will notice, have electrical connections. This is 220 coming […]

Tap Dance Tutorial – 32nd video – 5 minutes

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Hi, I’m Marta. Welcome to a new mini-break. Today, I want to show you another popular tap dancing turn. First, I’ll show you a version without turning to make sure you know all the steps well. Then I’ll show you how you can add the turn. Let’s watch the routine first before I break it […]

DON’T CLICK (or tap) ON THIS VIDEO or else…

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*click* *Jake Hill & Josh A – Pewdiepie Outro #5 (Prod. ZWALL x Eric Gemme)*

Baby+Co. | Real Stories: Christa’s Birth Experience

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so I have had every kind of birth that you could possibly know i’ve had a midwife in the hospital i’ve had a home birth and then for this birth this was my last time (I knew it was my last time) and I wanted a birthing center and I wanted the midwife holistic that […]

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#YouthOverFlowersinAfrica] Mukbang and Chef Bong’s Dishes | #Official_Cut | #Diggle

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[Youth Over Flowers Official Cut] (Master Bong away from home) Master Bong away from home? [Jun Yeol] I have the camera now (Directed and filmed by Ryu Jun Yeol) – First of all… – [Jae Hong] Yes, that’s right – The main chef – Today, I’ll be in charge of the food I’m Ahn Jae […]


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Yes is this a recording? Hello my friends, Bahiano here with Bahiano Reno, in this video we’re gonna show you how to install a shower base from the start, from zero to finish. like you guys can see here this is a hardwood floor, so we’re just gonna cut and remove the hardwood floor. and […]

From Homeless to CEO (Cleansing Hope Shower Shuttle)

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my name’s Dean Joseph Dodd and I was born and raised here in Modesto California lived here with my mom, dad and my sister my grandma live right next door and just lived a pretty normal life up till I became a teenager and then I got really reckless started partying smoked my first joint […]

Zombieland: Double Tap – Triple tap, Quadruple tap…..Whatever the Nine-uple word is tap

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All right! this is what I’m talking about it’s finally gonna be riding in style you guys I partied with three doors down in one of these. It was so… Oh, shit. What? – Man, we’re getting good at this. – Columbus. Tallahassee. – The hood is 12 o’clock, trunk is 6. You’re our eyes. […]

Beginning Tap Dance Moves : The ‘Suzy Q’ Tap Dance Move

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Hi, I’m Emily Larew, and we’re continuing on with our beginning tap combination. We are now on counts one through four of our third count of eight. So we have, we just finished our Elvis. We’re going to start with our left foot and we’re going to stomp. I want you to throw your hands […]