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Please Note: Tandem wearing is an advanced
carry style. Please ensure you are confident in carrying
a single baby in your Wrap Carrier before proceeding to a twin carry. As always, please consult your paediatrician
to ensure baby wearing is right for you and your babies. Maximum carry weight of 4kgs per baby. Hi, I’m Krystal from Chekoh. Today we’re going to go over an advanced carry
style for twin carry, so a tandem style in a stretchy wrap carrier. A few things you need to ensure before you
do go ahead with carrying your twins in a stretchy wrap carrier, is to make sure you’re
confident and able to carry a single baby in the carrier first. So, confidently, correctly, safely and securely. So, we’ll go through a single carry style
in the video first for you as well. Pre-tie your wrap before you start, ensuring
it’s nice and tight. Ensure you keep baby well supported at all
times. Take the first pocket, place baby in leg first,
and have the fabric reach from the back of one knee to the back of the other knee to
ensure a nice deep-seated squat position. Keeping both babies well supported, pop the
second baby on your shoulder, slide baby in feet first into the wrap pocket, with fabric
reaching from one knee to the back of the other into a nice deep seated squat again. Keep baby’s airways clear at all times. Reach under and lift lift up the Chekoh marker
tag (middle marker band) up from the back of baby’s bottom to the back of baby’s neck. Ensure they are seated correctly in a deep-seated
squat, airways are clear and faced are free of fabric. Always ensure that you adhere to the T.I.C.K.S
Guidelines. Tight. In view at all times. Close enough to kiss. Keep chin off chest and a Supported spine. This needs to be adhered to with the twin
carry as well. Keep in mind the “Tight”. You want your wrap to have both of your babies
firm and high at all times, so your baby is in an optimal position with no slouching
or slumping.

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