Max’s Diary: Bathtub Basketball

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[music] Max: My name is Max and this is My Diary. Dear Diary, I have played baseball and I have
played football, but today I played a game of bathtub basketball for the very first time. There I was expecting a normal bath time routine
when I encountered the Fighty Ducks. These ducks were the leanest, meanest flock
of quackers you ever did see. There was Thunderbeak, Ripjaw, Splishsplasher
and of course Mama Duck. Quack, quack, quack. Max: And these fellow fowls were not about
to let me get anywhere near the bathtub. Any time I tried to get too close they began
to peck me. It was clear there was only one way to settle
this turf war, a friendly game of bathtub basketball. Four versus one wasn’t a very fair fight. So I put together my own team, Sharky Joe
Jones, Tanker Turtle and Leapy Lizard. In no time, crowds of innocent bystanders
showed up to watch the big game. The first quarter of the game was pretty even. Every time my team would score, the ducks
would also score. During the second quarter, the ducks decided
to cheat and fill the tub with bubbles. They really were dirty ducks. Things really fell apart during halftime. Sharky Joe Jones was ejected from the game
for eating two of the ducks. Tanker Turtle got worn out and sank, like
a, well, you know, tank. During the third quarter, one of the ducks
and Leapy Lizard got trapped in the basket. And then it was just me and Mama Duck. I should have been prepared but she blindsided
me with a wet soapy rag. I’m blind! I’m blind! As I spun round and round my toe caught the
drain and I created a giant whirlpool. Mama Duck was not prepared and she was sucked
down into the bubbles never to be seen again leaving me the winner. And that, Dear Diary, was my adventure for

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