I Set Myself in Jello for 24 Hours & It was a HUGE Mistake… (Got Stuck)

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Today I’m gonna be setting myself in jello overnight and I hello your the beast guys we are the beast What my last five challenge I stayed in coke for 24 hours and you guys sead no pleas dot do it Liquid for 24 hours setting myself Joe Morgan, this is very very strange worrying behavior young man Now if you guys are new to the child’s your first impression is probably this guy Honest you wouldn’t be wrong on this channel you get to sit back and watch me make a fool of myself and if you look At this subscriber count’ down there. We are only a few thousand subscribers away from 4 million so I need every one of you to Subscribe nnel right now and help me get them once I get to 4 million subscribers I’m going to be doing my biggest giveaway ever So make sure you subscribe you guys so as you can see We filled the back right and we’re just gonna go ahead and then add the gelatin and then make this puff Really really gently gee. Whiz guys. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen 3 2 1 We are in for a long ride baby stick around to the end I don’t want to It’s probably gonna need me More than then of the only ones are gonna be sticking around you’re gonna be sticking around in jealous Okay, guys so the time is currently six thirty five thirty five minutes after we started as you can tell all the little white ones from the Top I’ve started to completely dissolve and it’s actually starting to form some Sticky layer on the bottom of the bath now right and how I am boiling hot because we have the water boiling over it to dissolve but what I’m gonna do is switch to cold water now so that it actually sets quicker, but before that moment, I think There’s one thing I haven’t done yet, which everybody at home is probably shouting out for me to do No, no No, don’t teach yourself know anything else. Oh Guys my hair actually stole it. Oh No, this has been an interesting style guys. I’m gonna get the cold water here The next time I come back to you hopefully will upset a lot more Oh Guys I don’t want to be too dramatic since we have only just started about 45 minutes in and I’m just loading in the Cold War now as we speak what’s basically happening I don’t know if it’s because of the gelatin or if it’s just because of the heat of the water my breathing Actually getting kind of hard to breathe if you listen My breathe it’s actually getting kind of like it feels like I’m having to take my big gasp It’s just to get to my lungs or whatever. I ain’t no scientist, but it feels kind of concerning as you can See, I’ve got the window open up there and I’ve just been sweating non-stop since we started this We’re just learning the cold water now how could not make it better but guys if it stays like this I may even have to get out because Oh I Think I think people good idea. Oh gosh guys. This is deadly Guys as you can see, it’s the next morning nice and early He’s gone seven o’clock. Morgan’s been in the jell-o bath all night. I’ve heard a word from him. It’s really quiet I think he’s been sleeping. You know what I think we need to check on it Sleep all day. He’s got to be awake for this challenge Oh Full of such fun. I just felt like doing it then Oh, what’s the time? Um, 7:00 a.m Guys looks like we’ve got a lot of time left Let me show you what’s happened to this as you can see guys. The water is actually turning thick. This is no longer Normal bathwater. This is actually turning into fake jelly and under the water is even worse. Nice It’s actually hard to move once your body is completely in a lonely night guys But it’s actually freezing cold to survive doesn’t help we’re in for Guys you know breakfast is the most Important meal of the day and it’s my job as a mom to make sure that more can get some healthy breakfast inside so I know exactly I’m getting really worried about you more good. I think I need to give you something to warm you or I’ve got the perfect thing Guys what I was trying to say is the gold signature these are on sale Right now for the next two days signs because we’re down to the last Stock once the sale and these are gonna go off sale forever We’re giving you a chance to get one of the on sale before they are gone forever guys mugs Dr Cow cow cow cow blanket description. I’m just gonna roll this roll over Hi Okay, bye Uh, you know, she wouldn’t be wrong bless me honest Look at this this isn’t even a liquid anymore that is literally called Gelatin of these ridiculous. Anyway guys a little bit To the gel so I’m gonna do is jump into game before and I and see if I can get these first ever For night killed inside a djellaba guys See little behind a big boat like this the entire time I’ve been in here basically Wild it on my phone, but actually feel like they’re losing circulation. They feel really floppy I don’t know if I’m even gonna be able to get killed here maybe We are company, I’m extremely You know, I’m going straight back on the hood let’s go Right guys, I just saw earlier Morgan really enjoyed his breakfast and I’ve just realized that Morgan’s not actually had a drink since he went in the jello bar So I think it’s time to get more gonna drink This is so good. It’s Morgan’s favorite, but you know what? I’ve got a better idea. Come on. Yo That’s my well that’s yours does a straw Yeah, I love drink to treat ya ain’t gonna drink mocha and you’re late in a drink You don’t want me to do it this do yeah, yeah Yeah, I think some of that, you know, I don’t think I have any other choice 3 2 1 If Our Guys I need to give you a quick update on what’s going on for about the last half an hour Muir Martin have been stood Outside the bathroom and we can actually hear Morgan and his dijeron and he’s not sounding good. I just think that for safety reasons I need to go in there and I may need to get Morgan out of the bath whether he will Don’t know but it just doesn’t sound good guys, and I’m getting really really worried about it Martin. Come on Morgan I’m getting really really worried about you you shake it you actually turning into a human jelly Martin is turning into jelly. We need to get him out before it comes a big pink piece of jelly. No, I’m sorry I know there’s like look very good right now, basically What’s happening is every I know Literally every minute the back gets colder and colder And the only heat I have to rely on to keep warm is my own body temperature The room is called the baddest couple at the start I thought he was gonna be the problem, but I really should have put on that bitch Morgan please get out. Seriously. I need you to get out mom. There’s only two hours left Cold bold In a few minutes All the time Anymore okay. Yeah Come on They grab it oh, okay Pulled aside free. That was my favorite Let’s take note of the stage we must use him anyway You know, I don’t want it to come to this but it looks like we have no other choice What happened how did you do? How did you get punished then at least I just pulled myself really hard really sacrifice my mom, but you know you could have Duels at least the face This is just not good God you have no any subscribes. We are this close to four million Subscribers and also a few subscribers are blowing smoke and I’ll be replying to loose your comment I don’t forget guys The super sale is on for the rest of the merchandise right now only gonna be on for a few days So this is the last chance to cop the merch and for the first ever time at the discounted price Thank y’all so much for watching and as always She won’t be awesome and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace out



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