Never use cotton pads/balls again with Amanda McIntosh on the Hello Beauty Podcast- ep.2

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Just a lot of waste in the world I will have taught a lot of people a way to upgrade their skin and I will have learned a ton about packaging messaging everything and then I’ll use it again for something else Amanda McIntosh welcome to Hello Beauty! Thank you so much I am thrilled to be here My Face Off which is a Los Angeles based You’re the founder and CEO of Take company that creates reusable skin cleansing products and you’ve been featured in Glamour magazine new Beauty and PopSugar and you have an exclusive line with Sephora collection I – yeah yeah it’s been fantastic great so tell me I did read that you were part of a Spanish Orchestra yeah tell me about that experience I started off life as a classical musician amazing went to music school did all that wound up in Spain with an orchestra and met my husband and a summer young professional thing in Boston kind of in between seasons and he and I hit it off he actually followed me to Spain for a while but ultimately if you really want to do bigger things and Glasgow music again I have to come back to the States so we did and then I actually wound up working for my family’s business process consulting firm it was like well I had a job I feel like I should be nice and let my husband audition work cuz he’s a fabulous musician and so I was like I’ll get a day job but then I kind of loved it yeah and it taught me a lot about business but then after he got a job in the Los Angeles Philharmonic I was like okay I don’t actually have to be the breadwinner anymore and so I started doing other things including this amazing although I do still play actually yeah what instrument do you play clarinet and your husband he’s trumpet next season he’s gonna be on those banners that are all over the city you know the ones that are like light poles and everything my gosh if you see a trumpet let’s buy em oh cool you know what it’s like I’ve been living in LA and I haven’t seen a show yet by them I need to yeah tell me you’re coming and we can get you backstage sometimes you can even meet like you know fun people that’d be amazing yeah definitely okay so the joys no no you wanted to get into the beauty industry at what point did you decide to get into the beauty industry no I don’t know if it never occurred to me or if I just didn’t think it was serious enough but I’ve always loved makeup and skincare and then as I got older I went up with terrible terrible skin and so you know it was fun and then it was kind like well I gotta cover all this up and then you can’t bet foundation on without kind of balancing it out with your eyes and your eyebrows and all that and so it was it was creative and necessity and then this King kind of worked itself out which is a weird story did a number of things older I actually kind of got sick and tired of looking at the world of consumer products and feeling like there should be a distort the other in about three four years somebody would come up with it oh my god well I’m thinking about the same thing I was and seeing that happen a lot of times it turned out that I’m pretty good at predicting trends it helped me with my 401k for my retirement account a lot of things like that it turns out that I was good at noticing things that would happen a little ahead and so when I had this crazy idea of driving home from a concert one night my best friend had turned me on to Oil Cleansing strange but it’s awesome for oily skin you have to use the washcloth all my washcloths were in the laundry and I was like I can’t bear I can’t bear to watch them I couldn’t bear to wash my face with anything other than oil now but you have to wipe it off what am I going to do there dirty this is Kristen he’s a paper towel no it’s terrible and then I thought this is stupid the reason I don’t have more washcloths is because I can’t find anything I like and every time I go online or at a store all I can find these disgusting microfiber or bamboo or cotton things and they feel terrible why are we using nice fabric on skin so that was kind of the beginning and then this whole I think I’m probably a little ok at predicting some trends made me think why not this time just try it yourself walk me through the process of creating the product and actually choosing the fabric and textile and a manufacturer oh my gosh I will try and shorten that as much as I can it’s a story of pain and suffering no first it was well we want to find a fabric but if you go and you try and look at traditional Bath textiles it’s all varying types of cotton terry cloth just like from bad to worse and so I did was like okay well let’s get creative what are some really soft things out there and they spent way too much money just trying to find a million saw things and finding out what they did when wet finding out what it wasn’t with cleansers with oils whatever and I settled on this one and then I tried tried to find professional pattern makers who could help me make it pretty and over and over again I was really frustrated by what they came up with that is a really hard material too so I had no idea what I was getting into in the end I wound up having to buy multiple professional factory grade sewing machines learning how to use them in teaching myself pattern making after six different pattern makers didn’t work out they also told me was gonna cost five to ten dollars to make each one so I came up with a crazy new pattern that’s kind of like paper dolls that it’s a weird thing and then I had luckily I spoke Spanish because the factory was like literally we don’t think make things like that we don’t make things like that like we’ll just try and