How to wash cloth diapers when breastfeeding?

By Grover Koelpin 1 comment

Hi this is Mohammed here. so just a couple of days ago I got a question from a customer of ours who asked should she wash her diapers off when she’s breastfeeding So what she was doing was basically and that what you can do is you can actually put so when you’re exclusively breastfeeding a child, poop is almost like a thick pee so it is completely water-soluble. Most of the times and it should actually you can actually put their whole diaper without even kind of spraying off the poop inside the washer and the washer should technically clean it out. Now once in a while not all the poop is water soluble so you’ll have like chunky things and khalaby blobby things that are not complete water soluble and that could actually get stuck in your washer. It will not drain out so I suggest all our customers that just clean out to poop it’s very easy to clean up especially when it’s when your child is completely breastfed. Clean out the poop, out goes the poop and then put the diaper in it’s just easier to do it that way. You can do this put dirty diaper with the poop inside, only breastfed poop, inside the washer but there’s a chance that it might actually block the washer and the pain that you will have to actually get the wash fixed or get a plumber in to do all of that stuff to get a washer working again. It’s too much. So just kind of do the simple thing clean the diaper and that’s it it’s easy to do. Just put the diaper underneath a faucet and the poo should just slide off on its own and it’s easy it’s done. Once and for all. So this customer actually had , what she was saying, was that the water was not not draining out for her. So it’s easier just if you clean off the breastfed poop or once you start feeding solids to your child even then that has to be cleaned out no question about it And even with the breastfed poop once you put under a faucet it doesn’t have to be completely clean it that is a few streaks here and there that’s fine most of it should be out. Okay, hope that helps you have any other questions about anything, my encyclopaedic knowledge of poop is amazing actually. I’m sure my dad must be like oh my god I spent a hundred grand on this guy trying to teach him aerospace and he talks about to poop half of the day. Somebody has to deal with it. I’m your poop expert. Ask me any questions you have, I’m gunna answer them for you. Bye, have a great day! and thanks again for choosing Lil Helper cloth diapers. Always in awe of people who choose to do business with us, thank you very much this is our warehouse, I thought I would just have a change of pace to do a video Take care, bye now!

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Rose Darla

Aug 8, 2019, 9:30 am Reply

Will the cloth diapers absorb poop? Should we change the entire diaper after baby poops or just the insert is enough?

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