Making Joke Slime! HANGREES Slime Food Characters!

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hey guys it’s dr. squish welcome back to
my channel I have today what may become what is my favoritest slime toys
ever these guys are called the hangrees I want to say a big thank you to mg and
entertainment for sending me these the funny thing is this is the mga
entertainment that makes the very you know sparkly lol surprise and the
popsie surprise that now they are making hangrees these are actually
parodies of real characters that means they’re like a joke or an imitation of
real peeps and stuff that you like out there and it is cracking me up
they sent me Harry plopper who is probably gonna be my new mascot forever
and ever I’m in love with Harry plopper I got a rope lops dude we got wwp in the
house and five nights of forts five nights of party if you will okay so I’m
gonna open these and we’re gonna make slime with them so they come with a
little container for you to plop the slime in oh my goodness a look at Harry
plopper he even has on his burgandy and gold scarf here he has this awesome flip
top head I haven’t gone in days. look at his little squirts it’s ha ha that’s funny that’s
amazing I don’t think there was something in here there was a what is
this I don’t know and then it looks like here’s my slime powders so a little
Harry plopper there came with a super colorful bag of texture and I think this
will be his slime powder before we make his slime I want to show you guys there
are so many hangers that are gonna be available in series 1 there are some
that I must have look at turn Titans go oh my gosh I love that one this one and
this one are amazing pappa squish is going to absolutely flip
out over over bubble fort and Wolverine I mean he’s a huge fan
I need a doctor stains I need Super Mario I I mean there’s so many
cute ones and then there’s some like ultra rare chrome ones they’re gonna be
so awesome so I hope I get more of these but let’s go ahead and make up some
slime oh that ball is actually super important
and glad I didn’t throw it away it’s supposed to be in there so that’s my
food container and this is the shaker ball so it’s kind of like when you shake
up a spray paint can and you hear that shka shka that’s what this is gonna help you mix
that slime buddy okay guys pay close attention I’m going to teach you how to
make this slime put that back in there that’s important we’re gonna put our
texture in here don’t get it on your table that’s just wasting stuffs put
your hangar Eze slime powder in there too and that’s its lime powder text your
shaker ball no water in here right you’re just gonna shake all that up like
that you’re getting all that stuff good mixed up take your little uh container
here and we’re gonna fill it up to the fill line with water and you want to
make sure he’s standing we’re gonna put him in the standing position open Harry
plopper his little mouth there pour in the water from the container here like
that now after you have the water in there you are gonna put all of this in
there and then you’re gonna shake your character for a full minute here we go
oh look at that powder close his head up good and tight
you really want that to be closed dude you’re shaking Harry plopper yeah shake
what your mama gave ya shake Harry shake it while you’re shaking you want to get
this ready because you’re gonna have to put him right on there and make him use
the plopper so you want to set him over the container and have him go plop there it
goes you want to plop it all right down in that container just like that I kind
of made a mess but that’s alright it’s slime oh my goodness it’s such a weird
color I wasn’t expecting sparkly okay so uh that is exactly how you make slime
with a Henry’s but we’ve got to let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes so
we’re gonna open all the rest of them before we come back in to see what kind
of slime we got from Oh Harry plopper you’re a slime maker Harry man he truly
is alright let’s put his little squirt it
there and let’s open mr. Rowe plops and don’t make some slime first of all hes got a cap n crunch I think that all these slimes are gonna be
super different cuz this looks like a bag of dirt but this little uh ro plop
guy is very very oh he looks very similar to Harry plopper they’re a whole
very upset looking like they oh my gosh oh my gosh no he didn’t yes he did oh we
got to get this guy to the restroom stat pour in your bag Oh texture what’s up
that’s got it come out of there came out in a plop that just totally
makes sense I’m thinking it’s probably similar to the popsie slime powder but
I haven’t played with the slime yet so we’re gonna find out close that up and
give it a give it a shake pour the water in here then we’re gonna pour all
the stuffs inside as well okay oh it just came out in a big plop you’re gonna
get it all in there okay now we’re gonna shake him up for a full on minute okay
are you guys ready go alright when you’ve been mixing it up for a full
minute go ahead and get this container ready to go but once you lift that right
leg you better have him over this container here because he’s gonna be
ready to go ready oh man that is really something there that way
I didn’t know if that dirt stuff would mix in there or not you know I hate to
say it but I don’t think you made it in time next we’re gonna open up the WWE
okay let’s take a look at him here he is he has a nose ring and like a soul patch
I don’t know but this guy he has head tattoos and missing teeth wwp indeed oh
they all are not making it with hair really good as well Harry you were I
didn’t even notice gracious they’re all just having a hard
hard tough day today he has a burger king bag it says on the
instructions if you have a bad container like the burger king bag then you skip
the mixing inside here and you just put them straight inside your guy let’s go
ahead and get mr. wwp full of water since his texture add-ins are simply
little balls here little fluffy balls I’m just gonna go ahead and put those in
it won’t hurt anything I don’t think and we’re gonna put in the shaker ball as
well and last but not least is our slime powder so I’m just gonna since he came
