How To Waterproof A Bathtub – DIY At Bunnings

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I am going to show you a very simple process,
an important process, on how to waterproof around the bath. Here are some of the products
that we need for our waterproofing. We are going to need some reinforcement tape, scissors,
primer, a measuring tape, some waterproofing membrane, a container for our primer, and
a brush. The first step is to apply the primer onto
the underlay. We pour some into our container, and we will brush that on liberally over the
whole area so that we can get a good seal. Don’t be afraid to really brush it on. It
really needs to penetrate to do its job properly. This will help with the adhesion of the membrane.
Now that we are done with our priming, we will just go ahead and use the rest of the
reinforcement matting around the wet areas which will be along here in the internal part
of the corner here. We have already done some preparation earlier, You will notice the blue
waterproofing membrane here, but we are just going to focus protecting around the bath
area. So now we are just going to measure up. Now
that I have measured it and cut it, we will continue on and put it in its place. Just
a matter of rolling it out and making sure we have got the right size. We can trim it
if we need to with a scissors. The next step now is to liberally apply the membrane, and
then we are going to fix the reinforcement tape on top. You can use the brush to help
daub the reinforcement tape into the corner and help it to stick a bit better. I am generally
pretty happy with that. Now what we can do is continue on reinforcing it with the membrane
back over the matting now. This is going to help the reinforcement process and the waterproofing
of this internal corner. Notice that I am pressing the paintbrush tightly into the corner
there. We want to do this so that if we need to tile later on, it’s a nice clean square
area. It will make it easier for us. The other thing is that we need to allow for
the membrane to dry, which will be 24 hours. So we need to give it time to dry before we
can do anything else. And as you can see, this is how we waterproof a bath.

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