after I argued everybody down in Spanish they finally tried and we were able to produce it at a price that can just about afford to make it’s so weird to me how many people out there in very established positions do things one way and they never want to do it any other way and to me that would just be like the death of me to never try anything different but they’re a lot of people in the world that way and the world works pretty smoothly that way so I have had to learn to be obnoxious in a million-in-one ways business just taught you how to like keep going have that tenacity the greatest thing about beauty is that there’s not one way to do it which is good because I knew nothing about lots of areas and I don’t know anything about I didn’t know I do factories and textiles and manufacturing but just over and over again I dived in and did whatever seemed right even if I was clearly using the wrong terminology even if I was clearly doing it the wrong way it eventually just endur’d me to it yeah and I keep doing it and sometimes it works out great yeah how did you find your manufacturer just go to like downtown and just walk door-to-door I’m like who can make this for me that was another rough one somebody one of the pattern makers that I worked with one of the great things about her was she did have some knowledge of she’s like find the cutting house first then find the factory back then it’s getting better now but back then what than three years ago none of the good factories listed online like they just didn’t and so it was this weird labyrinth engg way and nobody wants to tell you who makes their clothes because it’s like their little professional secret and so there were like old websites with old dead phone numbers and I called a million and one day this guy called me back and he was like the fourth the others were either dead or they wouldn’t work with me and finally they would and they’re really lovely Factory and they make clothes for lots of wonderful companies mine yeah so you buy your own machines you were making them yourself at first well at the very beginning because I couldn’t I had to prove that it could be done that you could make that shape right there which seems innocuous now everybody’s telling me that’s literally not possible so I was like I will find a way to make it possible so I did it took a while and then I had to convince the cutters to do it and so I still have those machines they’re kind of like a trophy you know that I’ll just even finding the company to sell it to me and like which one to buy and then how to use it and you’re not even supposed to adjust it unless you’re a machinist and like figuring out the manual in Japanese they’re trophies they’re really big trophies and when I develop new things they’re sitting there for in case I want to play around with the the new patterns I think I will always try that myself because as we have discussions with some factories in China who might eventually make it for us I’m able to ask incredibly specific questions and I suspect I will be able to get my cost down even further by saying but you weren’t doing that why not because you actually went through the process yourself I actually know the exact machine and how and why and if you tell me it’s not possible I can sometimes nudge you towards yes it is possible yeah tell me about this material what is it I used to think it was a big professional secret but now I’ve realize that it’s so expensive that nobody’s going to copy it it’s not a problem it costs too much it’s super super fancy Korean baby material mmm for baby blankets it lasts forever it does not shed it never changes and it’s almost entirely bleach resistant so people who use Proactiv can use it and it doesn’t discolor yeah you could use it for toner as well right yeah I love it for that especially this small one is really great we’re coming out with some other ones that are kind of more obviously geared towards toner because sometimes people like I’d put toner on this they’re just used to like a cotton ball this is a bit of a head scratcher for them even though it’s awesome mm-hmm but yeah it took me a long time to find the one that was so soft but behaved the way I wanted when it came into contact with the cleansing fluids mm-hmm and what I love about them is it doesn’t absorb much so you save you don’t absorb as much cleanser it’s super smooth across your face using less of that you wash the whole thing ultimately it save the time money and of course the whole trash issue it’s the re-education of the use of like you know cleansing wipes and balls cuz I’d seen some like me myself I am guilty of using like cotton balls like that’s what we grew up with right just remove the makeup and then when I was trying there’s like this interesting it’s like a new feel to my skin but it’s definitely less rough yeah yeah it’s it’s so funny because it’s it’s so much softer and it’s so much less abrasive and then there’s the cost aspect and then there’s the waste aspect but it’s really hard to get people to realize that there’s a different way I mean there’s no there’s no competition out there for cotton balls unless you’re looking at it cotton squares it’s cotton squares there’s muslin pads there’s rounds that’s it you know so it doesn’t occur to people that even if it’s better it might be the thing you could use instead this ridiculous idea my had this morning I get a lot of ridiculous ideas yes I love like a model you know a white wig like you’re rocking back and forth in a rocking chair like pretending to be old when I was young we used to use cotton balls and wives but luckily now you guys know better which is of course the dumbest thing in the world you know I will never actually make a commercial like that but made me