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And the ceiling… and the walls… They can be moved around
however you like in order to alternate the room design
whenever you need a change of scenery. – Where is the nuptial nest?
– Here, or there… depending… It has false ends, too!
And the living room? – Here!
– In the open air? One side glides… I understand. I get it!
Another one… – It slides!
– And the frivolous dwelling… As firm as a tower
from the earth to the roof. It’s more of an accordion than a house. This is the maid who is already
a faithful servant of your wife. The cook… The houseboy… They’re confused by the great honour. Their names? Miss “Light Cloud”. “Ray of the Rising Sun”. “The Aromatic One”. Foolishly chosen nicknames! I will call them scarecrows! Scarecrow one,
scarecrow two and scarecrow three. Is Your Honour smiling?
A smile is fruit and flower. The sage Okunama said,
“A smile can unravel a web of worries.” “The shell opens to reveal a pearl, the entrance of Paradise open to man.” “Perfume of the gods…
Fountain of life…” The sage Okunama said,
“A smile can unravel a web of worries”. She seems to be quite cosmopolitan,
the way she chatters on and on. What are you looking at? To see if your bride is coming. – Is everything ready? – Everything.
– You are a pearl of a broker! Here’s who is coming today: the Registry Official, the relatives, your Consul, the fiancée. You sign the contract
and the marriage is official. And are there many relatives? The mother-in-law, the grandmother,
and the Bonze, her uncle (who is not coming), and her male and female cousins… Let’s say between the ancestors
and the collaterals, almost two dozen. As for the descendants… Your Grace and the lovely Butterfly
will provide plenty of those. You are a pearl of a broker! You sweat and climb!
Huff and puff and stumble! Your Consul is coming up the hill. Those pebbles have worn me out! – Welcome!
– Welcome! – Oof! Some refreshments, Goro. – It’s high up, here!
– But beautiful. Nagasaki, the sea, the port… And a house
that is obedient to a magic wand. Is it yours? I have bought it
for nine hundred and ninety-nine years, with the right, each month,
to annul the pact. In this country
both houses and contracts are elastic. – And an expert man profits from it.
– Certainly. Wherever he goes in the world,
the Yankee vagabond enjoys himself and trades,
despising the risks. He drops anchor
to encounter adventure… Milk-Punch or Whiskey? He drops the anchor
to encounter adventure until a squall buffets the ship
and the mooring, the masts. Life is not satisfying to him if he does not make the most beautiful
flowers of every land his treasure. It’s a happy-go-lucky gospel… And he must make love
to every beautiful woman. That’s a happy-go-lucky gospel that makes for a pleasant life but which saddens the heart. When overcome, he jumps overboard
and tries his luck again, knowing that his talent
will serve him wherever he goes. So I’m marrying in Japanese fashion for nine hundred and ninety-nine years. Except that I can
free myself each month. It’s a happy-go-lucky gospel. “America for ever”! And is the bride beautiful? She is a garland of fresh flowers. A star with golden beams shining forth. And for next to nothing:
only a hundred yen. If your Grace commands me,
I have a whole assortment of them. Go! Lead her here, Goro! What madness has overwhelmed you!
Are you completely infatuated? I don’t know! It depends on
the degree of infatuation! I can’t really say whether or not
this is love or just a whim. She has certainly enticed me
with her ingenuous arts. Light as tenuous blown glass
in her stature, in her bearing she seems like a figure from a gossamer screen. But from her shining lacquer background, how she detaches herself, like a butterfly she flutters and lands with such silent gracefulness that a fury to chase after her
overwhelms me, even if doing so
would shatter her wings. Day before yesterday,
she came to visit the Consulate! I did not see her,
but I heard her speaking. The mystery in her voice struck my soul. Certainly it is a sincere lover that speaks like that. It would be a great sin to tear those light wings apart and perhaps desolate a trusting heart. My courteous Consul,
take it easy! Everyone knows… – It would be a great sin…
– Your age is of a feeble humour. – That divine soft voice…
– There’s no harm if I’m erecting… – must never utter notes of sadness.
– those wings to sweet flights of love. Whiskey? I’ll have another one. I toast your family far away. And to the day
when I’ll have a real wedding to a real bride… an American. They’re here. They’ve arrived
at the summit of the slope. You can hear the buzz of the feminine
swarm like the wind in foliage. Ah! Ah! Oh! How the big sky
meets the vast sea! – One more step, come now.
– How slow you are! – Wait. – Here’s the peak.
There are so many flowers! A joyful breath of springtime
wafts over earth and sea. Oh, happy chirping of youth! I am the happiest girl in all of
Japan, rather in all the world. My friends,
I have come at the call of love. – I come to the threshold of love…
