MVTV – A Bathtub Fills from the Ceiling! Parade of Homes with Andersen 100 Series

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Welcome to Mountain View Television, MVTV. The leaders in education for the construction industry. Today we’ll be featuring a residential project. We have Marsha. Thank you for coming in. What we want to do is have you tell the story of where you came from and why you came to the western slope, as well as, the process of hiring Zag Built, who built this amazing house. Okay so about three years ago I was starting to think about my retirement and I saw a home that Zag built in this neighborhood. Actually, a couple lots down from here. It happened to be for sale at the time but it was too early for me to move. I went home, back to Denver thinking aha, I think I want that guy to build me a house. Tell me three things that you think are just so over-the-top unique, then we’re going to put them on film and show case it. Okay, I think one of my favorite things is my bathtub. It’s a beautiful, big, stand alone bathtub and it fills from the ceiling. The water goes down between the arms of the light fixture that’s over the bathtub. The dark windows, which thanks for pointing that out, the Andersen 100 Series, it’s a composite window. It’s double the strength and it doesn’t have the heat issues like vinyl windows. Correct me if I’m wrong, he kind of just said these are the windows or the right windows for your project. He said to me “these are the windows that you need to use” and I said “Okay Mike” because I trust him so much. So we got the the water in the master, the Andersen 100 Series windows. Tell us one other item about the house. In my landscaping there’s a bunch of big huge rocks and so when they dug for the foundation here, they had to move a lot of rocks and I mean they’re big huge like 10′ by 5′. They’re huge and I got to go to the rock pile and pick out which rocks I wanted to put in my landscaping and I love it. I could not be happier with the process with Mike and Peggy. People told me “Oh you’re going to build a home, going to be stressful.” and it wasn’t. There was no stress at all. There were lots of decisions and and there was some compromises but the whole process was like one of the best things I’ve had in my life. That’s so great. Mike is just an amazing leader and a leader is only as good as his team and the the team with Mike and Peggy, they’re so fun to work with. That’s what I love about this industry and love talking about it because, I mean, it can get ugly quick but if you have a good plan and a good team then we can have this kind of conversation. That’s what life’s all about right? It was amazing and so much fun. Well thanks for telling us your story and showing us your home, it’s awesome. It was nice meet you. Click on a picture to be redirected for more great information.

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