laugh yeah I was like when I was a kid we thought that plastic grocery bags bags were more environmentally friendly because it wasn’t cutting down a tree mm-hm now we know and if we use the plastic by work and like oh sorry I forgot to bring my bags it takes a long time to change minds it takes a long time to spread information eventually we will realize lots of things we’re doing or kind of wasteful but I think now is the best time to get into that because everyone is really into like the green beauty and like everyone’s accepting of it and they actually are open to new products that are just more like environmental friendly and they do soak up a lot of information and the more information they know the better it is it’s the same thing about like the the soy you know back in the day like oh hey soy milk and now it’s like oh yeah yeah it’s just because of information the spread of information that it’s just really like taking over the world which is a good thing same with the beauty industry I think you’re right I’m extremely lucky and and for me I my sentiments are kind of on the Klingon Beauty side I love that stuff I I love it and so some people don’t see us as belonging with that because they’re like but you’re colorful and you’re polyester and I’m like well let me explain to you why yeah but I love that and I love that people are so curious right now there’s so much change going on yeah and I think in the long run it is environmentally friendly you don’t produce as much trash less carbon footprint yeah are things we looked at a lot of hemp sand bamboos and Cotton’s but they fall apart so fast that we literally did the math and based on the big Swedish study I think right now we don’t really know how green are our products are because my earliest prototypes look brand new so I don’t know how long they last so I can’t really do the math completely until I know but right now there are probably 1/7 of the carbon footprint of if I made them for organic cotton or hemp mm-hmm because even though organic cotton and hemp are greener to make they still use a lot of resources and so we’re preventing you from having to buy all those new ones there’s more to it than that but that’s the basic yeah that’s true and organic in general it’s like sad to say like the healthier the products are in food in general the more expensive it is than the non-organic right so people will still tend to go for the non-organic products or cotton balls the cheaper ones because at the moment it is cheap and more economic friendly for them economic meaning like for their pockets and their wallets right yeah I really look forward in the future to making some more products that are lower cost and they’re still reusable and we’ve got lots of plans and things but we’ve got more manufacturing methods to figure out before we can put those into motion so but we we hope it’s kind of like the beginning of a whole long line of none of that has to be trashed their million ways to do better things for your skin that are reusable and ultimately way cheaper yeah and I did read that you had like an interesting response and how people use your your product tell me about some of the funniest things I was I was talking to a great company that it might be a manufacturing partner for us at one point he was like I love this for detailing my motorcycle like really is like you totally got to market these two motorcycle people I’m like I’ll get on that soon as soon as I have time to learn about the motorcycle industry but a lot of friends use them for their dog’s ears and I really would love to make a MIDI for pets but again we have so much to do and only so much time but yeld sensitive doggy ears are big one and then we actually intend to do a baby one pretty soon because strangely there are no soft baby wash clothes does that make sense yeah I know it’s a lot of chemicals as well like oh yeah we’re actually just more stirred the straight-up washcloths for bath time there’s still really coarse terry cloth silly yeah that’s crazy because like I’ve tried using it because I do extend Mike my skincare it’s like my chest my shoulders and it does feel nice like on the body yeah it’s kind of great like right now I actually am getting over a sunburn a little bit and I it does a great job of kind of removing some of the stuff that flakes off a little bit without being aggressive I didn’t realize this for a long time but I tend to have slightly flaky skin I don’t have flakes anymore when I use these but I’m never berated it never it’s never aggressive but it takes off the tiniest bit so it’s kind of I don’t I don’t advertise it as an exfoliator but it’s it’s that perfect medium of cleanses just enough and takes out the dead cells yeah gentle exfoliation because sometimes like people go crazy with their exfoliating it’s like they really rub hard yeah at least this one has like a gentle feel to it where even if people that don’t have the lightest hands they can still use it and be gentle on their skin you’re unlikely to hurt yourself with the middie yeah yeah I feel for the people who are gonna later have like sunspots and stuff from all the crazy over exfoliation gonna happen yeah it’s a lot of information out there just take care of our bodies huh yeah yeah it’s complicated but fun yes fun and more you know avenues for like experiences and avenues for people to get into yeah tell me about the finding the funding to produce her first product oh my gosh for a long time it was just kind of like how much money do I have in my bank account can I afford more fabric can I afford the sewing machine and like digging into things that I didn’t realize I had or you know retirement accounts and some in some points I had some amazing support from my family they’re kind