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– Hello, everyone. My name is Katie Carson. I am one of the soap makers
here at Royalty Soaps. Welcome to our channel and if you’re new around here, welcome for the very first time. This video is being
uploaded on Monday, June 3rd which means it is the June release day. So very quickly, per usual,
I want to run through a list of the artisan soaps that
will be available tonight at royaltysoaps.com, 8:00
p.m. Central Standard Time. For high tops, we have
Lemon Verbena, Robin’s Nest, Garden Guardian, and Bumble Bee. And for low tops we have, Night Jasmine, Monet’s Lily Pond, Blackberry Sage, and Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree. We will also have available candles and shampoo bars restocked. I know a lot of you guys were, like, “I didn’t get one!” last release. Well, that’s okay. We’ve made a lot more of them and they will also be available tonight. If you haven’t signed up
for our VIP newsletter you’re probably gonna want to do that because there’s a very special
something in there this month and I let you know what next
month’s theme is gonna be before anybody else gets to know. William just started smiling this week. I’m gonna try to see if I can get him to do that for the camera
so you guys can see. Hi! Hello (chuckles). Now if that won’t set
your Monday off right, I don’t know what will. And without further adieu,
let’s make some soap. I don’t know what made me think of this. I don’t know if it’s because
it’s, like, lemon scented or something, but all I can think about is Plankton defining evil and saying, “Every villain is lemons.” That had nothing to do with the video. I don’t know. The first thing we’re gonna do is pour our lye water
solution into our oils. Lye can be purchased
at a variety of places. Some people even have it, unadulterated, in their hardware store. I will leave my favorite online suppliers down in the description box below. And now using my Cuisinart stick blender that I got from Amazon,
I’m going to blend this until just past emulsion. (playful music) Reaching emulsion
normally takes me anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. Now using my KD-7000 scale. KD as in the two letters, not my name, I’m gonna pour off my accent colors. And now that the accent colors have been removed from the base, we’re gonna add the colorants. The first one I have here is Yellow Oxide. It is from Mad Micas. We’re gonna place that in
this first small container. The second color we have
is actually a custom blend. It is Green Vibrance Mica from Nurture and Three Olive Martini from Mad Micas. I’m hoping that Three Olive Martini will sort of knock down
the neon tendencies of the Green Vibrance. And finally for the largest container we have True Yellow Mica. This is from TKB Trading. Alternatively you could use Sunshine Yellow from Nurture Soap. And using the very smallest spatula that has ever existed I am going to scrape this container out to make sure all the
colorant is in the bucket. These spatulas were sent to me by the sweetest subscribers after Kenny and I talked
about a finger spatula or a spatula that was small enough to fit into tiny containers. And honestly, I can’t tell
you how helpful they have been for getting every single thing
I can out of these tiny cups. I’ll leave you guys a
link to ’em down below. Because my colorants were
dispersed in oil first, I’m going to mix them in using my spatula. If I decide later that these two yellows are too similar in color,
I will add a little bit of Titanium Dioxide to this large one, but it doesn’t appear that
that’s gonna be much of a problem because I know that this
yellow is gonna lighten a little bit over time
and this one is gonna stay relatively the same. With all of the color blended in, it is now time to add our fragrance oil. The fragrance oil we’re using today is actually a fragrance
oil, essential oil blend available at Wholesale Supplies Plus. It’s called Lemon Verbena. By the way, how do you say it? Do you say it Verbena or Verbena? I personally say Lemon
Verbena but I’m pretty sure that it’s a regional thing. Also, this fragrance oil is fantastic. Lemons tend to go either one of two ways. They either go towards
the clean lemon smell, like a Pledge sort of scent, or they go down the candy lane where it smells like lemon drops. This lemon is neither one of them. It is the perfect sort of herbaceous lemon that still has the tartness
of the true lemon fruit. Upon reflection and adding
in the fragrance oil, I have decided to add
just a teeny, tiny bit of Titanium Dioxide into
this large container. (whirring) I went ahead and blended all three colors with my stick blender, so now it is time to mix them and we’re gonna do a reverse
dragon swirl for this one. I’m gonna pour all the green
on one side just like so. I said we were gonna do a reverse dragon and now I’ve changed my mind (chuckles). We’re gonna do a really interesting random in the pot (chuckles). I just didn’t want all the
colors to clump in one area. That’s the main reason
why I changed my mind. I’ve changed my mind quite
