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Hi friends! It’s Sasha and today we’ll be
reading Maria And The Rainbow written and illustrated by
Marianella Aguirre González . Let’s begin! Maria woke up after a long nap. She was surprised to see a wonderful
rainbow outside her window. She started imagining how many things she could
paint with each one of the SEVEN colors. Maria
quickly looked for a notebook and the pencils that her mother had given her
for her birthday, and she started drawing: She made a big heart and in the middle
she drew apples, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, cherries, and all the things
that reminded her of her grandmother’s garden. RED She remembered the town’s
square were there’s a big orange tree and also
the carrots and pumpkins that she used to buy on Sunday mornings with her
grandmother. ORANGE She drew the sun’s rays and everything
that reminded her of summer …lemons, sunflowers, bees, and the little chicks
that used to walk by her side. YELLOW Then, when she changed the pencil
she was using, she remembered the frogs that used to croak in the pond as well
as the clovers and caterpillars that used to live in the garden of her house. GREEN The aroma blown by the wind reminded her of the holidays at the
beach, the sand in her feet, the blue swimsuit, the kite flying away, the ball
and also the shovel. BLUE And before the rainbow disappeared she
painted the sky with the stars and a boat in the horizon with the sail
colored in indigo. INDIGO Finally, after a long struggle with the violet color,
she drew lavenders blooming in spring. PURPLE THE END . And that was Maria And The
Rainbow by Marianella Aguirre González. Now it’s sticker time and today’s sticker
is Rainbow Wow. Thanks for joining me today.
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