of used to me being the crazy person they’re all very smart business people and I’ve always been the crazy musician and then when I thought I’d do this they were like okay and so they’ve contributed a bit and then after the Sephora thing happened and there’s been some other wonderful interest from lots of other great companies a friend of mine who our kids go to school together she’d been just politely listening to what I said she’s like you know I run a hedge fund can we get involved I said what what do you mean and so she started talking about ways to get some investors involved and how much we’d need and why and you know exit horizons and stuff like this that I knew nothing of so she is now my CFO and I could not be luckier to have such a smart resourceful person who has the exact same tolerance for risk that I do which is kind of a lot so we have a lot of fun and she provides a lot of the information that I know nothing about so she’s getting us ready for the next level of funding as well which is gonna be even bigger and scarier so I’ve got lots more things to read but it’s really because there was that proven interest from some very major players and so our trick now is to get it to more people get more sales happening prove that we have momentum so we can get to that next phase yes that’s cool I mean you really need that someone to do like the business side of us because you are like the creative the idea the brains to it I actually do the majority of the business side she provides like certain types of insight that I just I know nothing about she caused me to think about things in a new way she she still has a day job and a half frankly and so she helps me she teaches me she provides guidance I do look forward to Sunday doing more of just the creative side but until then I wear every possible hat oh yeah but that’s where I’m gonna get into how do you juggle creating a brand and and you know just having time for yourself and your family oh gosh so I have do you know those calendars called passion planners no I don’t I am a total fanatic about scene although I don’t always follow it so it’s this calendar it just does a great thing where it has you go through some exercises of where do you want to be in three months six months a year all that stuff and then what do you need to do to get there is it a notebook or an app it’s an actual physical notebook because for me I just have so many so many emails hit me every morning so many things are going on I’m like in a snowstorm every day and I need to stop and so I don’t use every aspect of the passion planner the way I should I would be more effective if I did but I sit down every day and I try to separate the urgent from the actually important they’re a couple things that are actually urgent you actually have to do and then I tries so hard especially especially when feel like it to do the things that will actually get me where I need to be it’s like what is the biggest shortcoming in my business right now and what can I do today that will get me on the path to getting where I need to be okay let’s focus at least an hour on that and then of course I have little awesome children who are like mom I need a snack like right so it is challenging but it’s that it’s that every single day literally sit down again go what okay what’s the focus what needs to happen what’s the priority what’s what’s what’s the thing that everything hinges on that let’s do that for a while let’s ignore the emails let’s turn the phone off whatever and the days which are most days that I managed to do that I feel so much better at the end if I let myself get lost in the emails or the other tasks at the end of the day I feel like I was just busy and I did nothing yeah you know and it means that I don’t answer every email and I feel terrible but there’s only one of me until I have an assistant yeah and it’s like it’s a marathon not a race yes and the works always gonna be there and I feel like a lot of people normally fail but they kind of forget because of course they want to you know they want to achieve so much you want to do so much for their business but it’s you you know you are your greatest investment and if you are not functioning then your business not gonna function yeah yeah absolutely I mean there definitely some nights where instead of staying up super late to work I just go to bed some I you know luckily I read a lot and then sometimes I’ll sit and watch a TV and I used to feel guilty about it but I’m you know easily working 70 hours a week why would I feel guilty about taking an occasional evening off that’s ridiculous and I have to because I’ve been doing it for three years and I would really like to be doing it for at least another 10 so if not longer yeah although I’ve got ideas for medics companies amazing we’re excited to hear all about that so um what are the hurdles that you face creating this this brand take my face off and how did you overcome them for me it is how to communicate something that people have never thought of before it you know I look I jealously look at so many beautiful brands that are able to take stock cheap yet cool and minimal bottles that just already exist and buy them super cheaply by the caseload and put their beautiful formulations in there and put a really minimal cool label on there and just sell it because people have an immediate understanding of what skincare cream is of eye cream of neck cream toner they know what that does they know what it is you have to tell them why yours is different and you have to be beautiful because it’s not it’s no fun to own if it’s not beautiful but how do I tell people a cotton ball replacement a washcloth upgrade how do I get them excited about it and how do I show them how to use it I