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 Harry and Meghan were out and about once again, as the Duchess of Sussex showed off her growing baby bump at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London During the event Prince Harry made a comment about Meghan’s blooming baby bump. The Duke said Meghan was having a “heavy baby” as he spoke to guests at the event Royal wedding: Eugenie follows in Meghan Markle’s footsteps BAFTAs 2019: Why are Meghan and Harry not going to the BAFTAs?  Prince Louis broke the record for heaviest baby born to an heir when he was born on St George’s Day last year, weighing 8lb, 7oz  The Duchess of Cambridge’s third child was her heaviest child, as Louis beat his older brother Prince George by 1lb  Prince George had originally held the record when he was born on July 22, 2013, weighing 8lbs 6oz  Princess Charlotte weighed a little less, at 8lbs 3oz when she was born on May 2, 2015  However, the heaviest royal baby title is now held by Lena Tindall, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Tindall  She broke records when she was born on June 18, 2018 at Stroud Maternity Unit. Lena weighed 9lbs 3oz and knocked her cousin Savannah Philips to claim the title of heaviest royal baby  Zara was seen cradling her large baby bump at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a month before the birth of her second child Meghan Markle and Harry to visit Morocco this month Prince Harry reveals shock news about Meghan Markle’s baby bump  Savannah weighed 8lb 8oz when she was born on December 29, 2010  The Tindalls’ first born child Mia weighed a lot less when she was born in January 2014 – 7lb 3oz  The average weight of a baby in the UK is 7lb 7oz. According to pregnancy and parenting website BabyCentre, subsequent babies are usually bigger than first-born babies and weigh in around 5oz heavier  Prince William weighed 7lb 1.5oz in 1982, while younger brother Prince Harry weighed 6lb 14oz in 1984  Their father, Prince Charles, weighed 7lb 6oz in 1948. Charles wrote to Prince William’s godmother Patricia Bradbourne after the birth: “I am so thankful I was beside Diana’s bedside the whole time before by the end of the day I really felt as though I’d shared deeply the process of birth and as a result was rewarded by seeing a small creature which belonged to us even though he seemed to belong to everyone else as well!” Queen Elizabeth was reportedly in labour for 30 hours before giving birth by Caesarean section

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