How to pack for Operation Christmas Child | Boy edition

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Hi guys Operation Christmas Child We are going to fill these boxes up with toys for boys. Yeah! Look at all these toys! Notebook Measuring tape Scissors. I love scissors. These crayons go with the notebook. I love crayons. Pencils Ball Flashlight. You can turn it on right here, and then you can see in the dark My neighbor has this, but his is black. Ball, actually they are called bouncy balls. Boing, boing! A whistle This is a screw driver. I love making things, I made this house! Soap Cloth. For the bath. Glue. You stick stuff. Bandaids. If you get hurt. Pliers race car. See look, look. I’m pretty sure you saw it in the other video This is all the fun stuff for little boys. Now I’m going to help my little brother, Mark Adam. Bandaids A whistle. It’s make a train! A race car, Mark Adam! A bandana Scissors Soap is for the bath Glue What’s that? Bat Yes, a bat. A toothbrush Pencils Pliers Bouncy balls! So that’s it everyone! Mark Adam, what’s your favorite thing in the box? Bouncy balls. What’s mine, Mark Adam? Hot Wheels!, Yes Operation Christmas Child Bye! Give us a thumbs up

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