Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse: Eddy’s Job / Elephants Almost Never Forget – Ep.1

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♪ I’m Marvin
the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ (Hooves clicking)
♪ He can dance, he can dance ♪ ♪ Just shine that spotlight
on me ♪ ♪ Every show
must have a star ♪ ♪ He can dance, he can dance ♪ ♪ He can dance
he can dance ♪ ♪ ♪ When the lights go down ♪ ♪ I’m ready to perform ♪ ♪ This is my home upon
the stage ♪ ♪ I’ll dance for you ♪ ♪ And we’ll perform
for you, too ♪ ♪ I’m Marvin
the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ ♪ He can dance, he can dance
he can dance, yeah ♪ Wow! A carnival. (Grunting) Argh.
I hate setting up this carnival. (Groaning) (Screaming) Oh, ugh. I need to freshen up
in the worst way. Setting up tents
is too intense for me. Marvin, when are you going to have that
talk with Fast-Talking Jack? Well, I’ve been waiting
for the right time. You know how it is. Jack is a busy man. He’s not that easy to find. Hey, how’s it going, gang? Whew.
This is really hot work. Come on.
Now is your chance. There he is.
Go ahead. ELIZABETH:
Hurry, Marvin,
before he gets away. (Marvin clearing throat) Jack, we need to have a talk. We’re short-handed here. You know, I was just thinking
the same thing, Marvin. You were? You were? Yes siree. I’ve got plenty
of paperwork to do and you got a show
to rehearse. Exactly. Why don’t you take a break
in the staff tent while I go do some hiring? Thank you, Jack. Wait a minute. We haven’t put up
the staff tent yet. Hmm. Well, uh, get it set up,
and then take a break. My treat. (Sighing) (Sniffling and crying) Wow, a dancing horse! You looking for a job, kid? I said, are you looking for
a job? Mm-hmm. Terrific. I’m the owner here.
Jack’s the name. Fast-Talking Jack. Hi. And what’s
your name? (Clearing throat) Edward Larue III. Edward Larue III?
Hmm. Well, that won’t do if you’re
going to be working here, kid. No siree. Let me see.
How about, uh– Hmm. Uh, Eddy Largo? Great!
Eddy Largo it is. You can start right away, Eddy. Come with me to the office
and we’ll get you all signed up. Excuse me,
but we’re not open yet. Hello? Uh, I’m sorry.
I just started here. Oh.
Well, that’s different, then. Welcome aboard.
I’m Marvin. Hi, I’m Edward La–
I mean, Eddy. Eddy Largo. (Chuckling)
Sounds like you’re not sure. No, I’m sure. I saw your picture
on the poster. You’re the dancing horse. (Hooves clicking) The tap-dancing horse. ♪ Here we go
let’s get on with the show ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I just got to dance ♪ ♪ Music up
spotlight on ♪ ♪ Flash that magic glance ♪ ♪ Turn on the charm
and follow me ♪ ♪ Let the music set you free ♪ ♪ My name is Marvin
And I just got to dance ♪ ♪ Watch me move
follow my lead ♪ ♪ Tap-tap-tap
one-two-three ♪ ♪ Hear the music
feel the beat ♪ ♪ Just like do-re-mi ♪ ♪ When the world
is getting you down ♪ ♪ Grab your shoes
and we’ll paint the town ♪ ♪ Just let go
and dance, dance, dance ♪ (Applauding)
That was great. Thanks.
Come on. I’ll introduce you
to the others. Hey, Diamonds,
I’d like you to meet someone. This is Eddy Largo.
He just started working here. Ohh! Hi. Hello, Eddy.
Do you have any peanuts? (Giggling)
No, I’m sorry. I love peanuts. Me, too.
I’ll bring some next time. I can tell already that we’re
going to get along very well. Thanks. Come on– There’s someone else
you should meet. Bye, Diamonds. It was a pleasure meeting you,
Eddy. (Roaring) Hey, Stripes? Not now.
I’m working on a new roar. (Roaring) (Growling) Yes, I like that one. I’ve got someone here
who’d like to meet you. (Growling) This is Eddy Largo. Jack just hired him. He did? Well, it’s about time we got
some more help around here. (Teeth chattering) Shake hands.
He won’t hurt you. Pleased to meet you. I’ve got a list of things to do
as long as my tail. Listen, make sure you put plenty
of milk on my Crunchy Critters. I like them nice and soggy. Excuse me?