– May joy be yours, gentle friend… – where is gathered the greatness…
– but before crossing the threshold… – of those who live and those who die.
– that draws you to it… turn back and look at all that sky,
all those flowers and all that sea! Joy to you, gentle friend, but before crossing the threshold, turn back and look at the things that are dear to you. We have arrived. F. B. Pinkerton. Down. Down. Great fortune. Reverence. Was the climb up the hill
a bit difficult? To a well-mannered bride the impatience is more painful. What a rare compliment. I know others even more beautiful. What jewels! If you would like this very moment… Thank you… no. Miss Butterfly… Beautiful name. It suits you perfectly. Are you from Nagasaki? Yes, sir. From a family
that was once very prosperous. Is that not true? That’s true! No one ever admits that
they were born into poverty; there is no vagabond
that does not claim to have an impressive lineage. And yet I knew wealth. But the whirlwind
knocks down the sturdiest oaks… and we became Geishas to support ourselves. – Is that not right?
– Yes! I don’t hide it
nor am I ashamed because of it. You’re laughing? Why? That’s how things go. (With that doll-like murmur
when she speaks she sets me aflame.) And do you have sisters? No sir. I have my mother. A noble lady. But without doing her wrong, she is also very poor. And your father? Dead. But I have other relations: there is the Bonze, my uncle. Never! A miracle of wisdom! Of eloquence a fountain! What a fate, my God! And yet another uncle! But that one… Good-for-nothing! He is just a little wanting. An everlasting tippler. One thinker, and one drinker! They make a pretty couple. You are not angry? Not I! I do not care a jot! – How old are you?
– Guess. – Ten.
– Higher. – Twenty.
– Lower. Fifteen, fifteen exactly. I’m already old! Fifteen years old! – The age for games…
– And wedding cake. Call my scarecrows, to hand round
candied flies and spiders, nests coated by sugar icing,
and all sorts of nasty liquors and disgusting delicacies
that they fancy in Japan. The Imperial Commissioner, the Registry Official, the relatives. Get this over with quickly. What a burlesque
this parade of my new relatives, taken in loan by the month. – Where is he?
– There he is! Certainly behind that sail of
a purple fan my mother-in-law is hiding. – Goro also offered him to me…
– Yes, you of all people! And that shabby looking ninny
is the mad and boozy uncle. She was chosen because she wants
to act high and mighty towards you. – Her beauty has already faded.
– She will divorce. – I hope so. For goodness’ sake,
quiet down at little! – Is there any wine?
– Let’s look around a bit. – I saw some already…
– Her beauty has already faded. – The colour of tea and crimson.
– She will divorce. Ah! Hu! – Goro also offered him to me,
but I said no. – Yes, you of all people! – He’s truly not handsome.
– He’s as rich as a Peruvian King! – He’s more handsome than you could
dream of. – Her beauty has faded. – She will divorce. – I hope so.
– Quiet down at little! Sh! O my fortunate friend! – It’s true, she’s a flower!
– O fortunate Pinkerton… – Her exotic scent…
– since fate has blessed you… – has my mind turned upside down.
– with a flower that’s just blossomed. I’ve never seen a girl… – Pay attention to me.
– more beautiful than… – It’s true, she’s a flower!
– this Butterfly. – And I’ve picked her!
– And if this part and her trust… seem like joking to you… Look out!
She believes all of this is real. Mama, come here! Come now… Listen to me, one, two, three and now everyone down. Here, Mr. Official. Your Excellency. I have the most pleasant privilege to express not in empty words
but in an American fashion the gratitude and good intentions of the Lieutenant who’s here with us. They’re most appreciated. We make a deep bow. And I return the bow. We make another one. I pay you back in the same coin. We could never thank you enough for your divine munificence… Now while admire your gratitude, I cannot bend my back any further. My mother. Most charmed to meet you. Your Augustness dazzles me
with fairness. My cousin and her son. He bids fair to grow sturdy! Be polite and say something! Sir… My uncle Yakusidé. Is that he? Ha! Ha! Yakusidé… Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Your glorious antecedents
deserve all honours! May your eyes see clearly. May your feet walk softly. Your glorious antecedents
deserve all honours! Lord, what foolish people! Ah! Mm! Sir Francis Blummy Pinkerton, His Excellency
the Imperial Commissioner… Takasago. The Registrar. Hanako. To my beloved! Don’t you like the sweets? Mr. F. B. Pinkerton… Pardon me. I would like to have
a few woman’s objects. Where are they? They are here. Do you mind? O why should I mind,
my beautiful Butterfly? Handkerchiefs. My pipe. A sash. A little brooch. A mirror. A fan. – What’s that jar?
– Ajar of rouge. – Oh dear!
– You don’t like it? Away with it! And what’s that? Something that is mine and sacred. And no one can see it? There are too many people here. Forgive me. It’s a present
