Tap: El Juego de Max (The Magic the gathering film)

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Kuching Spa – Spa Mirage – Travel Now

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If you’re looking for a spa that is centrally located, come to Mirage Spa. It’s nothing fancy but it has a full range of spa services. From facials to full-body massages and reflexology. Prices range from fifty ringgit to two hundred ringgit for a speciallised package. Mirage spa is located in the middle of town […]

Educational & Safe Baby Toys : Baby Toys for Teething

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Hi, this is Daniella Buettner with the Right Start in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we’ll be discussing teether’s. We have many different kinds of teether’s in our store. Teething babies find relief on chewing on many things. We offer a wide range of teething toys that are all filets […]


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♪ On the road again ♪ ♪ On my way to Raleigh, North Carolina ♪ (playful music) – [Woman] We’ve got a girl who desperately needs to get to the bathroom. You gonna be able to make it? – Think so. – [Woman] How did people know that this is the eight passengers van? (waves […]

Tour The Totally Tommy Ultimate Gas & Car Wash “Waverly Site”

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The story of the ultimate express carwash began over 45 years ago my grandfather his brother built their first car wash in 1969 who would have known that over four decades later three generations of our family would be helping build car washes all over the world. But this is what happens when you commit […]

How to Wash a Bike

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Calvin Jones here, Park Tool Company. In this repair help video we’re going to walk through a basic bike wash. Let’s begin with what we need for equipment. Hand protection is a really good idea, such as the Mechanic’s Gloves from Park Tool. Next: some water. Just like doing dishes, steamy good hot water. If […]

Rachel Wiley – “Dry Cake Wishes and Tap Water Dreams” (NPS 2015)

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Dry Cake Wishes and Tap Water Dreams On the birthday of the ex-boyfriend who told me I was “too intense,” I wish him a lifetime swaddled in beige. Skinless chicken, boiled. Kraft Singles. Steamed rice. Unflavored oatmeal. I wish him polo shirts, tucked in. I wish him sex, but only ever in the bedroom, always […]

Meet the Flow Hive Hybrid- Honey on Tap & Fresh Honeycomb

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ORBEEZ Ultimate Soothing Spa – Relaxing Kids’ Foot Massage at Home from Maya Toys | SGL Unboxing

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hi everyone today we will unbox and try out this Orbeez ultimate soothing spa before we start we want to thank Maya Toys for sending us this we love Orbeez and we cannot wait to try this out if you’d like to know more about this product please click on the link in the description […]

Baby Yoga and Brain Gym

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Hello. Today’s little video is about teaching your baby how to do brain gym. Now babies need exercise for their bodies, but also their brains need exercise. So if you want your baby to be smart, be coordinated, improve their spacial awareness as well. And I’m going to teach you today how to do baby […]