Anybody home? I’m sorry.
I was looking at your eyes. They’re so green. Yeah, that’s what
everybody says. Hey, Elizabeth. (Gasping) (Giggling) Meet the newest member
of our crew, Eddy Largo. Actually, Marvin,
I’m in a bit of a hurry, and– Eddy, meet
Elizabeth The Emotional Pig. There’s a name to be proud of,
huh? I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just that I have something
very important to do. What have you got
there anyway? No, please! (Gasping) Wow.
Are you a fortune teller? No, she’s an emotional pig.
That’s her claim to fame. So, why did you take
Edna’s crystal ball? I didn’t take it.
I’m just borrowing it. Does Edna know? She’s gone to town
to get lemons. Edna makes the best lemon ice
in the county. So, what are you going
to do with it, Elizabeth? (Sniffling) Well, I thought maybe
I could see my future. Here. Put it down and you can have
a look before Edna gets back. I don’t see anything. Here.
Let me have a look. Do you see anything, Stripes? No. You’re fogging it up
with your snivelling. Hmm. Ugh. Did you see something awful? Yes: your snout really close up. I’ve watched Edna.
She just stares into it kind of like she’s in a trance,
and she waves her hands over it. Ooh, do you think I should try? It wouldn’t hurt. (Trance-like moaning) Do you see anything,
dear? No. It can’t tell you
anything if you don’t ask it
a question. Of course, that’s it.
Ask it a question. Okay.
Now, let’s see. Oh, crystal ball,
tell me– (Wailing) Oh, great gorillas.
Now what’s the matter? I don’t know what to ask. Let me try. Tell me,
all-knowing crystal ball. Tell me your secrets. Do you see anything? Yes.
I see Edna on her way back here. Oh, dear. Oh–
(Glass shattering) (Everyone gasping) See you. Oh!
Oh, what will I do? What will I tell Edna?
She’ll never speak to me again. I didn’t mean to– (Stripes roaring) Pipe down, Elizabeth! I’m trying to read. Diamonds, you and Elizabeth
clean up this mess. Eddy and I better see
if Edna’s back. What will you say to her? My advice?
Admit nothing. (Juice sloshing) (Screaming) Oh, the fresher they are
the better they sting. MARVIN:
Hi, Edna. Busy making the best lemon ice
in the county, I see. What are you after,
a free sample? Oh, no, not me. I just wanted to see
how things were going. Oh, is this
the new hired help? Edna knows all. That’s right.
I’m Eddy Largo. Pleased to meet you, Eddy.
Now, there’s a confident grip. Just what I need to finish
squeezing these lemons. Come around back
and wash your hands. Where are you going? To the fortune teller’s tent. Why on earth do you want
to go there? Why not?
What’s the matter with you? EDDY:
Here I am. You have to show Eddy
how to squeeze the lemons. And I have to rehearse
a new dance number. I’ll see you later, Eddy. Bye, Marvin. Hmm.
He’s up to something. I don’t need a crystal ball
to tell me that. That’s good. I mean, um, so,
how do you squeeze these things? MARVIN:
You cleaned up all the glass. Now what are we going to do? Like I said:
admit nothing. That’s not the answer.
Suppose Edna asks us if we know what happened
to her crystal ball. That’s right.
If she asks, we can’t lie. Maybe she won’t ask. Then we
won’t tell her. And she won’t have
her crystal ball to tell her
what happened. Oh, this is all my fault! I’ll have to tell her. I can’t carry this guilt
for the rest of my life. EDDY:
Hey, everyone. I learned how to squeeze lemons. Yep, this kid’s a natural. Hmm.
Seems awfully quiet around here. Is there something going on
I ought to know about? Going on?
What could possibly be going on? Do you know
about anything going on? I only know
that I have to be going. Stripes scoots off and enters
his cage, quickly hiding behind
a newspaper. It’s just an normal, ordinary,
everyday day around here. Isn’t that right, Elizabeth? (Babbling) Yes, it’s just a normal day
for Elizabeth, too. She is emotional, after all. (Sobbing)
I broke your crystal ball! Well, did you get another one
from out under the counter? What? Well, there’s a whole box
of them in my trailer. You mean there’s no power
in the crystal ball? Well, not for me,
but my public demands one. But then, how do you tell
all those people so much about themselves? It’s all in the eyes,
dear boy. I look into their eyes. Ohh! For instance, I know Eddy Largo isn’t
your real name. You’re right!