struggle with is constantly it is something I will always be working on and getting better at it means packaging it means messaging it means website and literally there are so many days I feel like I’m failing on every one of those points and I go okay which is the worst let’s work on that one today and then how to how to fix all of it without the all of the fancy methods and the fancy branding agencies and all the things available to me how to do it I mean we have some funding but still we really have to watch those dollars so it’s it’s how to send that message I am lucky because I feel like ultimately in discovering how to introduce people to something entirely new I will have won a truly worthwhile battle I will not have just drummed up great interest for a new eyeliner as much as I love new Islanders I will have really created something different I will have hopefully reduced a lot of waste in the world I will have taught a lot of people a way to upgrade their skin and I will have learned a ton about packaging messaging everything and I will use it again for something else mm-hmm you know what I mean yeah so sometimes I feel like I have set myself the most absurd mountain to climb but man when I get on the other side it’s gonna be awesome yeah you’re in it for the long haul I’m not for just for like just now in the trend you know because trends disappear yeah yeah that’s good that you have like that mindset and it seems them what are your your plans for the future or take my face off do you plan and getting cuz I know you have your skincare right now which is this amazing apricot kernel oil so this is like a start of it do you plan on getting into skincare expanding your brand into skincare as much as I would kind of love to do more I have a gut feel that that’s not the best idea there are a lot of other people doing that extraordinarily well there was an opening nobody was offering like my favorite oil in the world and it was a great companion for our product so we’re doing that one if I come up on another one that I feel there’s a real gap for we will do it but we meanwhile have so many different fabric based or fiber based products that we have major partners interested in that are totally different from this some of them are more photogenic and more Instagram money some of them are less though and they’re more drugstore ready I feel like that is the bigger opportunity I feel it’s the area that nobody else is in and I want to get myself a head start so that’s primarily what working on we also have a lot of patents pending and it would be smartest of us to go ahead and get some products that use that intellectual property because it increases the perceived value of our brand makes it easier for us to attract investors and things like that passes yeah all right um was it hard to pick your investor you know sometimes it’s like a relationship um I spent a long time thinking about that and talking to people about what I should be looking for in the next group of investors because I’m very afraid of making I’m super open to risk but I research things before I take the jump then I take the jump I am all-in but before then I think a lot so I’m thinking a lot about this next step the first one it was really easy because it’s my CFO Jennifer she is amazing and the money she was bringing had very few strings attached it was just kind of like do what you can with us give us a good return and she is just such a fabulous person and a fabulous business person she’s she’s the primary thing that comes with it the rest of them they’re kind of they’re not really interested in giving advice so it was a very easy decision to make and luckily I will have her helping me decide you know the next group of people we get involved with so I think I think with all this thought we will we will avoid some of the mistakes that we’ve watched some other Beauty companies make I hope yes yeah so what are you doing your spare time I want to learn more about you still play the clarinet I do I get really lucky sometimes I still get to play with the Los Angeles Philharmonic I got to go in there last couple of tours uh-huh we were in Europe this spring it was great Wow some clarinet I don’t practice enough I’m teaching my kids cello and violin with the help of their professional teachers I read it ton I am a massive bookworm and business books but a lot of fiction and then I try and do some exercise I try in the winter and ski things like that and then just pondering what what I’m doing for the next companies I spent a lot of time in my head staring at walls my husband’s like what’s going on in there you’ve been quiet for a long time like thinking oh no it’s good I mean what’s your favorite book right now I’m such a nerd yeah um mom I fit my major favorite book is Jane Eyre I literally also keep a copy of that and Pride and Prejudice by my bedside and I’ve read each of them at least 30 times I’ll just pick it up and I’m like oh I never noticed how genius that line was and so then I go on binges and reread everything by authors like that the most beautiful book I ever read is called a suitable boy it’s by Vikram sass and it’s about a story of a young woman in 1950s India and it basically is exploring caste and religion and it’s going through all of these different groups and it’s playing to you of all the choices she had why she chose to marry the man she did and it’s the most beautiful stunning thing ever so that’s probably my favorite book yeah I need to get a copy of retainer yeah it’s really good yeah so here in hello beauty we have a motto let’s say hello to the beauty in you what’s her advice to those that are trying to discover their beauty within oh my goodness well first off this is really practical get yourself the