Indesit Washing Machine Detergent Dispenser Problems

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Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video we’re going to be looking
at detergent dispenser problems in washing machines. There are a number of common problems
that can occur with the detergent dispensers in washing machines.
Most to these can be avoided with a little regular maintenance.
Safety first, always unplug the appliance before carrying out any work.
Now I have unscrewed the top so I am just going to take the top off for easier access.
And here we have the detergent dispenser and soap drawer. Now the soap draw is split into three
compartments The pre-wash compartment which has its
own solenoid valve. The main wash compartment which is also
fed by a valve. The condition or fabric softener
compartment which is fed by both valves.
One of the common problems with the soap draw and the conditioner
compartment is the condition not syphoning away. This could be due to old condition or
‘gunk’ stuck in the syphon like this one.
Very easy to clean just give this is a wash in the sink.
And a good way to test it is to put together fill it up with water it should then
naturally drain from underneath.
If you could not a good wash and it’s still not syphoning away it
could be that there’s a problem with the jets inside the detergent draw housing.
Using a new detergent drawer cover,
If I just flip that over you can see the Jets that feed the
pre-wash compartment, the main wash compartment
and just the one jet the feeds the conditioner compartment. And the
conditioner compartment is only fed when both valves a filling both the pre-wash and the main
wash compartments. So the water pressure going to the
condition jet is much less. Now I can give it a good clean using a
brush on the inside of the detergent drawer housing. But if that doesn’t work it’s likely you
going to have to change the top dispenser drawer, I’ll show you how. In order to get the
dispenser drawer housing the first thing I need to do is to
remove the control panel easy enough to do under these two screws at the top and
these three screws in front to the soap drawer. Once the screws are out you just need to
release the two clips at the back to release the whole control panel.
to the washing machine. Once the control panel is free,
you just need to release these two electrical connectors to the valves. With the electrical connectors out of place
I just need to undo the screw the back which holds the valves to the body of the
machine. With the screw at the back out we just
need to release the dispencer drawer from the tub filler hose.
This is just connected by a elasticated loop,
undo that and feed the hose of the pipe. You can then spin the dispenser drawer
which frees it from the machine. Once the dispenser assemblies is out I just
need to unclip the soap dispenser body via these clips here. And if I bring in the new dispenser
drawer top you can clearly see the difference the
effectiveness of these jets is affected by mould.
Now I need to do is to fit the soap draw housing and
these valves onto the new dispenser drawer top. When you put the valves on the new
dispenser housing remember to take the seals with it. You can then put the dispenser housing
back into the machine. reconnecting the tub filler hose
screwing the valves back to the body of the machine. and reconnecting the electrical connectors. Reattach the control panel making sure that the soap drawer locks
into place nicely. You can then screw it back together. And there we have it one new dispenser
drawer top fitted to this Indesit washing machine. Dispenser drawer tops and all other
spares and accessories for washing machines and other appliances can be found on the website.
Thanks for watching.

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