How to Prepare your House for an Infant : Supplies for Bathing a Newborn

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Hi, I’m Liz Hood on behalf of Expert Village
and right now I am going to be talking about certain things that you will need to buy to
give your new baby a bath. Now, this right here is a baby bath tub. It has a little duck
hammock drapped across the top. I think that that’s a little bit more comfortable for the
baby. There is also a standard bath tub so they are just made exactly like that. This
also has this small plug so that you can put just a tiny bit of water in here and give
your baby a sponge bath in a tub like this for those first couple of weeks when they
still have their umbillical cord stump. Now, if you don’t want to get a little tub like
this you can also give your baby a bath in your kitchen sink or go into the normal bathtub
with them and take a bath with them. Now, I find it to be a lot safer and easier when
I happen to be taking a bath with him to go ahead and wash him first, rinse him off and
then call my husband in there and he will take him from me and dry him off and put a
diaper on him while I finish up my bath. That tends to make it a little bit easier, but
I think Aiden likes being suprised. He will take bath in this one day and then the next
time he’ll take a bath it will be with either with my husband or I. So, those are your choices
as far as where you can actually give the baby a bath. One thing that you will have
to spring for definitely is some actual baby wash. Now, you can get all kinds of different
types of baby wash. There is generic, there is fancy brands, you know what ever, it all
comes down to your personal preference. There is really not much of a difference between
regular baby washes except maybe the packaging and the smell. There are certain baby washes
for excema. So if you happen to have excema, you might want to go ahead and get some fragrance
free special sensitive wash for your baby. Aveeno makes some and it works really really
well. Another thing you will have to buy is some soft wash cloths. These are actual baby
wash cloths that I got at my baby shower but any sort of softer wash cloth will do. All
of the other wash cloths that we had before the baby were all rough and I wouldn’t want
to try and use that on a baby’s skin. So, any type of soft wash cloth will do. Another
thing to get is little baby nail clippers. Now, these are made by American Red Cross.
I got them at Target for less than $3.00 and it has a little magnifying glass so that you
can see the baby’s nail magnified because I mean they are incredibly small. So, that
is one thing that you will definitely need to get. Their nails grow extremely fast those
first couple of weeks and they will break off and they will fling their arms around
and they will scratch up their face, they will scratch up you. So, it’s a good thing
to go ahead and get some baby nail clippers. One thing I just kind of keep in my baby’s
bathing area is just a plastic cup. This is good for just dunking into the water and using
to rinse them off. I have just kind of re-appropriated this cup and leave it in there so that I don’t
have to think about it every time that I give him a bath.

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