My New Korean Apartment: Bathroom Tour 🛀🏻🚿

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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my Channel and As you Guys Already know if You follow me on John day I moved to a new Appartment Here in Seoul and I wanted to Film an Appartment tour and a room tour but all of my Furniture Is still not at my appartment So the only Place in my room that I wanted to share Is my bathroom Because it’s Somewhat Organized I Still have A lot of skincare and Makeup that Isn’t it Or not Makeup but I still have a lot of skincare that’s not in my Drawers Here but I’ll just Show you guys what’s inside right now all right Let’s go inside So this is my personal Bathroom My Brother and my mom Are Sharing the other one But I get my personal one Because I did want to Film some Videos and It’s Really Nice Because of These Lighting and Drawers This Side Has a bunch of toilet Paper and Towels But This is where my Skin Care and Hair Care Is and I’m Still trying to Figure out what I want to do for the Top Shelf but I am Starting to Store my Sheet Masks here but I do have to order more Because I use them while I was Travelling I’m Gonna Start Right Here Because This is where all the Cleansing happens and This Is my Beyond Rice Milk Mild Deep Cleansing tissue I like to use This in the Beginning of my Cleansing Step Just to get the Cleansing Started and then I like to follow up with my moon Shot perfect Remover for Lip and Eye This is One of my favorite Cleansers and I Use, one of the cotton Pads right Here Sometimes Instead of using my beyond I might Use my Cosrx one Step Moisture up Pads and then after that I’ll use my E Nature Cleansing Balm This Is an Oil cleanser Which I recently fell in love With and I have used up a good amount of It Here We have a bunch of Cleansing Gels and I Love Gel Cleansers but the only One that isn’t a gel Cleanser Is this Klavuu Won but I do Really like how soft and Gentle it Is but I have the Huxley, Cosrx this drunk elephant Won and I made a mistake of Placing it like This and A lot of the cleanser Spilled so that’s why It’s upside Down I Have my Acsen oil cut Cleansing the Green Tea Foaming Cleansing Gel Whamisa By Glow Recipe and These right Here I don’t use every day this is a great Exfoliant This is the Sukari Baby facial and I love how soft my skin Feels after using this but it does Sting in the Beginning and then here We have the Whamisa Green Tea Clay Mask This was in Collaboration with Glow Recipe This is a great Clay Mask and then the Neogen Gauze Peeling The lemon one Is Actually One of my Favorites I do like the wine but lemon tends to brighten Up my skin Which I love Q-Tips Have my Toothbrush Toothpaste My Retainer The Mela 14 white Ampoule Should Actually Be in The Drawers Focus and then my Centella blemish Cream because These two I do like to use as Spot treatments and Then Here I have a bunch of Spatulas Clean Spatula and The deodorant Body Oil and Body Lotion Here are Some Facial mist that I like to use right When I get out of the Shower I learned that Tip from Charlotte Here We have some Toners I love This One and I think I have like one Use of it Left One of my Favorites from Cosrx pha A-sol, this is a great face mist as Well, the Troiareuke skin Complex Formulas the Whamisa Serum Toner theI I actually haven’t tried this yet but it Looks so pretty so i added it Here and then the Hanskin We have the Huxley Products I still need to order a oil essence Because that’s One of my favorite Products This is the eye Cream I am Currently using Moisturizer Sleeping Mask, We Have more Moisturizers Jelly Pack and some sunscreens Here and I really like this one Here i like to Keep all of my hair Ties Heat Protectants We have Styling Creams and Ouai Is One of my Favorite hair Products and This Is? James’s Personal Serum That he Created and I love it this is the m british that Soco glam Sent over or? Charlotte gave Me and I really like how this Smells This is A face mist that Should be Down Here um and Some dry Shampoos Right here Alright my bathroom, also came with A bidet and I love This little Section right here This Is for your Phone and Then Toilet Paper and a Space for some Books or Magazines So what I love about my shower Is that There Is this door Usually in Korea it’s Left out Open My brother and my mom They have a Bathtub and it’s Pretty open so the other Floor will get Wet but I get to kind of separate That if That Makes sense but I come inside with me I have my Fanola Fiberfix Shampoo this Is Amazing and then The fiber fix Bond Connector and This Is tinted Pink so that my hair will fade Into A Beautiful Pink Color and This is the Lush Daddy-o I stopped using it ever since the Fiberfix But I just like to keep it out and the Olaplex Come Down Right here We have some Body Products the Rose Jam Shower Gel the Rose Argan Body Conditioner Which Is One of my favorites this Is Actually a Product I like to use to massage my face While I’m in the Shower and Then This is Another Gel Cleanser in Glow Recipes Blueberry Balance gel Cleanser and then the Acsen pore Control Mask This is Another great Product, Along With some more wash off Mask and Finally We have the Shower Jellies This one Is Whoosh and Pink Custard I love These Products Because it Feels very? Interesting on the skin but then as They Get Smaller it Starts to Break so it Gets Really difficult to use but Lush Products Make my i’m Smell good so i’m okay with that All right so that’s it for my Bathroom Tour I hope you guys Enjoyed Watching I’ll try My Best to link Everything in The Description Box so that it will be Easy for you Guys to Navigate and I’ll see you Guys in my next one bye

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