from the Mikado to her father… with the invitation… – And her father?
– He obeyed. The Hotoki. Those puppets?
What did you call them? They are the souls of my ancestors. Ah! My respects. Yesterday I went up all alone, in secret, to the Mission. With my new life I am able to adopt a new religion. I cannot say I have the ability to tell good from bad: we pray to thousands of Gods, you pray to a single,
great and eternal God. My Bonze uncle does not know about this, neither does my family. I follow my destiny and full of humility, I bow before the god of Mr. Pinkerton. It is my destiny. For me you spent a hundred yen, but I’ll take care to be most frugal. And to make you happy, I will almost be able to
forget my people. Away they go! Everyone quiet! It is permitted to the named
Sir Francis Blummy Pinkerton Lieutenant of the gunboat Lincoln, from the Navy
of the United States of America: and to the damsel Butterfly of the Omara district, Nagasaki, to be united in matrimony, the first
named by the right of his own free will, and she… Hey! Hey! Next time you’ll stay at home! And she… And she by the consent of her relatives who are here to witness the ceremony. The groom. Then the bride. And all is done. Madame Butterfly! Madame F. B. Pinkerton. Best wishes. My thanks. Is the Consul going back down the hill? I’ll accompany you. See you tomorrow. Marvellous. Posterity. I’ll certainly do my best. Keep a sense of proportion! (And here we are with just the family.) (Let’s get this over with as fast
as possible and in a decent way.) This way, good uncle. Ha ha, the stirrup cup
for you I’m mixing. Perhaps a couple of dozens! Then take the full bottle. Oh, the drunkard! Ha ha ha! Drink up your Saki
and kneel to the Almighty. – One for the mother-in-law.
– She doesn’t drink! Cousins, friends… Take some sweets
and a glass of port wine. – Thanks, with pleasure.
– Oh, the drunkard! Gently, sir, gently! Give him a chance
and he’d drink up the ocean! Your turn, young rascal. Spread out your hands and stuff up
your sleeves with cakes and sweets. Hip! Hip! O Kami! O Kami! We drink and toast our new bonds. O Kami! O Kami! We drink and toast our new bonds. Let’s drink, let’s drink! O Kami! O Kami! We drink and toast our new bonds. It’s sunset now… Uncle, sing a song… I am ready. In the shade of a Keki on the Nunki-Nunko-Yama the day of Goseki, how many beautiful girls, on the Nunki-Nunko-Yama the day of Goseki! Goseki! Goseki! Do you like it? So moving.
Go ahead, right from the start. In the shade of a Keki on the Nunki-Nunko-Yama the day of Goseki, oh ladies, what are you doing
in the shade of… The bottle! Cho-cho-san! What an abomination! – The uncle Bonze!
– A plague on this intruder! Who will rid us of such nuisances? Cho-cho-san! What did you do at the Mission? – Answer, Cho-cho-san!
– What is that madman screaming at me? – Answer, what did you do?
– Answer, Cho-cho-san! Are your eyes dry? Do they reflect
the betrayal of our culture? She has renounced all of us! Cho-cho-san! Renounced, I tell you…
the ancient culture. Cho-cho-san! Oh Earth Spirits, Sarutahiko, Cho-cho-san! Bring down your wrath on this apostate! Hey, that’s enough, I say! Shut up! Come on everybody. We’re going! You have renounced us and we… We renounce you! Clear out of here instantly. I’ll have no shindy in my house
and none of this bonzing! Cho-cho-san! Kami, Sarutahiko! Cho-cho-san! We renounce you! Cho-cho-san! We renounce you! Cho-cho-san! Sweet little girl, don’t let those croaking frogs
make you cry. They’re still shrieking! Your entire tribe and all the Bonzes of Japan are not worth the weeping of those dear, beautiful eyes. Really? I won’t cry anymore. And their rejection
almost does not bother me because your words resonate so sweetly in my heart. What are you doing? Kissing my hand? I have been told that in your
distant country among well-bred people it is the sign of greatest respect. And Izanagi and Izanami,
Sarutahiko and Kami, hear me. Who is muttering out there? It’s Suzuki saying her nightly prayers. Evening is falling… With its shadow and tranquillity… And you are here all alone. Alone and rejected! Rejected… And happy! Hey there, close up the house. Yes, yes, we are all alone… and the world is outside. And the furious Bonze
is outside as well! Suzuki, my garments. Good night. Untying this pompous obi slows me down. – She quickly unties the obi’s knots.
– The bride shall be dressed… – To think that that little plaything is
my wife! – in the purity of innocence. – My wife! – Whispering to himself
he smiles and watches me. – But she displays such grace…
– If I could only hide. I’m blushing so! – That I am consumed by the fever…
– And still… – of a sudden desire.
– the irate voice curses me. Butterfly, you are renounced! Renounced… And happy! Gentle child with eyes full of magic, now you are completely mine. You’re completely dressed in lily white. I like your dark braids among the white veils. I resemble the moon goddess, the little moon goddess who descends at night
from the bridge of heaven. And charms the hearts… And she takes them, and wraps them in a white mantel. And transports them away
