Newborn Baby Care : How Do You Give a Newborn a Bath?

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Hi, my name is Windy St. George, and this
is how to give a newborn a sink bath. After your newborn’s umbilical cord has fallen off
and closed up around the belly button, it’s safe to give your baby a bath.You can either
buy a sink bath, that fits into your kitchen sink, or you could do it the old fashioned
way, by just putting a towel in the bottom of the sink, and filling it up with water,
only a couple of inches, and then get your newborn, and place your newborn in the sink.
The towel is to keep the baby comfortable, and to keep her from sliding around, so holding
the baby, so that you always are taking care of the neck, you place the baby in the sink,
and with your other hand, wash her with your soapy washcloth, and then you can carefully
kind of wash the hair. Tilt the head back to rinse off the soap, off the hair, and carefully
keeping your hand over her eyes, pour the water gently down the back of her head. Newborns
don’t get very dirty, and so you don’t have to use too much soap and water. Use a sensitive
soap, you could even just use water. Make sure that you get the diaper area, because
that is where they’re going to have skin problems, if you don’t keep it clean and dry.

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