Our Newborn Baby’s First Week of Life 2019

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Happy birthday! Are you a week old today? Are you a week old today? Yeah? Hey guys It’s Danny here and grandma and baby Kai It’s our day 2, and I think — Samar is doing pretty great so she is being discharged at anytime so we’re just waiting to pack up and ready to get the baby home Yeah New home, new baby Everything’s new New home? New home for the baby Oh New home for everyone, the home is not going to look the same anymore He’s so perfect I know Hey guys, morning It’s Danny here It’s been a crazy four days since the baby was born and as you know, my elbow’s broken, so I can’t really help that much, but I’ve been doing my best and taking turns at nighttime and just taking care of the baby. This is Samar Hey guys and our precious little — Little Kai Little Kai He was just fed about half an hour ago? Yeah So he’s pretty drowsy He’s pretty milk drunk, passed out pretty content Yeah Do you guys think he looks more Asian or look more Middle Eastern? Aw he’s giving a little smile Oh he’s so cute He’s not camera shy at all. Yeah. He’s already got this from daddy Hey guys It’s just like such a beautiful day. How could we stay inside? Look at that? Yeah, we had a little test run yesterday Yeah and he seems to be enjoying it so much and today Today wouldn’t be a better day to take him out for the first walk It’s a super nice day. It’s apparently officially spring and then we’re gonna put our — the Rolls Royce of strollers to use Yeah, check it out There’s our little sleeping angel Sleeping With his double chin. He’s well fed Hey guys Welcome to my channel. My name is Kai Make sure you subscribe to our channel Hit that red button below — that subscribe button and the bell button to get notified next time I have my own video Thanks for watching Adios

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