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Hi everyone,welcome or welcome back to my channel in this video, we are making baby washcloth and as you can see I made a few of them and also have some more in the bathroom you can use them for yourself under shower, i do use them daily on my daugther to wash her face, hands but also in the bath as they are so comfy and practical i used a 3mm crochet hook and a 50 cotton/50 acrylic yarn wich is the rico design baby cotton soft dk we are macking this wascloth using the suzette stitch and you will see that it is really easy to make and fast enaugth so lets get ready and make it we are going to start by making a slip knot and chain 30 one two i just made my foundation chain of 30 and to start the very first row insert your crochet in the second sticth from the hook single crochet 1, double crochet 1 in the exactly same stich here is our first motif skip 1 stitch then repeat the same sentence until the end of the row sc 1, dc 1 in that same stitch we now have two motif and again we are going to skip 1 then in that next stitch sc1 and dc 1 you will end you first row by sc1 in that very last sticth i now have two stistes lesf to end my 1 row skip one sc 1 in that last sticth this is our firt row to start the second row chain 1 turn work 1sc and 1 dc in the very first stitch worck 1 sc, 1 dc in easch sc of the previous row repeat until the end of the row and sc1 in the very last stich of the row repeat the same row 24 time to make a 4.5 inch square washc0loth in the very last stitch of the very last row sc 1 to hang the wascloth ch 15 fifteen you are free to add or not a few more chain to make a bigger hang insert your hook between the last two stitshes of the very last row to slip sticht ch 1 end your tail and weave suscribe and put a thumb up if you liked this video thank for watching bye bye



Oct 10, 2018, 2:04 pm Reply

cool merci

Hélène Sidor

Nov 11, 2018, 9:34 pm Reply

Très sympa merci 🙏

Viviane Michel

Sep 9, 2019, 12:51 pm Reply

bonjour crochet passion je viens de vous découvrir et je me suis abonnée directement je trouve les lingettes génial
pourrais je vous posez une question il me reste beaucoup de laine acrylique puis je l'employer pour faire ses lingettes ,
d'avance je vous remercie

Carmen Dumouchel

Nov 11, 2019, 11:05 pm Reply


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