Inflatable Shark Ring Float Pool Toy for Babies Review

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Hey, how’s it going guys, Phil here and this is a review for the Paladou Shark Ring Float for Babies and Infants. You’ll receive a square of vinyl repair sticker and a polyester drawstring bag with the float inside. The float comes in two pieces. You have the bottom ring piece with leg holes,
where your baby will sit and you have the upper sunshade canopy which separately attaches
to the bottom, though its use is optional. The bottom part of the float has these two
inflatable bubbles on the sides one main fill valve and a fill valve for the shark’s bottom teeth. The upper canopy has one main fill valve and a separate fill valve for the teeth. It also has a hole on both sides where you’ll attach it to the bottom of the float. Before inflating, pull the bubble on each
side through the hole on the sides of the canopy. Then fill each bubble with air to secure it
in place. For the main inflation valves,
I recommend using an air pump as it needs quite a bit of air to fully inflate. Don’t forget to inflate the teeth! There are small rattle balls inside the teeth
to entertain young babies sitting in the float. [rattles] What’s cute about this float is that the canopy articulates so you can make it look like the shark is
eating the child inside. Be mindful though, as windy conditions can
turn the canopy into a sail and carry your child away on open waters so I recommend pool use only. The canopy does have a tendency to fall down so we prefer to tuck the tail inside which keeps the canopy open. This float is suitable for most children from
6 months to 24 months old depending how big they are. My nephews and nieces love floating around
in it while singing baby shark, of course. I hope you enjoyed this review You can ask me any questions in the comments. I’ll put a link to the product in the description
below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
join me next time.

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