to the highest realms. But meanwhile,
you haven’t told me yet… You haven’t told me yet, you love me. Does that goddess know the words that satisfy the most ardent desires? She does. Maybe she’s unwilling to say them for fear of dying of it. Foolish fear, love does not kill but it gives life, and smiles with celestial joys, as it is doing now
in your long oval eyes. I used to think:
if any one should want me… Why do you falter? If any one should want me, then perhaps for a time I might have married. It was then that the Nakodo came to me with your marriage offer. But the truth I must confess: at the
beginning all he said was useless. A stranger from America! A barbarian! A wasp! Forgive me, I did not know… My gentle darling! And then? Continue… Now you are the eye of the firmament for me. And I liked you
from the first moment I saw you. You are tall, strong. You laugh in such an easy manner and you say things
that I’ve never heard. Now I am content: now I am very happy. Please take care of me, with a kind gentle love, as you would love a baby, that is how I need to be loved. Please take care of me. We are a people
accustomed to little things humble and silent, to a tenderness
that barely brushes against you and yet is profound as the sky,
as the mighty sway of the sea. Give me your dear hands
so that I might kiss them. My Butterfly! How well they named you,
my fine exquisite Butterfly. They say that across the sea if a butterfly falls into a man’s hand, it will end up pierced by a pin and driven into a board! There’s a little bit of truth to that. And do you know why? So that the butterfly
can no longer escape. I have seized you.
I hold you quivering in my arms. You are mine. Yes, yours for life. Come, come… Away with fearful anguish from a soul in pain. It is a clear, cloudless night. Look! Everything in the world is still! Gentle night! Come, come… So many stars!
I have never seen them so beautiful. Ah! Come, come… It is a clear, cloudless night. Look! Everything in the world is still! Gentle night! So many stars!
I have never seen them so beautiful. – Each spark trembles…
– Come! You are mine! – Shines with the flash of an eye.
– Cast all sad fears out of your heart! How many eyes are staring, looking down with care on us from every part of the firmament, away along the shores,
away over the sea… I hold you quivering in my arms. Come! How many shining eyes, how many eyes
full of unspeakable eagerness! Ah! Come, come! Gentle night! – Everything is ecstatic with love!
Heaven is laughing with us! – Come! And Izaghi and Izanami, Sarutahiko and you Earth Spirits. Oh, my head! And you, Tensho Daigain. Grant that Butterfly will weep no more! The Japanese gods are fat and lazy. I am convinced that the American god answers those who implore him
much more quickly. But I am afraid that he does not know that we are here in this house. Suzuki, is poverty far away? This is the last of our funds. This is it? There are too many expenses! If he does not return and very soon, we are in a bad way. – But he’s coming back.
– He might come back! Why did he arrange to have the Consul
provide for the rent? Come, answer! Why did he take such care to make
sure the house had proper locks if he never intended to return? I don’t know. Don’t you know? I will tell you. In order to keep the mosquitoes,
the relatives and sorrows out of our house, and with jealous care
to keep his bride, the bride Butterfly,
who I am, securely inside. No one has ever heard of
a foreign husband who has returned to his nest. Oh! Be quiet, or I’ll kill you! That last morning I asked him,
“Will you return, sir?”. He, with a swollen heart, to hide his suffering from me, said smiling: “Oh Butterfly, my tiny little wife, I will return with the roses, in the same season
when the robins hatch their brood.” – He will return.
– Let’s hope so. Say it with me, “He will return”. He will return… You are crying? Why? Ah, you lack faith! Listen. It will be a beautiful day and we’ll see a tiny thread of smoke rise up at the most distant boundary of the sea. And then, the ship appears. Then the white ship enters the port, thundering its greeting. Can’t you see? He has come! I will not go down to meet him. Not I. I will place myself there
at the crest of the hill and wait, I will wait a long time and the long wait
won’t bother me at all. And… then a man
emerges from the crowded city, a tiny little dot makes his way up the hill. What will he say when he arrives? He will call “Butterfly” from a distance. I, without giving a response,
will remain hidden: partly to tease him… and a little for fear of dying at the first meeting, and he, rather worried, will call, “Tiny little wife,
fragrance of verbena!”, the names he gave me when he first came. All of this will take place,
I promise you. Hold on to your fear. I wait for him with complete confidence. She’s in there. Enter. I, by your pardon… Madame Butterfly… Madame Pinkerton, please. My dear Mr. Consul! Do you recognize me? Welcome in this American house! Thank you. Ancestors, forebears, are they all well? I hope so. – Do you smoke?