most varied collection of Instagram people to follow possible make sure that you’re not following only one type especially if they don’t look like you I made an offhand comment when I was 19 and I realized later that it was right somebody said I was talking about some famous model let’s pretend it was Cindy Crawford I don’t know I said oh I used to think she was the most beautiful woman in the world but now I’ve changed my mind I was I was being flippant they said oh why I’m like because she doesn’t anything like me look more like me and that’s not really how I think but now I’m like you know what that’s actually a very good way to think first off don’t have an idea of what you think is prettier spend time looking at makeup tutorials for ideas and for creativity and then spend most of your time thinking about what’s pretty when you’re looking at yourself find something about yourself that you love and celebrate it and keep it in mind no matter what else you see in the world I have spent much way too much time in my life thinking that I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t look like this that or the other and I can sit and I could I could talk for three hours and all my flaws but who cares it’s so much more fun to go through the world not being embarrassed about how you look and celebrating how you and everybody says it and it sounds so surface but if any any path you can find to find the things about yourself you love and then like grow that thought is good and if it’s through people on Instagram who look more like you if it’s through not looking at Instagram if it’s through wearing more makeup if it’s through wearing less makeup whatever it is do whatever makes you feel better and then spend more time there and like literally grow that seed mm-hmm yeah you talk about Instagram so do you really curate the people that you follow that’s filled with people that inspire you not just physically but just you know I guess other business women or like companies absolutely at the beginning I spent a ton of time I’m a student of Instagram because I constantly need to learn how to do them better I have an amazing social media manager but she can only do what she can with the content I give her and I’m in charge of that so I have to create better content so I spend a lot of time trying to follow all the big names from cosmetics to influencers because I needed to learn more about them and then after a while I felt like okay I’ve got I got the basics after two years maybe a year and then I noticed that some people it made me feel worse or something about them they felt so insincere it just it seemed ridiculous and who literally spends all day in a negligee this is that really natural that this is just how you woke up this morning no come on and it doesn’t add anything to my life to see that so I started removing the ones that didn’t either teach me something or make me feel better and then I noticed there was a type of entrepreneur because I fall a lot of entrepreneurs for inspiration who it always felt like every post was a humble brag you know and that started making me feel again like I’m not cool enough right don’t do enough I’m not enough good retailers and so I was like you know I feel like maybe I’ve learned I’m gonna learn from those and I exit those and then I try to add new ones that I haven’t seen before or that prompt me to think something I haven’t thought before and it’s a constantly evolving roster yeah the same way with me like when Instagram started I was like going crazy follow everyone everyone’s beautiful all this brands like I just followed so many people but then I found myself just getting lost and I’m like I don’t think this is the person that represents me in a sense so slowly but surely I started cleaning out the people that I follow people my friends Liz just to kind of just filter it off because I was just so I place importance and like what I see and what I absorbed during the day because like that’s gonna affect like my creativity my business it’s your mental diet you want to be healthy exactly so everything that I follow now is really what inspires me and I think it’s it’s been working and I I do also notice that what you’re talking about how like this humble brag and at the same time just like more of the physical attributes that they want to show off I think it’s a trend though in Instagram it’s like I’m it’d be kind of compelled like people to kind of go this is what I do and it’s like they feel like they have a purpose to kind of just give their advice everyone it’s pretty interesting actually like everyone’s turning into like a advice guru inspirational guru and I don’t an interesting world I don’t mean that you shouldn’t look your best or or brag or like be happy about something great that happened to you but you know there’s like a mix you know what I mean and when everything you see from them is only the humble brag or is only the you know slit up the thighs or is only the I mean it starts feeling like well how much am I getting from this really yeah at the end of the day it’s also like what’s the purpose yeah you know innocence so it’s really um it’s also good like you know you having kids it’s gonna be difficult to kind of educate that to them I know actually you know I’d have to spend so much time on Instagram for work but I don’t want them looking at what I’m looking at yeah because there are a lot of a lot of women that I don’t necessarily want my six-year-old to be modeling herself after and that I don’t necessarily want my year-old son to be seeing as normal you want I mean that’s very true and lots of them are perfectly healthy and wonderful versions of amazing people but some of them it’s just not it’s not who they’re gonna see in their