a few times with this soap. That’s another thing I
love about soap making is that it’s pretty versatile. You can kinda do what you want. So we are gonna take
this entire pot of soap and pour it into our
two bramble berry molds after this quick commercial break. A lot of people have asked me why I say, “After this quick commercial break,” because you may or may
not get a commercial there but I, as a creator, can put commercials wherever I want in my videos so I always place two of them where I say, “This quick commercial
break,” but it just may or may not show up on
your specific session. So that’s why some people
get it and some people don’t. But I always like to let my audience know when a commercial break might happen and I try to leave extra room and a little bit of extra
buffering for the audio, that way if you do get
one it’s not gonna cut off anything important that I say and you know when it’s coming your way. I don’t know, it just
feels courteous to me. It’s really annoying, in
my opinion, to watch videos and someone’s right in
the middle of the sentence and then an ad comes off. It kinda cuts off their sentence and you don’t really know
what they were trying to say. Now that I have scrapy
scrapied out my big containy and have tapped down the mold so they’re much flatter on top and there’s no cracks on the ends, we’re going to mix up the soap frosting. (playful music) My soap frosting is all set up and I have ladled some True Yellow Mica mixed with oil in stripes down the side of the piping bag. This particular design is really giving me some throwback vibes from some of the original Royalty Soaps creations. Back in the day, I was really
into mica lining the bag. I did tons and tons of colors. Lots of glitz and glam. We’re still doing stuff like that nowadays but it wasn’t as extreme
as it was back then. This color green is not going
to stay this color green. It’s gonna brighten up and get a lot more cheery and it’s gonna blend a lot better with that yellow we have. I’m gonna wait to finish that middle out until I fill up the piping bag again ’cause the yellow is coming out so pretty. I don’t want to waste it on the inside. I want you to be able to
see it on the outside. You know, the first time I smelled a Lemon Verbena type fragrance I think was a Mezra’s Meyer’s fragrance. Did they have a Lemon
Verbena at one point? I feel like they did. Mezra’s Meyers is both my mom’s and my own guilty pleasure ’cause hand soaps are
so much more expensive than other hand soaps, but my goodness the fragrances. I don’t even think they
perform that much better than other hand soaps, but the fragrances are just to die for. Now I purposely put the
frosting on in such a way that there wouldn’t be a
really high peak in the middle. You can see I did my three and then my two and then I only have this much left so basically I’m just gonna
make that one last middle place slightly more level without,
like, a little gap in it. But we’re not mounding it up today. And it doesn’t matter if
there’s a few tiny little holes here on top because we’re actually gonna put the embeds straight on the top. It’s so rare. I normally put it on the side. Today we’re putting it on the top. But before we do so, I’m gonna spritz it with Sparkle Me Gold. This is one of the fairy
dusters from Mad Micas. For the second glitter I’m gonna be using some Gold Iridescent Ecoglitter. This is from the Bramble
Berry Soiree collection. It’s a really stunning glitter that has sort of a white appearance to it so it doesn’t lean silver. It leans white. And then the sparkles are gold so it’s really perfect for this soap. No hollow today, I’m afraid. And for the final touch
before I put the embeds in, I have rolled some bathwater crystals from Wholesale Supplies
Plus in 24 karat gold mica from TKB Trading and I am
just gonna sprinkle those down the sides, focusing
on the sides mainly just ’cause the top is
gonna have the embed on it. And now for the lemons. The lemons were made
using my embed process. You can see a video of that. Right now, I’ll make it pop up in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. And the silicone mold I used
is actually an ice cube tray that I’ll link down below for you guys. I’m just gonna put one little lemon on the top of each soap here and it’s not gonna be too tall
because, like I said before, I didn’t mound up the piping. I can’t wait to see what
this looks like tomorrow. I tried to make a lemon
soap that wasn’t too, like, tutti fruiti but still had
a little bit of pizazz, you know what I’m saying? We might end up giving it a quick spritz with something sparkly, that
way the edges of the lemon and the detail work kinda show. I know that this might not be
the first thing folks think of when they think of a garden, but it has special significance to me because my mother had a lemon tree in her garden a long time ago. It actually got really healthy and we got quite a few lemons from it and they were really good. I’m pretty sure it died
in a frost, I think. I don’t remember how it ended up perishing but my mom was distraught
when it happened. Also, it just reminds me