– Thank you. I have here… Sir, your visit
causes me to see blues skies again! Thank you… I have… Perhaps you would prefer
an American cigarette? Yes. Thanks. But… I must show you… Here’s a light. Sir Francis Blummy Pinkerton
has written to me… Really! Is he in good health? Perfect. I am the most fortunate woman
in all of Japan! – Could I ask you a question?
– Certainly. When do the robins make
their nests in America? What did you say? Yes… is it earlier or later than here? But… why do you ask this? My husband promised me to return in that blessed season when the robins
make their nest for babies. Here they have made them
three times already, but perhaps over there the custom
is to make the nests less often. Who is laughing?
It’s the nakodo. He’s a nasty man. – I enjoy being so…
– Quiet! He dared to… No, first answer my question. I am sorry, but I don’t know… I have never studied ornithology. – Orni…
– ..thology. In short, you don’t know. No. We were saying… Ah, yes, Goro, as soon as F. B. Pinkerton was at sea, came to besiege me
with chatter and with presents from this husband or that husband. Now he is promising treasures
from that idiotic… The rich Yamadori. She is destitute. Her relatives have all rejected her. Here he is. Watch. Yamadori, have the pains of love
not caused you enough disappointment? Are you still prepared to cut
your veins if I refuse you my kiss? Among the most bothersome of things
is the uselessness of sighing. You have taken so many wives by now
you should be accustomed to it. I married every one of them
and divorce set me free. – I am much obliged. – To you,
however, I would swear constant faith. (I am really afraid that I won’t
succeed in delivering the message.) Villas, servants, and at Omara a princely palace. My faith is bound to someone else. She still believes she is married. I don’t believe so, I am married. – But the law…
– I don’t know. For the wife, abandonment
is the equivalent of divorce. That is the Japanese law, not the law of my country. Which? The United States. (Oh, the poor girl!) Everyone knows that to chase the wife
out of the door is the shortest way and here it is called divorce. But you can’t do this in America. – Is that not true?
– That’s true… however… There a good, serious,
dignified judge says to the husband, “You want to go on your way?
We would like to hear why”. “I’m bored with being married”, and then the magistrate says, “Ah, rascal,
off to prison immediately!”. Suzuki, the tea. Did you hear? Such complete blindness make me sad. The arrival of Pinkerton’s ship
has already been announced. When she see him again… He does not want to show himself. I have come to disabuse her
from this bad situation. Your Grace, may I pour you more tea? What annoying people. Farewell. I leave you my heart full of grief, but I still have hope… Sir. Ah! If you wanted… The trouble is I don’t want. Now back to us. Sit here. Will you read this letter with me? Give it to me. On my mouth, on my heart… You are the best man in this world. Begin. “My friend, please find
that beautiful flower of a girl…” Did he really say that? Yes, that is what he says,
but if at every mom… I’ll be quiet, I won’t interrupt again. “Three years have passed
since that happy time.” He has also counted them! “Perhaps Butterfly
no longer remembers me.” Suzuki, tell him. “..No longer remembers me!” (Patience!) “if she still loves me,
if she is waiting…” Oh, the sweet words! You, blessed letter! “I am entrusting to you the task
of preparing her, with prudence…” – He’s returning…
– “..for the blow…” – When? Soon! Soon!
– (Very well.) (It’s best to stop her…
That devil of a Pinkerton!) Well then, what would you do,
Madame Butterfly, if he were never to return again? I could do two things: return to entertaining people
with my singing or else… better, die. It hurts me greatly to wrench you away from your deceiving false illusion. Accept the proposal from the rich Yamadori. You, Sir, you tell me this!
Even you! Good Lord, what can be done? Come here, Suzuki, quickly. His Grace is leaving. You’re dismissing me? I beg you, it is useless to insist. I was brutal, I don’t deny it. Oh, you hurt me so deeply,
you have hurt me terribly, so much! It’s nothing, nothing! I believed I was going to die… But it passes as quickly as the clouds over the sun. Ah! He has forgotten me? And this? Can he also forget this? Is he his child? Whoever saw
a Japanese baby with azure eyes? And a mouth like this?
And little curls of pure gold? He is obviously Pinkerton’s son.
Does his father know about him? No. No. He was born when his father
was in that great country of his. But you will write to him and tell him that a son without equal waits for him. And then you can tell me
if he doesn’t rush over the land and the seas. Do you know what this gentleman
had the heart to think? That your mother will have
to take you in her arms and trudge through the city
in the wind and rain to earn bread and clothing, and to the pitying crowd
stretch out a trembling hand, crying:
“Listen, listen to my superb song about the eight hundred thousand
