How to Organize Your Bathroom | Makeup, Skincare, & Hair Product Organization

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Hey everybody this is Sara from the style blog
I’m back again today thanks so much for tuning in
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I’m going to do a video of how to organize your bathroom quickly easily
and affordably so we just moved here not too long ago and the last things to organize
on my list were my bathroom and closet because honestly no one else sees this
area it’s kind of just my area and it’s definitely time to get this organized
because with such a mess I can never find what I’m looking for and I
want it to look pretty when I open my cabinets so come take a look it’s
trashed because honestly I just haven’t had time to tackle it and I just got
ready today so everything is just everywhere and let’s get this thing
organized so let’s go through my messy messy drawers this one is kind of full
of just hair stuff and miscellaneous products this one is my makeup drawer
honestly I’m kind of horrified for you guys to see this one what’s not on the
counter is in this drawer and it’s just such a mess it’s been a mess because honestly I
have half my stuff upstairs in my film room and half my stuff down to here so I
just want to keep my everyday makeup here and then we’ll move all the rest of
the junk up there lastly I just like keeping my like hair dryers in here and
a curling wand but it’s up there right now so it’s kind of just another hair drawer
and then I have these two big cabinets that are pretty much just full of extra
products hair products body products skincare just like miscellaneous stuff
that needs to be organized and I need to know where my stuff is and where I can
find it quickly so I’m just going to make sure that I write down all of these
measurements before I go to the store or order online so that my organizational
products will for sure fit in here so I don’t have to keep taking them back and forth
and exchanging them at the store all day because that would take a long time and
we don’t have time for that ok guys so it’s two days before Christmas and I can’t
imagine braving the store I really wanted to bring you along on my shopping
journey to like Walmart or Target to buy these but there’s no way that I’m
going out into a retail store today two days before Christmas so I
ordered these affordable clear acrylic organizers online I ordered a bunch of
them I will link all of them below in case you’re interested in using these
for your bathroom project I just made sure before I ordered any of these that
I checked with my measurements that we took before and that they would fit
inside my cabinets and drawers ok so first things first I’m going to empty
out everything out of my cabinets and drawers and make sure you have a nice
clean slate to start with okay so let’s get started have all my acrylic organizers laid out
I’m just going to try them in different compartments to see where they fit the
best and then I’ll come in with all of my other products and put them inside of
these okay let’s go It wasn’t that hard & now my whole bathroom is organized I know
where everything is I can find it at a moment’s notice
I can probably cut down my makeup routine a good 5 10 minutes now without
just like searching through my drawers looking for brushes so I’m so excited
about this so one last thing before I show you all my organized cabinets and
drawers. You’ve probably noticed this eyesore in this corner I’m sure you’ve
noticed this because the cords are bright white and it doesn’t look very
good so I’m always going to have my Apple watch charger and my electric toothbrush
plugged in that’s kind of a non-negotiable for me so I think I got a
solution alright so I actually found this up in our storage room it used to be
my mom’s and it’s from Target it’s just a huge vase
I was thinking either a picture frame or an artificial plant or a vase would work for
this so I’m just going to stick that in front and I don’t see it more it kind of
goes with our whole black & white aesthetic here and it’s not such an
eyesore so I’m kind of excited about that solution alright let’s go through
all of my organization first up this is the hair drawer I know it has a little
bit more than just hair in it has my brushes my hair ties my bobby pins my
Clips my headbands my deodorant etc let’s move on now the biggest
transformation of all is this makeup drawer and I’m so excited for it so
I got a palette organizer here so I have my contour highlighter eyeshadow
palettes my blushes I have some powders this is all my pencils so on this side I
have my eyeliner pencils on this side I have my lip liner pencils I have all my
mascara my foundations my concealers and contours all of my lipsticks and my
brushes so I have my eye brushes my face brushes and then my smaller face brush
and then a couple of eyebrow pencils again this is just my every single day
makeup the rest of it I put over here we’ll see that in a minute
so the last drawer not very exciting but I actually had extra space I couldn’t
believe it’s just my hairdryer and my curling wand which I use weekly. I use
these all the time that’s pretty good drawer and last but not least let’s go
through these cabinets we made some great use of this space so I’m so excited about this
organization down here because I can find everything now and it looks so
beautiful and clean that this is awesome so this I just have all of my makeup
that I don’t wear every single day but I wear occasionally like my false lashes
some extra different foundations lots of extra lip colors this is just the stuff
that I don’t need in my everyday makeup drawer but I want to be close by then
down here I have all my extras so like I have a backup of tons of different
products because I like to just stock up when it’s on sale and I never know when
I’m going to run out so I have extra lotion and shaving cream self tanner
moisturizers makeup sponges razors everything I don’t like to run out of
products and then I just have some extra cotton rounds next to this ok now moving
over to this part I’m so excited about this lazy susan ah it’s so fun I can find all
of my stuff super easily so this I have with my lotions and my hair products my
self tanner & the mitts ah some more hair products excetera so I can find stuff
super easily on this and then then I just put my extra products that were
small that kind of needed a place to go such as my perfume and my like coconut
oil I use that as a lotion sometimes when my skin’s feeling
dry I have some extra lotion behind it so I really found a place for everything
nothing looks crowded anymore it looks super organized alright so I highly
recommend using these clear acrylic containers because I can see everything
that’s in every container so I can find things super easily and super quickly
thank you guys so much for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed this organization
session with me and I hope you feel inspired to organize your own space
thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you next time bye


Michelle Sunshinestar

Dec 12, 2019, 10:39 pm Reply

This was a fun video!!!!!!


Dec 12, 2019, 1:09 am Reply

Hi Sara! I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas.

Measure drawers before purchasing organizers that's the way to do it. Sure makes it a lot easier then having to go return something because it was either to big or to small.

Awesome top about hiding your cords behind a vase.

That's a great tip to stock up on supplies especially when they go on sale. I really need to start doing that too.

I love the lazy Susan for products that's genius.

Jennifer Cummings

Dec 12, 2019, 1:25 am Reply

Oh man! So satisfying!! I'll drop you a tweet with my favorite and cheap product on Amazon for cord management. They're Velcro brand "zip tie" type things and you'll want them for EVERY device in your house that has a cord.

Lady Callidora

Dec 12, 2019, 1:43 am Reply

Everything looks great! It's time I organized my products too 🙂


Dec 12, 2019, 4:15 am Reply

It’s so nice to have you back to YouTube! Always enjoyed watching your videos 💕

Hanna Debora

Dec 12, 2019, 7:42 am Reply

Loved this! So satisfying, please do your closet next

Trish B 0805

Dec 12, 2019, 8:13 am Reply

Ughh lol I need to do this with my linen closet 🙄

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