How to Paint Bathroom Tile with a Stencil

By Grover Koelpin 13 comments

okay we’re back today to do the
stenciling on the bathtub tile surround what we’ve done so far just as a
reminder we did two coats of slick stick as a primer then we did two coats of
midnight sky which is this really pretty dark dark grey black color now I’m gonna
come in with a stencil I had this stencil custom made so that
it would fit for tiles and that’s nice because it’s just gonna give us a bigger
pattern so the pattern isn’t going to be repeated a million times in this little
space and it makes it really easy to line up the center grid here I just line
it up with the grout lines and that keeps us nice and straight I’ve just put
painters tape on all four sides and that’s gonna help us keep it in place
and then I’m going to use drop cloth for the color of the stencil so the tub and
I’m not sure you can see it the tub is like creamy white color it’s not the
color I would pick if I was going to pick a new tub today but drop glass will
match it’ll go with it tie it all together so we don’t have to completely
clash with the tub so I just have a little paint tray down here and I’m
gonna use a roller to make this go nice and quick you don’t need too much paint on your roller but you do want to get it
evenly covered so that’s what we’ve got going on here it’s a little roller like
this I’m gonna start in the middle and kind of work my way out here all right so I’m taking my time here
because I want to get it pretty evenly covered I don’t want to have to come
back and do a second coat with this stencil I’ve used this particular
stencil before downstairs on my floor and it’s very forgiving I think this
stencil kind of looks like a you know the concrete tile that’s really popular
now so if there is a few places that it turns out maybe a little more distressed
not as solid of a color I like that that’s kind of the look I’m going for it
that’s what makes it so forgiving it doesn’t have to be a perfect stencil I’m
not the best at stenciling I admit and I don’t have any like magic stencil power
so you can totally do this – even if stenciling isn’t your favorite thing
when we pull it back see it has that beautiful look it’s almost a little bit
distressed in places as is but I’m fine with that I like that when we get the
whole thing completed those little areas you’re not going to notice as much so
that’s it for that we’re just going to keep repeating this process as we go
along and what you do so this would be here next I’m going to skip that section
and go to the next four that will give this time to dry so we can use our tape
here so I’m just going to skip around take your time in lining it all up so now I’m gonna come down here and
we’ll do the diagonal and you just keep repeating the process I am NOT washing
the stencil between for each one I’ll probably do I don’t know I’ll probably
do a few more and then I’ll rinse the back of the stencil just to make sure
the back doesn’t get paint on it but it’s really pretty clean so I’m not too
worried about that right now if I took the time to wash it between each II use
and this process would take a lot longer than it already is got my Center lined up now here’s a good
example of what to do when your stencil doesn’t quite fit so you can see the
bottom here it’s not a full tile there on the bottom which is just fine this is
really it’s a bendable stencil so it’s really easy to work with let me show you
what you do and we’ll get a nice print even though it’s not perfect in size okay I’m going to do the top of it first and then ever coming down here what I’m
gonna do is just take the roller and kind of smush it down as far as it will
go down in there that’s gonna give me the
pattern far down as I can take it just about like that now when we pull it back
let me show you what it looks like okay there we go so you can see we’ve got
most of the pattern now I can leave it like this again for more than just
stress to look or if that really bothers me I can come in with a small brush when
this is dry and just finish out the little bottom of the pattern which is
what I’ll do here just along the bottom of the stencil we’ll just finish it out
I can see enough of the shapes and that will be just fine like that so I’m gonna
let these drive this one is probably almost dry we’re not using a ton of
paint let it dry a little bit longer maybe half an hour before I would come
in and do these Center sections so I’ll kind of skip around go all the way
around by the time I make it around I can come back in and do the places that
I’ve skipped we’ll let it all dry for a couple hours and then we’ll come back
with the top coat so I’m gonna finish this up and just keep going exactly how
I’ve been doing it okay my stenciling is all finished and I am really excited
with how it came out now if you look really closely at any of the tiles
you’ll be able to tell it’s a stencil but I think on the whole it really does
look like the cement tile that’s so popular now with a really pretty pattern
so any way you crack it this is such an improvement on what was here before now
the paint is all dry but we cannot just leave the paint we have to seal it just
so it is protected from any water even just splashes will eat away at the paint
and make it chip off so to see I’m using Gator hide I’ve got it right here and
I’m just going to use a Dixie any brush all we’re gonna do is brush it
on give it a good even coat let it dry if you feel like you need more than one
coat if it’s a really heavy use area we don’t use this bathtub a whole lot and
but I might do a second coat if I feel like I need it it’s also going to add a
little bit of shine to the tile so it’ll make it look more like regular tile and
I think it’s just gonna finish it off really nice so let’s get started here the nice thing is it soaks in so you can
kind of tell where you’re working and I’m just going to really go tile by tile
here a little bit tedious but obviously after
doing all this work we want to protect it and feel it so I’m just gonna keep
working on it if you want to do a second coat give it two to three hours to dry
between coats and then we will just repeat the process until you feel like
you’ve got a nice hard solid finish on it I’ll commit see how this drives I
might decide to do a second one and that’s about it we’ve got a finished
project I am excited about it I hope you enjoyed this as well I will show you the
final pictures here in just a second thanks so much for joining me
I’ll see you later thanks so much for watching this video I really hope you
enjoyed it for a full supply list of everything you will need to create this
awesome finish check out the description below this video don’t forget to check
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Lydia Fitzpatrick