deities wrapped in splendour.” And there will pass some
warriors with the emperor to whom I’ll say: “Noble Ruler,
stop your footsteps and deign to look at these eyes, they are as blue as the
azure heaven whence you are coming.” And then the noble King
will halt, full of gracious kindness. Perhaps he’ll make of you the
most exalted ruler of his kingdom. (Oh my God… How sad.) This evening I will go down to the town. Will you forgive me? Give him your hand. What beautiful blond hair! Dear child, what is your name? Answer, “Today my name is Sorrow.” “However, tell daddy, write to him, that on the day of his return, Joy, Joy will be my name”. Your father will know,
that I promise you. Wasp! Accursed toad! – What happened?
– The vampire is buzzing around us! And every day he spreads
his gossip to the four winds that no one knows
who the child’s father is! I was only saying that in America, when
a baby is born in a bad circumstance, he will always live the life
of an outcast among the people! Ah! You’re lying! – Say it again and I’ll kill you!
– No! Get out! You will see, my little love, my sorrow and my comfort,
my little love… You will see that your saviour will carry us far away, to his country, he will take us far away. The cannon of the port! A warship… White…
The American flag with the stars… Now it’s beginning to drop anchor. Steady my hand
so that I can discern the name. The name… Here it is: Abraham Lincoln! They all lied! Every one of them! And I knew it, only me,
the one who loves him. Do you see how foolish your doubts were? He has arrived, he has come back at the moment when everyone said, “Weep and despair”. Now, my child, let your flag fly high. Let joy fall upon you. Shake the branch of that cherry tree
and inundate him with flowers. Clap your hands, your gracious hands. Madame, calm yourself… that weeping… No, I’m laughing! How long will we have to wait for him? What do you think? An hour? More than that. Of course more. Perhaps two hours. Everything must be full of flowers, as the night is full of sparks. Rip them off the full garden
as the wind does. And we’ll light a thousand lanterns or perhaps more than that… No? Are we poor? One hundred… Ten… Whatever is the number, the highest flame is in my soul. – All the flowers?
– All the flowers! Peach blossom, violets, jasmine! Every
bush, plant and tree that’s in flower! The whole garden will be
as desolate as winter. I want the complete fragrance
of spring to be in the air. The whole garden will be
as desolate as winter. – Here, Madame.
– Pick some more. Often you came to this hedge
to stare off into the distance weeping in the deserted immensity. The man I waited for has come.
I ask nothing more from the sea. I gave my tears to the earth and she gives me her flowers. The garden is stripped bare. – Is it completely bare? Come help me.
– Roses on the threshold. I want
all the perfume of spring in here. Let’s plant
the seeds of April all around. I want
all the perfume of spring in here. – Lilies? Violets?
– Spread them around. Let’s plant
the seeds of April all around. Let’s garland his seat
with morning glories, spread lilies and violets, let’s sow
the essence of April all around. Let’s throw into the air
shrinking violets and tuberoses, Corollas of verbena,
petals of every flower! Now come here to adorn me. I am no longer the beautiful young girl! My lips have emitted too many sighs and my eyes have stared
too fixedly into the distance. Suzuki, make me pretty,
make me pretty, make me pretty! Rest calm and happy,
and you’ll be fair once more. Who knows! Who knows! Put a little touch of rouge on my face… and also for you, little one, so that the vigil won’t make
your cheeks hollow with pallor. Don’t move,
so that I can tidy up your hair. This will surprise my family! And my uncle, the Bonze… Stay still… They will all be murmuring… Don’t move… The ladies and Goro
will all be murmuring. Will you stop! What will the relative say about it!
What will Uncle Bonze say? They were all so happy
with my misfortune! And Yamadori with this languor! Ridiculed, disgraced,
shown up, the unkind creatures! It’s done. The obi that I wore as a bride. Come, my thoughtful baby! “Roje is a blond child la, la, la, la, la, la, la, resembling the sun after a storm, with his deep blue eyes” Here is the bridal obi! Bring it here so I can put it on. I want him to see me wearing the veil from our first night together. And a red poppy in my hair… like this. We’ll make three little holes
in the shoji to watch for his return, and we’ll be as quiet as little mice
as we wait. Sleep, my love, sleep upon my heart. You are with God and I with my sorrow. Sleep, my love, sleep upon my heart. You are with God and I with my sorrow. For you the rays of the golden stars: sleep, my baby! Poor Butterfly! He will come, you’ll see. Sleep upon my heart. For you the rays of the golden stars: sleep, my baby! Sleep, my love, sleep upon my heart. You are with God and I with my sorrow. Poor Butterfly! Who can it be? – Oh!
– Hush! Hush! Don’t wake her up. She was so tired. She stared waiting
