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Add summer cheer to your front door and learn
how to make a lush and fragrant lavender wreath. This wreath dries beautifully and lasts for
months to come. For a base, you can use either a straw, wire,
or grapevine wreath form. And for more summer flower arranging tutorials,
visit our blog and check out our peony and hydrangea summer wreath. Please subscribe for more tutorials, and turn
on notifications so you don’t miss our latest videos. You can craft this wreath with both fresh
lavender or dried lavender – the wreath will be beautiful and fragrant either way. We mixed and matched different types of English
lavender and French butterfly lavender to create an interesting and varied texture. If you want to make a wreath with fresh lavender
and dry it later, use mostly English lavender as English lavender tends to retain its buds
and florets better than French lavender. If you’re using fresh lavender, only cut
stalks with fully blooming flowers so you can enjoy the buds later in the season and
strip off any leaves of the stems. All the following steps apply for both fresh
and dried lavender. Shorten the stems to a length of approximately
15 to 20 centimetres or 6 to 8 inches. Tie green florist wire to the wreath form. It’s best to use wire from a reel rather
than wire stubs. Then create small bundles by gathering 20
to 30 stems of lavender. We organised the different types of lavender
into groups around the wreath form to make it easy to mix them. Wire the bundles to the wreath form. Overlap each successive bundle, so the wreath
form doesn’t show and make sure also to cover the sides. We wanted a very lush wreath, so we covered
the stems with flowers. If you prefer a looser look, simply space
the bundles further apart, so the stems are showing. To finish the wreath, lift the second last
lavender bunch and snuggle the last bundle underneath. Tie the wire at the back to secure it. Use a piece of string or ribbon to hang the
wreath. As with all flower arrangements, keep the
wreath out of direct sunlight to maintain its colour, and protect it from moisture. Many thanks for watching! Click on our logo to subscribe for more and
check out our other videos!

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