Kids Curly Hair Wash Day Routine for Easy Detangling!

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– RavenElyse TV. Hey, guys, what’s up? It’s Raven and Ziya. Today, I am bringing you
Ziya’s updated wash day routine for curly hair for kids, and this is going to be focusing
on tips for easy detangling and dealing with fussy kids on wash day. Getting your hair washed and detangled is definitely not necessarily a fun time for toddlers and young kids, and Ziya is now getting to the point where it is becoming a
little bit more of a struggle because her hair is getting longer. She has curly hair that
gets tangled easily, and she tends to be a little
fussy when I wash her hair, so these are just some little
tips and tricks that I use to make it a little bit easier. So step number one and tip number one is to just use little plastic rubber bands to style her hair. That way, when it comes
time to take her hair down and wash her hair, I’m able to just cut the rubber
bands and throw them away. You can see here that I’m just
trying to remove some clips from the front of her hair, and she’s already fussing, and she’s already giving me a hard time and saying that it’s hurting
her and pulling her hair. So I definitely would not be able to try and remove scrunchies or
other types of rubber bands from her hair. I have to just cut them out, so I just use these little tiny scissors to cut out these little
plastic rubber bands. They come in like packs of
hundreds of rubber bands, and they’re super cheap, so you don’t have to feel
bad about cutting them and throwing them away
when you’re done with them. So after I get done
taking her hairstyle down, whether it be a bun, a ponytail, braids, whatever it might be, it’s always kind of clumped up when I first take the rubber bands out. It’s kind of matted. It’s pretty tangly, and it’s
just overall like clumped up. So before I put water on her hair, I like to go in with my hands and separate her hair out of those clumps and kind of get the
detangling process going. It’s basically like finger combing. I’m being very gentle, and I’m just separating her
hair into more of a poofy, I don’t even know how to explain it, but I just don’t want
it to be all clumped up because if I put water on it like that, the water is just gonna make
the hair clump up even more and make the detangling
process even harder. – It makes me like Moana. It’s like I’m Moana, Mommy. (Ziya babbling) – [Raven] So here you can
kind of see the difference between the side that I finger combed and the other side that
hasn’t been done yet. It’s actually a pretty big difference. Tip number three is pretty
obvious but I always make sure to give Ziya plenty of toys in the bathtub to help distract her
while I’m washing her hair so that she’s not so fussy
and you don’t have to go out and buy special bath toys, any plastic toy from her toy box that’s
waterproof is fine for the bathtub but I just make sure to
give her tons of stuff to play with so that she’s distracted. Okay, now Ziya’s hair has
been fully finger combed and fluffed out and I got
most of the major knots, mattes, and tangles out with
my hands before I wet it down so now I can go ahead and wet it down. So for this first time
that I’m wetting her hair I’m just gonna go ahead
and use this little pitcher and get water from the
bathtub to wet her hair down but actually going
forward every other time that I rinse her hair like when
I’m rinsing out her shampoo and when I’m rinsing out her conditioner. I do not use the water from the bathtub that she’s sitting in because
it has bubble bath in it. It’s gonna have shampoo all in it and technically it’s dirty water, so you’re not really getting a good rinse if you just use the
water from the bathtub. So this is the only time that I’m gonna use the
water from the bathtub just because I’m about
to wash your hair anyway so it doesn’t really matter. But going forward you will see that I will use clear
water from the faucet. So my next tip when you
are trying to wet the hair or rinse the hair is to use
a little toy as a distraction or give her something to look
at so that she’ll look up and tilt her head back
so I don’t have to worry about getting water all in
her face and it just helps me control where I need her head
to be to do what I’m trying to do, this just really helps
for toddlers and little kids who may not be so good at
following directions yet. – Where’s my hair called, Mommy? – [Raven] Curly, curly hair. – Like Deema. – [Raven] Like who? – Like Deema from Bubble Guppies. – [Raven] Oh yeah, she has curly hair. – M-hm. I have curly hair. – [Raven] All right now
finally on to shampoo. I’m still using the Cantu kids shampoo from my previous videos. I really like this shampoo for Ziya’s hair and her hair texture. It works really well so I just
use a generous amount of this and my tip for shampooing with curly hair is to always do everything
in a downwards motion, dragging the shampoo down
from the roots to the tips and kind of pulling and
almost straightening the hair out as you go. Not balling the hair up on the
top of the head like you see in shampoo commercials where
they’re just scrubbing the hair all around and lathering it up. That is just going to
really tangle curly hair, so I do everything in a downward motion. You can see I’m just
pulling the shampoo through and it is still creating
a really nice lather and getting everything clean
and I’m separating the hair into smaller chunks as I go to make sure that I’m
washing each piece of hair. So with the way that
I’m pulling the shampoo through the hair it’s almost
like I’m detangling the hair as I go and just definitely making sure that I’m not adding any
extra tangles in there and it’s also washing the
hair really, really well because you’re getting to
every single piece of hair. And then I go back to the roots
and then I scrub her roots just like separately on
its own without balling the ends of her hair up to
her roots if that makes sense. Like I just don’t want
to cause any more tangles than I have to and I just
do everything in sections to make it easier. So I start with one half of her hair. I divide that into even
smaller sections as I go then when I’m done with that
I move on to the other side of her hair, divide that
into small sections. To me, it’s just a better
technique rather than just putting shampoo all over her
whole head and just scrubbing her whole head in one big
clump if that makes sense. Alright so going back to what
I was saying about rinsing her hair, you can see if I just
get water out of the bathtub it literally is all soapy
from the bubble bath and the shampoo that