all night with the baby. How did she know? For three years now
no ship has put into the harbour without Butterfly scrutinising
its colour and flag from afar. What did I tell you? – I’ll call her…
– No, not yet. You see, yesterday evening she wanted
to scatter flowers throughout the room. – What did I tell you?
– What sorrow! Who is out there
in the garden? A woman! – Hush! – Who is she?
– Better to tell her everything. – She came with me.
– Who is she? – She is his wife! Sainted souls of the ancestors! The sun has extinguished itself
for that little soul! We chose this early morning hour to find you alone, Suzuki, and to find in you help and support
through this great ordeal. What’s the use? I know that there are no comforts
for her great sorrows! But we must take steps
to assure the baby’s future. – The bitter perfume of these flowers…
– That kind woman who dares not enter… will care like a mother for the child. – And you want me to ask a mother…
– The room where we loved is unchanged. – Speak with that good woman and bring
her in here. – My portrait’s still here. – If Butterfly should see her, no matter.
– Oh sad me! – In fact, it would be a better idea…
– Three years have passed… – to see her so as to know the truth.
– The sun has gone out for that child. – Speak with that good woman…
– She has counted each day… – and bring her in here.
– and each hour. I can’t stay!
I will wait for you along the way. Didn’t I tell you this would happen? You saw me crying and lam not a whiner. I cannot restore her to peace. For you. This will help… At least she’ll not fall into poverty. Just talk to her about the child. I dare not do so. I feel guilty… I’m numb! Farewell, I’ll get over it. You will tell her? I promise. And you will advise her
to entrust the child to me? I promise. I will treat him like my own son. I believe you. But it is necessary
that I be the only one near to her… In this horrible hour… I alone. How terribly she will weep! Suzuki! Suzuki! Where are you? Suzuki! I am here. I was praying
and putting things back in order. No… no…
Don’t come down… No, no! He’s here! Where is he hidden?
He’s here! He’s here! Here is the Consul. And… where? He’s not here. Who are you? She’s so beautiful! No one speaks! Why are you weeping? No, don’t tell me anything… I might fall dead on the spot. You, Suzuki, who are so good… Don’t weep… You love me so much, softly tell me a yes or a no. – Is he alive?
– Yes. But he’s never coming back.
They told you that. Wasp! I want you to answer. Never again. But he arrived yesterday? Yes. That blond woman frightens me so much.
She terrifies me. She is the innocent cause
of all of your misery. Forgive me. Do not touch me! And how long ago is it he married you? A year. And will you let me do
nothing for the child? I will tend him
with most loving care… It is hard for you, very hard, but take the step for his welfare. Who knows! All is over now! Can you forgive me, Butterfly? Under the great dome of heaven, there isn’t a happier woman than you. May you always be so,
do not be sad for me. Yet it’d please me much if you told him that peace will come to me. Your hand, your hand, may I not take it? I pray you, no, not that… Now go and leave me. – Poor little thing.
– This breaks your heart! And she will give us the child? I will be able to give him the child
if he will come to claim him. Climb the hill in half an hour. My friend gave me this… It’s something I can’t explain…
But he still cares for you… Do not cry, sir! I am used to the worst things in life. Now that certainty’s gone, hope and daydreaming won’t help me to find peace, no, they won’t help me. Now, please, return this… Oh no. I do not need it. How stubborn you are! This is my will. I shall obey. Can I see you again? You can. Climb this hill in half an hour’s time. Your little heart is beating
like the wings of an imprisoned fly! There is too much light from outside,
and too much Springtime! Close everything. Where is the baby? He’s playing… Shall I call him? Let him play. Go keep him company. I’ll not leave you alone. No! No! Yesterday you told me something wise, that rest will make me fair once more. True. Leave me alone and
your Butterfly will rest. How goes the song? “He came to her doors, supplanted everything, then went and nothing was left, nothing, nothing but death.” – I want to stay with you.
– Go, go. I command you. “With honour dies he who can no longer
preserve honour in this life.” You? You, you, my little god! Love, my love!
Flower of the lily and the rose. Here I have your blond head. I will cover your painful eyes with your hair. You must never know that for you, that for your pure eyes, Butterfly dies so that you can go
to live there over the sea without your mother’s abandonment
causing you tormenting remorse when you are older. Oh, you who have come down to me
from high heaven, look well on your mother’s face, that you may keep a faint memory of it, look well on your mother’s face, although it’s pale and dull. Let the last flower of her beauty
not be totally spoilt. Farewell, my love!
Farewell, my little love! Go, play, play! Butterfly!