How did you know that? When Marvin introduced you, I could see the uneasiness
in your eyes. That’s amazing. Why didn’t you tell us
your real name? Because it’s Edward Larue III. Edward Larue III?
I like that. Yes.
It sounds quite distinguished. We don’t mind using
that name. Well, I kind of like Eddy Largo
now. Then we like it too, Eddy. I can see something else. Oh, what is it, Edna? I can see that we’re all going
to be very good friends. (Laughing) And I don’t need a crystal ball
to tell me that, either. (Everyone laughing) (Stripes yawning) Anything interesting
in the news today, Stripes? Not in this section. Why did you give me
the classifieds, Eddy? Sorry, Stripes. Elizabeth has the rest
of the paper. She should be finished with it
pretty soon. She can keep it. It’ll be too soggy by the time
she’s done reading it. (Elizabeth sobbing) Ugh.
What did I tell you? How can they print
this kind of thing? Uh-oh. Has the price
of ice cream-filled chocolates gone up again? ELIZABETH:
No, it’s my horoscope. It says someone close to me
is leaving. (Sniffling) Well, if you come any closer,
it’s going to be me. I’ve got to talk to Edna.
She’s a fortune teller. She’ll tell me if it’s true. Eddy, maybe
you should just give her the comic section from now on. I’ve tried that
already. EvenWinky’s World
makes her cry. STRIPES:
Hah. The Slime Carnival
is hiring again. Says here
no experience required. No self-respect
required either. Anyone who’d work
for Lyman Slime has got to be desperate
or a clown. Clowns?
Ohh. I’d shave my stripes off
before I’d work with a clown. Ta-da! Nice job, Eddy. Thanks. Try them out, Marvin. ♪ Five, six, seven, eight ♪ (Hooves clicking in rhythm) EDDY:
Hooray! Thank you, thank you. And for my next number, I’m going to tap my way over
to the ice cream wagon. (Hooves clicking) I’m right behind you,
Marvin. Hello, Stripes. ‘Morning, Diamonds. Don’t mind me. I’m just going to do
my stretching exercises. Right here? Of course, silly. Where else would I do
my stretches? (Shuddering) Oh, this is more elephant
than I want to see all at once.(Classical piano music playing)Huh?
Ugh. Thank you. It was a pleasure dancing
with you. Oh, look at the nice ducks. (Car horn honking) We tore down the carnival
posters, Lyman. Good. You can put these up. “Slime Carnival.” Hmm. Those are the ones
we’ve been tearing down. What? You said if we saw any carnival
posters to get rid of them. I didn’t mean ours!
I meant these. Oh. Hey. Well, we’ll have our posters
back up in no time, boss. I got the hammer. And I got the nails. Let’s roll. (Muttering indistinctly) (Tires squealing) Ugh.
Tap-dancing horse. Humph! (Gasping) I was just taking down
the poster because– Uh, because this is
a no-poster zone. All along the street.
You probably didn’t know that. Actually, I’m looking for
the police station. I’m lost
and I can’t remember who I am. You don’t know who you are? No. I’ve forgotten everything. I’m hoping that someone
has reported me missing. This is your lucky day,
because I know who you are. You do? Sure.
You’re Ella– Broadbottom. Ella Broadbottom? That’s right. You’ve worked at
the Slime Carnival for years. I have? Yes.
Oh, you love it there. Don’t worry.
I’ll take you back home and things will be
back to normal in no time. You’re so kind. I know. Diamonds? Diamonds! I wonder where she could be? (Gasping) (Loud, eerie laughing) EDDY:
Diamonds? Phew. Any sign of her, Marvin? Not a trace. But I checked her tent
and her suitcase is still here. It’s like she vanished
into thin air. (Stripes clearing throat) And that’s not an easy thing
to do if you’re an elephant. Stripes, did you check
the lunch room? Yep. I looked for peanut butter
prints and I didn’t see any. I’ll ask Jack
if he’s heard anything yet. (Sobbing) Here we go again.
Get your umbrellas out. Oh, this is terrible. (Blowing nose) My horoscope was right. Edna even saw the same thing
in her crystal ball. Don’t go by that. Edna steals
her daily predictions from the same newspaper. Diamonds will come back.
