How To Waterproof Your Bathroom Floor – DIY At Bunnings

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I’m going to show you how to waterproof the
bathroom floor. These are my tools I’ll be using; got a bit of cleaning equipment, some
safety equipment, got my primer, my stirrer, my hammer, my knife. So I have my spirit level,
my scraper, my membrane, my caulking gun, and I got my silicone and my waterproofing
product here. With our first step, we’ll be cleaning the
area free of dust and make it nice and smooth. And our next step is to apply the primer.
Make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions on how to do so. When applying your primer,
it’s good to start from the back corner and work your way forward. It’s also good to go
up the wall a little bit. Now that the primer has dried, we’re going
to fill the cracks with silicone. Now I’m going to scrape away the excess with my spatula.
I’ve now waited 24 hours for the silicone to dry. Now I’m going to start my waterproofing
process. I’m now going to apply some masking tape. I’ll apply it to the point of where
we will be waterproofing. So we do not go above that. I’m doing the bathroom floor,
but if I was going up to the shower recesses, I would have to go, at least, 1.8 meters high. So next step I’m going to apply the waterproofing
agent, starting from the back corner and working my way forward. Once I’ve done my first coat
of waterproofing, I can then put on my membrane focusing on the joints and the cracks. I’ll
now roll the membrane out so I can cut to size the measurements that I need. I’m just
doing bits at a time so I can still reach to the corners. Now in order for this to stick,
I’m going to apply some more waterproofing on top of it. Now if you do find it easier,
you can use a paintbrush instead of a roller. I’ll now continue to apply the waterproofing
agent and membrane the rest of the floor. Now this junk can be messy sometimes so you
might want to put your gloves on. Now that I’ve been around the outsides, I’m going to
continue waterproofing the floor, focusing on the joints and applying the membrane. Now I’ve finished applying my first coat of
waterproofer and the membrane. I’m going to let it dry for 24 hours. Now I’ve waited 24
hours, I’m going to apply my second coat. Now I’ve applied my second coat of waterproofing,
I’m going to leave that to dry for 24 hours and that’s the job done. Don’t forget to take
the tape off. And that’s how you waterproof a bathroom floor.

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