Keeps Hair Loss Commercial – Shower Song

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I used to worry about hair loss. But now I’m keeping my hair Keeps helps it stay right there Keeps hair loss away for a dollar a day Thank you Keeps! Get started for $1 a day at

SFL-TAP: A Soldier’s Perspective

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SOLDIER: I walked in and the representative at the desk was very helpful and made my first appointment for me and got me all squared away with what I needed to know about the transition process so it was very easy. SOLDIER: And I knew that they were classes built to help me better transition […]

Best 5.56 Ammo Part 1 – 50gr TSX, 55gr TAP, 75gr TAP

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Hey guys welcome back. In today’s video we are going to start a four part series in which we take three of the most highly regarded self defense rounds in the 223 and 5.56 caliber, and pit them against each other to find the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Alright so we have three […]

Deep Hydration, All Day Long- dōTERRA® SPA Lip Balm

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There’s something unmistakably appealing about luscious lips, on the other hand there’s something really distracting about dry flaky lips. You can have soft supple lips with doTERRA SPA lip balms. These luxurious lip balms are formulated with coconut, morenga seed, avocado oil and beeswax so that they glide smoothly across your lips delivering long-lasting moisture. […]

Are your pool & spa safe?

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As a pool or spa owner you are responsible for the safety of your kids and their friends. While your fences, gates and latches may be in good order remember that kids could climb into a pool or spa via objects such as pot plants, hedges, chairs, toys or even barbecues. The city provides a […]

😍 BAYILACAKSINIZ! 🌟 Deniz Yıldızı Lif Modeli Yapımı | Starfish Washcloth Knitting

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❤ Rüzgar Gülü Yuvarlak Lif Modeli Yapımı | Windmill Round Washcloth Pattern Knitting

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Hello to you all of Suna Hobi YouTube channel today you are such a beautiful Fiber model share round wind rose model Let me show you closely I tried to explain to the smallest detail by Allah’s leave Very easy both A beautiful pattern of a different fiber sample Also handy I tried to explain […]

How To Clean Top Load Washing Machine | Top Load Washing Machine Tub Cleaning | Samsung Washer clean

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hello friends this is my top load washing machine. Now I am going to show you how to clean this top load washing machine. lot of people clean only out side of the washer. and they don’t know how to clean the hole washing machine. If you are using Samsung, LG, or any other top […]

Wash your hands, Brother John!

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Fuse tap wires for $2.63 from AliExpress

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OK. Unboxing time! I’ve order something from China few weeks ago and it’s finally here. Great thing about China that you can order just about anything and it costs like $1.5 including shipping to your country. So, someone sold me this for like $2. Send it to Poland from China. And in Poland when you […]