How To Use a Touchless Car Wash!

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what’s going on guys my name is vos and
if you’re new to the channel thank you so much for stopping by if you’re not
new to the channel we do car reviews we’re trying to do some DIY is we got a
whole lot of stuff planned so make sure you’re subscribed but today I’m gonna do
a little POV drive with the m3 it’s beautiful out it’s like 70 degrees the
sun’s out I got the drone with me and we’re gonna first head to the car wash
and I want to do a little video on the do’s and the don’ts of a touchless
carwash there’s a lot of people that I mean obviously touch those car washes
are great they’re very inexpensive they do a great job but there’s a lot of
people that don’t always follow the right precautions when using a touchless
carwash so today we’re gonna do a little POV on the touchless carwash I’m gonna
give you the steps that I take there so let’s get to it yeah man do I love this car
gosh it’s I’ve had it now since January since mid Juli to mid January about
almost 4000 miles which really almost 3000 of those miles came in really the
first three weeks that I had it because I drove twice to Detroit to pick the car
I drove it back from Detroit when I bought it and I went back to Detroit for
the Auto Show and meet up with one my good friends but man has this carbon
just a joy oh okay all right I hear you but uh no I mean this car has just been
phenomenal the driving experience is great the handling is great I’m gonna do
a full review on this I really want to spend a couple more months with this car
really learning every bit about it before I jump into a review but for the
first you know a couple three months now three four months that I’ve owned it
it’s honestly been really good I’ve had no maintenance problems and just the
entire experience has been very very very good and I want to give a shout out
to suburban Florida Ferndale that’s where I picked this car up and I bought
it with eleven thousand seven hundred miles ish right around fifteen thousand
for 450 now and I’m coming up to an oil change eventually but other than that
I’ve really haven’t had any maintenance problems Mikey will randomly stopped
working but then I have to just take it out of the fob manually unlock and lock
it and then it seems to be the key fob starts responding again that’s a little
bit annoying every now and then but other than that I mean this car has just
been great I mean it’s one of those cars where I’ve
driven so many cars now that it’s not really the fastest it’s not going to you
know it’s not Tesla’s fast and it’s not really like the Porsche experience but
there’s just something about it and there’s a reason most manufacturers use
this like as a benchmark for sports car comparisons you know you always hear
everyone always uses the m3 as the comparison and honestly there’s an it’s
it’s a valid it’s valid there’s a reason they do it it’s just such a good
experience the entire car is just so refined so well made they steering
honestly that’s the one thing with BMW the steering on these things are just
amazing it’s like none other I’ve driven I really like the heavier tighter
steering wheel and the m3 with certain wheel is just perfect for that the
feeling is great the steering itself is great the stitching on here the leather
every part of this car just is so refined and so polished and that’s why I
really like it and I just now that I’m on the summer tyres I got my 19-inch
competition wheels and I got I ended up with Michelin Pilot Sport for SS we did
255 s in the front and 275 250 535 19’s in the front and to 75359 teens in the
rear I mean these tires are amazing super sticky they do really well in wet
conditions as well as dry conditions but I do definitely notice some more bumps I
can now that I’m off the 18 inches wheels but which what my winner said and
I’m back on my 19-inch set my competition it definitely can feel a lot
more contact on the road but I actually enjoy feeling every little bump it it
aids in the driving experience for me so I don’t know comment below do you guys
like a more comfortable Drive ride or do you like prefer some stiffer alright and
we’re pulling up to the touchless okay it’s a little busy not too bad okay I apologize if it’s loud I’ve come
here all the time and they the radio or anything running
it sounds like everything’s running so I apologize you can barely hear me
so we’re gonna set this to pre-soak and whether that’s important or not up to
you but we got about nine minutes so I start on top and I just get down
here and start soaking up the car what’s on that grime get start fighting off get on the wheels there’s a lot of features here but we
don’t really need to use all of them it’s really just going to waste time and we don’t want to spend a lot of time
on those just make sure we get it as quickly as possible and diligently and trying to hold on to your course so
it doesn’t hit your paints I’m pretty happy with that now let’s get the soap
going there we go go easy on this however you want if
you’re gonna fly full pressure to stay a little bit further away you know don’t
put your gun right at right at your car’s paint filling it up get those wheels cleaned up all right we’re gonna pretty good on
time I’m sure the rest of the card is soaked up you notice I’m kind of keeping my gun
far away we don’t want to damage our paint whatsoever so from there you can
see I’m not using that brush over there I’m gonna touch on that in a second I’ll
explain why now let’s jump into the water rinse you want to rinse all this
off before we use the distilled water stay away from that brother over there
it’s not worth it get all this off I will always like to
work from the top down that way we’re not going back and doing the same things
over and over you can tell I’m pretty much not I’m not
nothing is touching my car’s paint we do not want to use this brush look how just
look how dirty those bristles are you know how many thousand hundreds if not
thousands of cars that bristles touch we do not want to touch in our paint or our
wheel so we’re gonna skip it and just clear everything talk to us now let’s jump to a spot free rinse I like the pre-soak the shelf for soft
water the dryer I brought the towels with me
with the spot-free rinse and I’m getting me weirdest look serious so
I can have a GoPro strapped on my head but the pedis for you guys here for the
video everything got cars within the real hit it’s almost
ready to start drying it got about a minute left so let’s just run through
this water as well as we can let’s skip the blast driver there it’s not bad but
unfortunately you don’t cover a lot of area and for the amount of time and
effort it takes it’s not really worth it really to recap real quick is this guy
back over you know to recap we use the pre soap the soap the soft water rinse
in the spot for a rinse we didn’t need the foam brush do not do not do not
you’re gonna use me do not use one thing here it was the foam brush stay away
from that you don’t really need this you don’t get enough out of it for the money
and I don’t like to use the italic use my own waxes so really the recap today
is pretty Stoke kit use the soft water rinse and use spot for rinse and bring
some microfiber towels with you and you should be good guys it was so noisy over
there I had to just drive across the street to drive the car off but now that
we’re pretty much to this point let’s grab our microfiber cloths and I’ve got
a string of stuff here to use just make sure you use microfiber cloths you don’t
wanna damage your car’s paint and let’s just grab a couple these and dry this
off but really I hope you found some use out of this pretty much the take away
from takeaways from this experience is do not do not use that brush if you’re
gonna do one thing you’re gonna listen to one thing I said today stay away from
that stupid foam brush I mean we’re not the foam brush whatever that wire brush
thing so many so many people I mean so many people have run that through and
you don’t know how much paint dirt and grime nothing has touched for it to
touch your precious paint you know it’s not worth it but so let’s just take this
up and dry this off and the and really I like to use that spotless water because
they claim it’s distilled water I don’t know if it is or not it seems to be
working okay but so pretty much the takeaways is go ahead and start with the
pre soaked if you have time that machines only like three bucks for nine
minutes so it’s pretty much it’s a pretty cheap system so use the pre so
get your car wet let it sir fighting off some of those dirt and grime and from
there run to the soap make sure you soap it real nice that one doesn’t shoot like
a foam cannon or anything so you’re not going to get the same effect as
something like that but make sure you soap it up and then from there do the
soft water rinse and the spot-free rinse and after that just take your microfiber
towels and dry everything off and from there you’re pretty much done so if you
found some if you enjoyed this video smash that like button consider
subscribing share it a lot of people I know you know run through the touchless
car wash without fully understanding what to do there so I hope you guys
enjoy this and thank you for watching I will see you next video

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