Maxi-Cosi | Parents Quiz Ep. 2 | Kelsey and Tom answer questions about pregnancies and parenting

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I hope you’re more intelligent
than your dad. In The Parents Quiz,
young couples get four questions… about pregnancy, babies and parenting.
Is the answer true or false? Hi, I’m Tom.
-I’m Kelsey. And we are… The Parkers. And she is…
-21 weeks pregnant. Round 1.
They both need to answer correctly. True or false? True. How many times do you laugh a day?
-With Tom, not a lot. I’m joking. Laughs 300 times a day? No chance. Am I right? No, you’re not. Too bad. Worst questions. See you later. Round 2 is a bit more difficult. True or false?
-False. Quite confident.
-Very certain on that. What is a high chair? You have it next to you,
usually at the dinner table, to eat. False. That is correct.
-She can be a mother. I’m a mum.
-She’s a mum. Round 3 is about guessing
if your partner will get it right. True or false?
-True? Yeah, he’ll know the answer. Positive?
-Yeah, positive that he’ll get that right. He’d better, anyway. I would say… false. No? We just got married,
we don’t even know each other. If the baby’s anything like Tom,
the brain won’t double. It will stay the same.
-Clearly. Round 4 is extremely difficult,
so they answer together. True or false? True. They might not actually be her
children. She might have adopted them. Has she birthed 69 children herself? Does it say birthed?
-I don’t believe it. I feel like he’s pushing us to say…
You should probably say yes. So let’s go with true. Is it true?
-Correct. Yay.
-What a woman. I mean, that’s some going. Two out of four.
-That’s terrible. No, I expected us to do better than that.
-Yeah, so did I. You really let us down. Yeah, it was me. You got two right.
-Thank you. Thanks, guys.

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