with the burger king bag I’m just gonna pour this directly in his noggin well
now we’re gonna shake him for a minute before we have him plop it out che che
che che che you’re hangry shake your hangry
shake your hangers all right guys we oh gosh I’m knockin everyone over we’ve
been shaking him I’m gonna lift up his left legs because as soon as I lift up
his right he’s going to plop right in the container are you ready
let’s plop ah shove it out what beautiful color that was so unexpected
it looks like some toilet cleaner as a matter of fact maybe that’s why he
doesn’t feel well he was drinking the toilet cleaner
that’s a terrible idea really good mister wwp has relieved himself there
and we are going to look at five nights of forts
I feel like five nights of hearts is someone’s story of a bad day with a bean
burrito I mean he looks amazing but oh dear he is having a similar problem to
all of our other hangar E’s back here it is a very windy day here around the
doctor squish studio we have our lovely little container here he has AK
it’s black it’s my favorite type of cappy wafer alright by now you have got
the hang of this as well as me we’re gonna put the slime powder right in
there we have some like red sand as the texture I’m gonna go ahead and try and
give that a shake although the last time it didn’t really do anything so that
sand doesn’t really mix up in the the container so let’s go ahead and put it
in his noggin okay you guys are ready let’s do five nights of fort slime got
water in his head I’m gonna just go ahead and put all of this in his head
maybe if it comes with the sand you should just put it straight in his head
I don’t know what’s the best alright alright guys I am going to lift up his
left leg get him over a big container so he can plop last plop it we’re gonna let
this right leg like this oh my how very cherry hope these slime colors were
really unexpected alright everyone so it takes about ten minutes for the slime to
set up so the very first ones I did should be good and set up by now let’s
take a look at the Harry plopper slime it’s very uh different than I expected
it oh my gosh it’s like this starry night sky midnight oh man this slime is
really cool so just like I thought it’s very much like the poop sea slime you
know what I’m saying like it’s very very easy to make number one you just put
powder in water shake it up and you got slime but this one is not that sparkly
rainbows in a you know unicorn slime this is something horribly different
Harry plopper he’s a slime maker that is so fun slime number two mister row plops
made a very green okay so if you remember he had the green slime with the
brown like dirt let’s see how this turned out I’m not so sure about this
one oh in the world oh my goodness you want to talk about something DIF
this is definitely something different okay I’ve not ever had slime with dirt
in it but that is exactly what this is it’s so crazy look at the gross color
that it made Oh gross it’s like the grossest looking slut I
think the Harry plopper slime was actually really really pretty
this one not so much mystery uh plops you really had a problem there okay boys
and girls ladies and gents Hooper’s and clappers let’s get this
slime it should be ready by now I don’t know if it’s been as long as the others
but uh let’s see what we got coming out of here we have got blue this was the
one that had those little um what is happening that’s why they didn’t even
come out maybe I should have left those out until the end that’s probably true
so the little fuzz balls didn’t even come out of him all right you can just
open his noggin and get him out it’s really kind of a weird concept it’s this
beautiful ocean blue I mean that is pretty slime mr. Rowe plops not pretty
this pretty but those like weird red little balls that they just I don’t know
it’s so odd they do make some fun texture in the slime and any kind of
texture and slime as always super fun this is just such a crazy one I think
it’s gorgeous mr. WWB there let’s cover up your weird
head tattoo excellent he looks so much better okay now I don’t know if this one
has set up yet it has not been 10 minutes quite yet but I got a look at
this one because this had that red sand in it which is colleague this one’s dirt
but I just don’t know how this is gonna turn out so let’s take a look at it it
would have set up a little better if I’d waited the full 10 minutes I’m so
impatient why am I like that actually I really like the texture of this one and
the color is flaming hot talk about a five nights of forts this one is a
flamin hot wind color I don’t know I said cute I keep trying with the puns
but they they’re just um pun doubt so every single slime that I
got was totally different each one was really really really unique and and
totally different from the last everyone has a different texture and lots of fun
things going on they’re not scented slimes and maybe that’s a good thing
maybe you don’t want these slimes to be centered but they’re all super duper fun
they will be on presale starting July the 18th then you should be in good
shape guys these are a lot of fun all right
all you Harry plopper fans it is time for you to tell me what you thought of
the hangry I never expected such in my life I want
to say a big thank you to mg I entertainment for sending me these guys
because they have made my whole week maybe my year the slime was awesome
making the slime was super easy and they were all different so let me know which
one of these for you likes the best I think you know which one I like the best
but the slimes were all super awesome let me know which one you hope you find
starting July 18th and I hope that you have had fun watching me play with these
guys I feel a little hungry right now as a matter of fact all right if you
haven’t done so already then tap on my logo that way you’ll be part of my
squishy squad never miss a squishy video right when it comes out you can tap on
top to see a Doc’s Playhouse video or down here to see a video you men never
even seen before and I will see you on the next show bye bye squishy fans



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