You’ll see. She’s never missed a show
Where could she be? I think the boss is nuts sending
us here for these clothes. Yeah, I still say
it would have been way easier to give that elephant
a paint job. Say, these are nice. I’m keeping them. Get your shoes back on. We got to get out of here. Hey, what’s that? Diamonds’ sock?
How would this get out here? Oh, no! Well, it is possible
that Diamonds is just having a romantic getaway
with someone special. Yeah. Someone else who’s also over 600
pounds and has peanut breath. (Clearing throat) EDDY:
Marvin! Someone took a bunch of clothes
from Diamonds’ tent. There’s a trail of her stuff
all the way out the back gates! (Gasping) Hey, I see something else. Are these underwear? It’s not a parachute
with leg holes, kid. MARVIN:
Load them on, Eddy. I’m wearing the rest
of her clothes; I might as well wear those, too. That’s the end of the trail.
Now what do we do? Head back home
and find someone else who wears
54 petite? (Gasping)
I just found another clue. Huh? ELIZABETH:
Oh, my goodness! EDDY:
I can’t believe it. Diamonds working
for Lyman Slime? Why would she sell out
like this? It can’t be for the money.
Lyman Slime pays peanuts. Or maybe that’s why. No wonder she didn’t say
anything to us. She was too ashamed. Well, I think
we’ve known Diamonds long enough that she owes us
some kind of explanation. But Lyman Slime won’t
let us in his carnival. You know what he’s like. (Imitating Lyman)
Hey, the competition stays out.
Scram. You got that right, kid. Oh, dear.
He’s right. Hmm.
We’ll have to go undercover. EDDY:
That lady in the ticket booth
was sure looking at us funny. MARVIN:
Don’t worry about it, Eddy. This is the Slime Carnival.
They’re weird around here. ELIZABETH:
Oh, dear. I don’t like being
in this place. Keep your snout dry, Elizabeth. The last thing we need is
your beard falling off. (Gasping)
There she is! Diamonds! Are you brothers? She’s a clown now. I guess that’s supposed
to be funny. Wait.
It’s our disguises. Of course.
Ta-da! Oh, that’s very entertaining. Thank you. Aren’t you surprised to see us? Yes. Not many people bring all
their pets with them. Pets? You’ve forgotten us already,
Diamonds? Diamonds? Oh, this is terrible! I thought my name was–
Ooh, that bump. “Ooh That Bump”? Only a clown would have
a ridiculous name like that. No, I bumped my head. EDDY:
That’s it! When did you bump your head? I don’t remember. That explains why
you’ve forgotten everything. It does? I don’t remember
forgetting everything. MARVIN:
Don’t worry, Diamonds. There’s nothing you’ve forgotten
that we can’t teach you again. I’m a tap-dancer by trade. (Hooves clicking) But I can probably teach you the
ballet basics you’ve forgotten. And I can show how to do
the Charleston just like you showed me. Well, they got
the dance steps covered. Hmm. Do you remember how to drink
through your nose? And I can give you some coaching with your famous
ball-balancing act. Whoa! (Screaming) Oh, no. Uh-oh. Oh, dear. What? Hey, hold it right there! Who do you–
(Screaming) You know, there’s something
familiar about that. Oh, dear, oh, dear.
Whoa! (Gasping) Oh! (Thudding) That’s right. And then the crowd
starts laughing, and then she runs off in tears. (Audience members laughing) Oh, this is terrible.
It’s just terrible. And they’re all laughing at me. And then he says– STRIPES & DIAMONDS:
“Oh, dry up, Elizabeth.” Marvin, Eddy,
Look out! Elizabeth!
I remember now. Oh, my friends. What am I doing here? I hate to break up
the happy reunion, but– Come on, get up. Come on, boss. Unless we’re staying
for some clown wrestling, I think now would be
a good time to leave. DIAMONDS:
Thank you, Eddy. You don’t know how much
I appreciate that. No problem, Diamonds. I wouldn’t want my face
up there with them, either. ELIZABETH:
Oh, Eddy,
you’re so thoughtful. So, Diamonds, are you going
to keep it for a souvenir? Oh, goodness, no. I don’t want anyone else finding
out I was ever a clown. ELIZABETH:
Don’t worry, Diamonds. We won’t tell a soul. Ah. Do you think she knows she’s
still wearing clown makeup? I’d better tell her. Hold on, kid. Let’s let her dressing room
mirror tell her. Yeah. It’ll give us something
to look forward to. ♪



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