has fallen into the tub So I’m not really gonna be able
to rinse her hair very well with that so I’m just gonna
go ahead and use clear water from the faucet to make
sure that I’m rinsing the shampoo out really, really well. Because if you leave shampoo in your hair, it’s gonna make your hair really dry and that’s gonna make it
even harder to detangle. Another thing that I do because
Ziya is still small enough to do this I just tell
her to sit underneath the bathtub faucet and I
just rinse her hair that way instead of using the
little cup or whatever. – [Ziya] Is that the conditioner? – [Raven] Yes, this is the conditioner. – [Ziya] Can you put it in my hand? Can you put it in my hand, Mommy? I need some too, Mommy. – [Raven] All right, now for conditioner. Again, I’m still using
the same conditioner from previous videos, the Aussie 7-in-1 Total
Miracle Conditioner and Ziya wanted to get some
too and help with this step, so I always let her like
try to be a part of it if she wants to, you know. Anything to make it a little bit more fun and a little bit less of a chore. And I just use a very
generous amount of conditioner and I’m basically doing
the same thing that I did with the shampoo in terms of
raking it through the hair in a downwards motion from root to tip and separating the hair
as I go to make sure that I fully saturate
her head with conditioner and yes, I use a lot of conditioner. The more conditioner the better. So I’m just continuing to add
the conditioner to her hair and you can see right here
that I have yet to even put a comb, run a comb
through her hair at all yet but it’s already starting
to look pretty detangled and the curls are starting
to look really defined and that’s just from
all the finger combing and separating and doing
everything in sections. So by the time I actually do use the comb, it should be a lot lot easier. Then I like, just go
back and add a little bit more conditioner just focusing
on the ends of her hair. Like I said, the more
conditioner the better. And then I kind of just twist her hair up, get it out of her face and
let the conditioner sit for at least five to sometimes 10 minutes while she just plays in the bathtub. Okay now we are finally on
to the actual detangling with an actual comb. It’s all about the prep work, you guys, so that you don’t end up just
sitting there with a comb going through hell, trying
to detangle your kid’s hair. So the prep work is
necessary and trust me, it makes a big difference. But now we are finally about
to actually use a comb. So I actually use a combination of three different hair
tools to detangle her hair and it goes from largest to smallest. So I start with a very,
very wide tooth comb, basically like a pick. I got this set of two combs from Walmart. So I start with the blue one
because it’s very, very wide and that’s gonna be phase one. And then we’re gonna move on to phase two which is the slightly
smaller comb and phase three which is an actual wet brush. So starting with the wide
tooth comb, I’m just doing the classic curly hair detangling method. You always start from the ends
of the hair, not the roots, and you work your way up
with a wide tooth comb so I’m just doing that and
I’m doing it in sections. So you see I’ve divided
off a section in the front of her hair to work with and
once I’ve completely combed out that section, I will move
on to the rest of her hair, section by section. Another tip that you can use if your child is complaining
that it’s hurting is to actually hold the
hair really, really tight with your other hand so
that they’re not feeling the tension coming from their scalp but once I’m able to easily
comb through her hair with the blue comb, then I
will move on to the purple comb because there’s still tangles in her hair. They’re just smaller
tangles and I have to use a smaller comb to get
the smaller tangles out. So we’re just working our way up. Honestly just for time’s sake,
sometimes I don’t even bother with using multiple different sized combs. But the reason why I try to
is because it hurts her less if I start with a wider tooth comb that’s not tugging on her hair so much. If I go straight in with
the finer tooth comb, it’s definitely gonna be
tugging on her hair a lot more and it’s gonna be harder to detangle, and she’s gonna be complaining a lot more. But it usually works out
if I do a wide tooth comb, a smaller comb and then
go in with a wet brush or a Denman brush just as
a final smoothing method to really define her curls. But even when I am
switching through all three of these tools it actually
goes by really fast and it’s not that hard
to detangle her hair because of all the prep
work that I did beforehand. But if I am gonna use the
brush, I always make sure to use it last after all of
the tangles are basically out of her hair just as a
smoothing brush, like I said, because you don’t really want to go in with this brush straight off because you might end up
just breaking the hair, just being too rough on it, so this is just like a last step. And now you can see like how
bouncy and how smoothed out and defined her curls are. Fully detangled, really,
really easy to comb through and here you can see how
long her hair is getting now. It’s like mid-back length
which is crazy to think back when she was a baby when
I was like first doing videos with her hair she only had
like two strands of hair and now it’s getting pretty long. Alright so now that her
hair is fully detangled the conditioner has been
sitting there and soaking in this whole time, we
can go ahead and rinse. And like I said you gotta
rinse with nice, clean water from the faucet. So I’m just rinsing all
that conditioner out, sometimes I try to like
leave a little conditioner in her hair as like a leave-in conditioner and not like fully, fully rinse it out. But it honestly doesn’t really matter because I am going to be applying an actual leave-in conditioner when she gets out of the
bathtub, so either way. And voila, beautiful, clean,
healthy, shiny detangled hair. Even if I take the comb
and comb through it again, it goes through so easily, it’s nice and detangled and bouncy. Looking great, looking luscious. From here obviously I would
move on with styling her hair once she got out of the
bathtub and I have a video about that if you guys
want to check it out. I’ll link it down below, but
I hope this video helped you. I hope you learned some tips from it. If you did, make sure to
give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
for more toddler hair tutorials in the future and I will see
you guys in the next video. Bye.


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