How to wash cloth pads / period panty ?

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Hi everyone, today i am going to discuss – how to wash your cloth pads and do they stain, do they smell. once you have used a cloth pad, we need to take out all the blood from the cloth pads. so you can either run them under cold water or regular temperature water. definitely stay away from hot water till the time there is blood in the cloth pad because hot water sets stain. all of us have this notion that hot water will clean it quickly or it acts as a disinfectant but the moment you add hot water on blood, the stains set. that is why till the time there is blood in the pad, never put hot water in it. you need to remove all the blood in the pad either by running it under cold water or by soaking it in cold water. and when you are soaking it, if you want you can add a little bit of soap as well, and soak it for at least half an hour to maximum 8 hours. it also depends on how quickly you wash the pad after using it. so if you are washing it or soaking it right after removing the pad, half an hour is more than enough and you will actually see that all the blood has come out of the pad. but if you were unable to wash the pad for a few hours after removing it then, you might need to soak it for a little longer. once you have rinsed the pad and soaked it and all the blood is out of it, you can choose to hand wash it or machine wash it. most of the manufacturers recommend only hand washing. also i have noticed that the more you hand wash, the longer the life of the pad is. if you machine wash it regularly, the number of times you can use the pad might get reduced. but its totally upto you and your convenience you can hand wash them or machine wash. i would suggest that when you are machine washing the pads then put them in a separate cotton bag or an old pillow cover or in a – if you have a washing net/ a mesh that comes to wash clothes or undergarments, you can use that. to dry the pads, sunlight is the best option because its a natural disinfectant as well, would kill all the bacteria in your pad however if sunlight is not available, where you are living depending on the weather or its monsoon you can dry your pads in washing machine on a low tumble dry setting. while drying in the sun or outdoors, make sure you don’t keep the pads flat on a surface, hang them straight. that will help you dry them quicker and equally from both the sides. I’d like to give a few tips as well.. while you are hand washing the pads, never use brush on the pads because the brush is quite harsh on the fabrics and again it will just reduce the life of your cloth pad every now and then, you can add a few drops of vinegar in the soaking water that makes and keeps your cloth pads softer for longer. never use any bleach or fabric softners because that actually affects the leak-proof layer if cloth pads. while soaking you can actually also add lavender essential oil – that also acts as a natural disinfectant. i frequently get asked – what about the stains, will they stain, how will i remove the stains on cloth pads. firstly, i would like to say, stains are not bad, does not mean that if a cloth pads has stains on it does not mean that its dirty or unhygienic to use. its cloth and just like your any piece of clothing your undergarments, your t-shirt with repeated use, they do you know tend to get some kind of stain or the other or discolouring you can say as well. so there is nothing wrong. also if you compare light colour pad versus dark colour pads. if you say that you know i bought a white or a light coloured pad then it was i couldn’t remove the stains. so i prefer dark color pads. does not mean that dark color pads or a printed pad did not have stains on it, its just that you can’t see them. so its a personal preference like i prefer using lighter pads because when i bleed on them i can actually see how much I bled and its easier to tell when the pad is about to get full. however in a dark coloured pad or a printed pad I get really confused like specially with thinx panties, they were black in colour so i was just really lost in terms of when they got full and i started to leak through them really badly on one of my heavy flow days and stained all my trousers. if you wash your pads immediately after use, take off all the blood by running it under cold water or by soaking it in regular to cold water, all the blood actually comes out quite easily, you don’t have to struggles or rub or anything and there won’t be any stains at all. however, if you are not able to wash it for few hours after using it or you left it like that for 2-3 days for whatever reason you were not able to wash its possible that it will stain, specially if its a light color pad, you will see those stains. however like i said it does not mean that its dirty. try to wash them as soon as possible and you can use stronger detergents to remove stains whenever but i will avoid using bleach. i often get asked about the smell that you know when you when i remove the cloth pad its gonna smell really bad, who is going to wash that? when you start using cloth pads, you will realise that menstrual blood does not smell bad at all. its got a very mild smell, sometimes just no smell and the smell that we are use to smelling on disposable pads only comes with disposable pads that is when the blood reacts with air and all the chemicals in your sanitary napkin. that smell, maybe growing bacteria in it, depending on how long you were wearing the same pad, if you didn’t change it in time, in 6-7 hours. so those stinks come on disposable pads when you will use cloth pads, you will realise that they don’t smell bad at all, maybe just a very mild smell that won’t bother you at all. i hope this video answered all your questions and you will enjoy using your cloth pads. 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Akriti no

Aug 8, 2017, 10:48 am Reply

Thank you soo much 🙂 😀 I have just placed an order for Soch regular pad and a wet bag along with it! I am really glad that there are people who are cognizant about their surroundings which is tantamount to a part of zero waste lifestyle 🙂 Thank you so much !!!

Dilbag Singh

Feb 2, 2018, 2:34 pm Reply

mem i hv few queries like why pads smell evn after washing tht smell remains in thm….. whn i dry thm in sunlight evn though da smell remains ….. i wonder tht is this smell beacusd of bacteria or wht to remove the smell i always prefer to use detol liquid while washing…

Mariposa 111

Jul 7, 2018, 3:42 am Reply

Nice vedio,I have a query that are they property sterilized?

Mukesh Bhardwaj

Mar 3, 2019, 6:11 pm Reply

My self Kanu l live Asia you phone plige

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