of all the citrus trees that are always blooming in California and bear fruit in the summertime and in the springtime
and they’re everywhere. Gosh, they’re everywhere. Just climbing out of people’s backyards. It was nuts to me whenever I went. Gonna put these last
few on here real quick. Awesome. And then, before I spritz
with rubbing alcohol, I’m gonna take just a little
bit of that gold glitter and spritz the fronts of the lemons. Like I said, so that that
detail kinda stands out. Now I will spritzity spritz
with the rubbing alcohol. Man, I dig it. And the Lemon Verbena soap is done. And this is what it looks like up close. I’m digging those little lemons just chilling on the top. Like I said, don’t worry. That ugly green will turn tomorrow. It will end up looking so much better and more cohesive for the fragrance. So I’m gonna let this
sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we will come back and we will chop them into bars and take a peep at the inside after this quick commercial break. We’re back and check out
the side of this loaf. It’s psychedelic. I love it. And it really is sort of giving me, like, the classic Royalty Soap’s vibes. All right, lined everything up so now I’m gonna press down with Kermit, my multi-bar cutter. I will pull one out of the middle and this is what it
looks like on the inside. Oh my gosh. The swirl is so much fun. I love the bits of yellow
on top and the green piping. This one just came
together so beautifully. Yeah, look up here in the piping. You can see almost like little mica lines all throughout the top. Okay, so the question of the day is one that you have to answer
down in the comments section. It’s not like a yes or no question. It’s kind of a share your
experience type question. This was totally Caleb’s idea but he is unable to be with me right now so he went ahead and
texted me the question. So it’s, what’s an oh crap moment when you realize you’ve
been doing something the wrong way for years? So for me, I figured this
one out like a month ago that I have been pouring almond milk out of the container wrong
my whole entire life. I always pour it when you have like the little long spigot. I always pour it this way so that it splashes all over my bowl whereas if I would just turn the container and pour it out the other way it wouldn’t splash at all and Caleb just told me, “Katie, you are so pouring that wrong.” And I am, like, 24 years old (laughs). I will also say something that I did wrong for a really long time
which is 100% Kenny’s fault. (Kenny grunts) (laughs) Is pronouncing the word cache. I pronounced it wrong for years because Kenny said cachet
when we were, like, 12 and it just got ingrained in my brain and so I said cachet forever and again it was something
that Caleb was like, “You know, it’s cache, right?” and I really felt dumb and we were dating at the time and I was, like, “He’s gonna think “I am the stupidest person ever “and it was all because of little Kenny “at 12 years old trying
to explain something “about the computer to me.” – [Kenny] I think, for me
personally, you didn’t ask, but for me–
(Katie laughs) – [Katie] ‘Cause I didn’t
really care about your opinion but since you want to share
anyway, I guess I’ll let you. – [Kenny] I’ll say that
an oh crap moment for me was actually recently about my hair and figuring out that you’re not supposed to wash your hair every single night. (Katie laughs) Which, since forever, I’ve been doing that since we got shampoo
bars, plug, plug, plug, then I have changed my ways and I’m not nuking my hair anymore. – Well see, look, that’s like three things that we just mentioned right there, but I have a feeling some people are actually gonna have to
sit and think about this one ’cause when I first read it, I did. I had to like sit and be like, “What’s something that I’ve
just been screwing up forever?” So y’all have to let us know. I read almost all the comments. Kenny reads every single
one of the comments. And we are gonna be super curious to see what you guys say. Also, I’m holding up these three bars to try to see if anybody can find a face or an image in them. Is anybody seeing anything? Let us know that too down
in the comments below. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If you did, please give
it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to our channel. Leave us a comment down below. Be sure you sign up for the VIP newsletter listed down below and
if you want to follow us on Instagram, I have one, Kenny has one, Royalty Soaps has one. They’ll pop up right over here somewhere so that you guys know where to go. Be sure you do something
fun for yourself today whether that is trying a new hairstyle, that’s what I’ve done today. I was very inspired by the 1960’s with the hair and makeup. Or snatching yourself an oddly
flavored ice cream or gelato. As an example, lemon lavender. Very, very strange but very, very good. Either way, do something
that makes you happy and we’ll see you guys on Wednesday where we will announce next month’s theme, unless you’re a VIP in which
case you’ll already know. Bye for now! (squeals and exhales) (playful music)