everyday life you don’t want them to model their ideals after that and so I kind of like try to hide it if I’m looking at it and like what’s that I’m like oh I don’t know it’s just weird advertisement I just saw it’s nothing or I think it’s also the tricky imbalance between of educating kids that this is just like the Instagram world that’s not reality yes you know that that’s a message that I’m gonna have to be really good at giving them especially the six-year-olds a little bit too young to understand the distinction but the eight-year-old is old enough six is a the daughter eight-year-old is the son and she is much more tuned to how things look in general he’s less of a visual person so yeah I’m gonna have to get really good at explaining that and because I’m I’m always going to be around these images I can’t pretend that that’s like not part of life are not important and that’s the world we live in now and especially their future is we all right mm-hmm I mean I certainly don’t want them to be the kinds of kids who never get to see media because there’s a lot of richness and then like participating in society of course you’re gonna let them see that stuff exactly like you know like things that we have to filter through life but I think just having like a great mom you know you just have to like weed through that on a daily basis you never like really know like what’s the right thing I look at some of the movies that my friends my kids friends can watch and I’m like whoa that’s way too advanced for my kid and I feel like am i a bad parent and then like I let them see something a little scary I’m like oh I’m a bad parent it’s hard to know which is the correct one and you just try yeah sure but that’s the philosophy of take my face off take my face off is is very interested in being different in promoting things that are different and getting people to think differently the philosophy you know we say we jokingly kind of jokingly kind of seriously say we create reusable skin cleansing products that are totally genius we we want to stand out from the herd a little bit we have to if we’re gonna promote a new way of doing things but so that’s kind of the external one the internal one is to always make responsible choices I make a lot of choices regarding materials regarding suppliers regarding how I mail something to men influencer in the mail and I’m trying to as much as possible always do it the nicer way the polite way the planet friendlier way it’s often the expensive way we’ve gotten some flack about the cost of our materials but seriously it’s because we are in it for the long haul that piece of fabric isn’t it for the long haul it’s quality yeah and um it’s it’s a series of tiny things we don’t sweat the tiny things we’re trying to create something overarching but we’re trying to do it correctly from the ground up before we end I’d like to ask aside from taking my face off what is your favorite beauty product oh my gosh I love them all actually there’s a natural mascara that I love at the moment I seriously want to start a blog someday about why I hate mascara I have a skin and so okay so maybe I should ask you things sometimes because so many product reviews are just they have nothing to do with me and my skin and I get so frustrated in mascara I love mascara and it all ends up right here wreckin mega recognized but I found this natural brand that does not smudge it’s not waterproof even without a primer oh yeah even with that in fact I use it as the primer occasionally for tubing mascara which I kind of hate to be mascara but I’ll use that as a primer instead of a white one that I have to cover so that one I love bite lip products yeah I wish there you know again I like clean Beauty but it’s not quite clean but man they work and then I recently was turned on to Sarah Happ lip products I don’t love mineral oil but you know what that lip product is astonishing yeah she actually sent me some products it was amazing like yeah really yummy delicious smelling lip products they’re wonderful they work I so I have oily skin yet the world’s driest mouth maybe it’s the clarinet thing yeah I can’t live like you know if I were in a desert island I would literally have to have one of those types of lip products I like three lip balms that I can live with anything else I just tossed yeah so where can they find you what are your social channels everything is take my face off take so just had to take my face off all the channels amazing thank you so much for your time today and spending time with us thank you this is so much fun to talk about and lovely to talk with you I really appreciate it


Helen Park

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ok, i know it's crazy, but i went to school for music (but i dropped out LOL) AND i also feel like I have a teenie gift for trend spotting 😀 and I LOVE your questions 🙂

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I learned so much from this one episode, so enjoying this!

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Helen Park

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so this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for as a makeup artist and future esthetician!!! i was thinking of how to put three garbage containers for 'compost' 'trash' LOL and her product is PERFECT for a market like Portland, OR!!!! We are super 'aggressive' about green stuff 🙂

Helen Park

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i wanna know what she uses to predict trends 😛 is that cheating??? LOL


Oct 10, 2018, 6:25 pm Reply

Good insights into starting business ventures. The struggle is real. 😭

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She has a great story!

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