Alonso Cano

Dec 12, 2016, 11:38 am Reply

Muy amable incorporando los subtítulos en español. Aunque es una ópera muy conocida, siempre es agradable saber qué están diciendo en cada momento, te hace penetrar mucho mejor en la trama, la acción, el gesto. Muchas gracias

Opera Lover

Dec 12, 2016, 1:50 pm Reply

Beautiful thanks

Marco Perini

Dec 12, 2016, 9:27 pm Reply

Assolutamente splendida !!!

Lara Meazza

Jan 1, 2017, 6:36 pm Reply

Amazing! Do you have it with italian subtitles?

Barbara Gonzalez

Mar 3, 2017, 3:02 pm Reply

si aplaudo muy fuerte creo que no se me vá a oir. pero agradezco mucho las operas que sube m5an2eb, las veo todas, y las de logan d tambien.

Giorgio Cornacchia

Mar 3, 2017, 9:17 pm Reply

io dico sempre prima viene la madame butterfly poi l'opera

EnriRug B

Mar 3, 2017, 3:07 pm Reply

La migliore rappresentazione di questa opera, un cast eccezionale e bravissimo! Per non parlare della maestria di Carlos Alvarez e dell'espressività e grazia di Maria José Siri!
Mi chiedo come mai, purtroppo, i giovani d'oggi non riescano ad amare questo genere di musica, o meglio, arte… …Che peccato per le generazioni odierne e future!

Francisco Ferrer Galiana

Oct 10, 2017, 5:28 pm Reply

Exquisita versión, escenificación insuperable..¡¡ Gracias por subir esta maravillosa "Buterfly"

person xie

Jan 1, 2019, 3:06 am Reply

More effort into butterfly’s costume in the first half. All her relatives are fancier than her. Also I think there are extra parts not written in. And the Pinkerton can’t be in tune with the high notes. Also what’s up with the hand signs

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