How to reuse shampoo bottles – Slim Sink Caddy and Cotton Bud Holder

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Hi, this is Sally. Today I would like to show you how to reuse shampoo bottles. You need shampoo bottles, scissors, soldering gun, cutter. Cut this out, also (cut circle). So put this foam net in it. Make three or several holes on the bottom (of caddy). I also made the cotton bud holder. You can put this in the washing room. Of course put this (slim sink caddy) in the kitchen. Last time I made the video “How to use the Foam Net as Washcloth and Soap Holder”, you can check it out last month’s video (at I hope you likes this video. Please give me a thumb up and subscribe it (my channel). Please join our conference, membership, sponsor our events. I love you. [Kiss!] Hold on (, please). I show you the picture.
[] Does It look nice? [Kiss goodbye!]

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