Feb 2, 2019, 4:36 pm Reply

That is stunning! Now I want to do my bathroom floor lol! Great job!

Elizabeth Hamilton

Feb 2, 2019, 7:32 pm Reply

That came out absolutely beautiful! You are so very talented! If I want just a solid color can I just go ahead and use the GH sealer when it's dry? My bathrooms have decor with a lot of straight lines in it so that particular stencil pattern would really fight with the lines. Or….. Is it possible to use painters tape to create a horizontal line pattern around my tiles? Didn't know if it would stick good to the solid paint or if the tape might pull some of the paint off when I remove it. Just don't want to find myself in a huge "Oh No" moment. Thanks from Florida 🌴😎💙😎🌴


Feb 2, 2019, 8:09 pm Reply

Wow – that is amazing – I wasn't sure how the stencils would look but having a larger stencil gives such a pleasing look to the eye – a more genuine tile look. Super useful for Victorian properties in the UK I think. Good job – appreciate you sharing your inspiration and skills.

Holly Hammer

Feb 2, 2019, 3:25 pm Reply

Do you think you could do this over travertine in a shower?

Tammy Tasker

Feb 2, 2019, 10:21 am Reply

So beautiful and inspiring…


Mar 3, 2019, 11:02 pm Reply

Cool!! I'm curious to see an update, is it still going strong after all these weeks? So anxious to try this in my shower and bathroom !

Dnyaneshwar Hande

Mar 3, 2019, 4:43 pm Reply

Awesome stencil art work


Mar 3, 2019, 4:44 pm Reply

Looks like you did not tell us the full story. The tiles looked like they were painted brown – grout lines exact same color as the tile and no distinct lines on the edge of the tile. Painting over paint is not painting tile. SHAME ON YOU.

Anne Ciraulo

Mar 3, 2019, 1:10 am Reply

What type of paint did you use as the stencil paint, and what was the name of the sealer you used? Love what you did with this! Can I stencil directly on white bathroom wall tile?

Alex K

Apr 4, 2019, 2:58 pm Reply

How well does this wear? I am in the process of going to do my floors with chalk paint.I am so nervous

Scott H

Jul 7, 2019, 2:50 am Reply

WOW, this turned out absolutely beautiful! FYI, I love this channel.

Gisele Nascimento

Aug 8, 2019, 5:39 am Reply

Looks amazing!!!!


Sep 9, 2019, 9:21 pm Reply

I would like to renovate my bathroom with more of a Moroccan/Spanish tile look. It currently does not have any tile in it so I was wondering if it would be possible to use this method of Primer/paint/sealer on regular tiles before I actually placed them and grouted them in the bathroom? Would that work? Would they hold up? Also, does it have to be any specific kind of paint? or would craft acrylic paint work? I would like to stencil them in multicolour as opposed to just roller painting them two tone. Can I use your method?

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