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michelle fay

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My "I've been doing it wrong my entire life" moment was when I was 25 and learned that lamps didn't have 2turns to turn them off and 2turns to turn them on. We never had 3 way bulbs in any lamp when I was growing up, all our lamps had 2 turns to turn off and 2 turns to turn on. I didn't know if the lamp did that it meant there was a dim, bright and brightest in the lamp and it needed a 3way bulb. Lol

Catriona Read

Jul 7, 2019, 3:59 pm Reply

Other youtubers should take note on the adbreak it’s way better and more professional 👍👍👏

Aubrey Conwell

Jul 7, 2019, 8:24 am Reply

Sherbet orange and white drop swirl with a pastel yellow piping on top with like little stars or sprinkles on top if you have a orange sherbet like scent O^O SUMMER INSPIRED like a ice cream treat


Jul 7, 2019, 10:45 pm Reply

I’ve been pronouncing museum incorrect my whole life, I’ve always said “musam”. If that makes any sense 😂

linda chandler

Jul 7, 2019, 12:39 am Reply

You might not like mine. I learned I didn't need a thermometer and could just pour hot lye water over room temperature lard (my fat of choice) and it works just fine. Mixing hard fats and liquid fats, you need to melt them together, then add the lye water.

linda chandler

Jul 7, 2019, 12:42 am Reply

Love your soap. The middle one had half a face 😃

Tyler Warner

Jul 7, 2019, 2:22 am Reply

I can't really think of an oh crap moment but I do have a couple moments when I discovered better ways for things like your supposed to sleep with you head away from the door in case of Intruders and there are a lot better ways of folding clothes although now that I'm thinking more maybe my oh crap moment was when I realised that there is a way to keep shampoo and water out of ur eyes without putting a washcloth over them (and that ur supposed to keep conditioner in for a little while before rinsing)

Edit: actually I realized my oh crap moment, it was the moment that it's pronounced neopolitan ice cream not Napoleon ice cream and even after realizing it I still say Napoleon because I drilled it into my brain so much

Christa J. Dixon

Aug 8, 2019, 2:56 pm Reply

Drink a beer every time she says Bramble Berry

Keto Frugal Madre

Aug 8, 2019, 5:23 pm Reply

"Mizruss" I love it! Other than my husband and his family, you are the only other person I've heard say that!

Lucie Selburg

Aug 8, 2019, 12:55 am Reply

Math…is my oh crap moment

Jasmyn Antoniya

Aug 8, 2019, 3:35 am Reply

So I literally just found out what a "birthday suit" was a year ago… I'll be 25 in September. I felt so lied to lmao. Love you Katie! ❤️

Alicia Moore

Aug 8, 2019, 3:14 am Reply

Your skin looks amazing! Love you Katie

Manateesforlife 16

Aug 8, 2019, 2:04 pm Reply

In the soap farthest to the left in the centre darker yellow swirl I saw a cat stretching or something like that.


Aug 8, 2019, 6:29 pm Reply

Think about Laura Ingalls Wilder with Lemon Verbena. It was her favorite scent. As a person familiar w spanish, n is not pronounced nah unless there is an ~ over the n. So its ver-bee-nuh.

Rachel Dawn

Aug 8, 2019, 3:39 am Reply

Actually cache is pronounced "cash"

Sara Rastikhah

Aug 8, 2019, 8:20 pm Reply

A dragon in the middle bar.

Mr. Peapoo

Aug 8, 2019, 6:19 pm Reply

It's actually not pronounced cashe. It's cash. E is silent. That young man is incorrect.

Denim M

Aug 8, 2019, 2:23 am Reply

Does this make anyone else think of John Deere

William Rosario

Aug 8, 2019, 1:33 pm Reply

That was the cutest smile😍

William Rosario

Aug 8, 2019, 1:45 pm Reply

That dark green was so beautiful and I felt it gave it more of a garden feel but the whole thing still turned out beautiful

Northern Most Snapps

Aug 8, 2019, 9:40 pm Reply

Baby smiles are the best

Brianna Bunker

Aug 8, 2019, 6:23 am Reply

I have always said “nip it in the butt” my sister just recently told me it’s “nip it in the bud” 😂

katt cofer

Aug 8, 2019, 12:30 pm Reply

I love being told there's a commercial. I subscribed because of it!

Mafer Achach

Aug 8, 2019, 10:08 pm Reply

I love the fact that the ads are commercials, it makes me so satisfied to see them right after you say it and it doesn’t take one by surprise! Nice!

Katherine Minton

Aug 8, 2019, 3:14 am Reply

Dictionary says it’s pronounced ‘cash’ (cache)

Laurie Cass

Aug 8, 2019, 4:40 am Reply


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