Bathroom Light Fixtures by Lowe’s Lighting — by Home Repair Tutor

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Hey, friends! It’s Jeff with Home Repair Tutor, and today I’m going to show with you how to change out your bathroom light fixtures. Hey, we all have been in that situation where you have an old light. You just want to change it out into something modern and new. And I’m going to be […]

How to Clean a Bathroom Sink and Countertop

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Keeping your bathroom countertop and sink clean is easier with these tips for faster, smarter and better cleaning. After your regular bathroom routine, take an extra minute to clear off the countertop. Tuck everything you got up back into its proper spot. Make it a daily habit. Keeping your countertops as uncluttered as possible means […]

How To Color Bath Salts {Simple Secrets}

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Coloring Bath Salts Our goal is to achieve beautifully colored bath salts. There are a few different ways to color bath salts. One technique is to use dye powders in glycerin. Add the liquid mixture to your bath salts. The glycerin sits on the salt crystals and keeps the color there too! Our second method […]

10 Period Hacks All Girls NEED To Know!

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Congratulations! You’ve won the Mac Book from last times give away! If you guys missed out, don’t worry. I’m doing another one for a Mac Book air. All you need to do is follow the link below to enter the give away. And there’s actually stuff you can do for bonus entries to maximize your […]

installing Grab Bars On Tile Wall Shower

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By David Merton till they call me MacGyver And today I’m going to install a couple grab bars shower that has tile on the wall So the first thing to do is we’ll pilot holes with a masonry bit on the low-speed drill And then we’ll get a bigger half-inch Masonry bit so that we […]

How To Tile Arch Niche – Bathroom Shower Tile Niche Ideas

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No No No! Vegetables | Nursery Rhymes and Kids | Original Song By LBB!

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“No I don’t want to eat that I don’t like it you see” “No I don’t want to eat that It probably tastes yucky” Look, here comes Daisy Time to try new greens She knows they taste good Daisy loves her greens! Now you try, open wide Eat these yummy greens “No I don’t want […]

Baby Bath Song Nursery Rhymes song for Kids Toys Colors

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How to install an Aqualisa smart shower diverter

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Hi I’m James in this video I’ll be showing you how to install an Aqualisa smart diverter. If you are installing an Aqualisa dual outlet system you will need to install a smart diverter. If you’re installing a diverter for an Aqualisa Q™ smart shower please refer to our separate video. All other Aqualisa smart […]

How to Tile a Shower Wall (9 Quick Tips)

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In this video, I wanted to give you several quick tips on how to tile a shower. And the reason why I’m doing this is I got an email from Jonathan who recently purchased one of our online courses. And Jonathan had a lot of really great questions, and so I’m going to address those […]