How to Make a Stroller Diaper Cake | Pampers Baby Shower Ideas

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Hey. I’m Alison. There are lots of different
styles of diaper cakes, but I’m going to show you how to
make the most charming and impressive looking strollers diaper
cake for a baby shower. Here’s what you’ll need. Time to start building the stroller. Remove and discard the
lids of both shoe boxes. Take one shoe box and trim about
a quarter of an inch off the end. If you can’t find white shoe boxes,
line the inside with tissue paper. Place the trimmed shoe box inside of
the other so it stands up vertically, then hot glue the sides and
back so it stays in place. Take a piece of elastic and wrap
it around the bottom box firmly, then glue the elastic ends
together with the hot glue gun. Now, to the diapers. Roll the opened end of each diaper
inward until it’s nice and tight. Wrap a rubber band around the middle
of the diaper to hold it in place. Slide each rolled diaper
under the elastic on the box. Keep at it until the entire
circumference of the bottom box is covered with rolled diapers. To form the canopy of the stroller,
wrap another band of elastic around the vertical box. The elastic from the top box
will be protruding on both sides. Tuck the elastic in between
two vertical diapers. Do the same on the
other side of the box. Roll and secure the diapers across
the top and side of the vertical box, stopping with the intersection
with the lower box. Now it’s time to beautify. Wrap ribbon or a piece of fabric
around the bottom of the stroller to cover the elastic band. Add another piece of fabric or ribbon
around the canopy of the stroller. Secure the ribbon or fabric ends
to each other with hot glue. Repeat with smaller ribbon
to create a layered look. To make the wheels for the
stroller, take five diapers. Roll one diaper as a base and
secure with a rubber band. Then wrap the four remaining
diapers around that base. Secure tightly with a rubber band. Then wrap with ribbon or fabric
and secure the ends with hot glue. Add hot glue to the ribbon
or fabric and glue the wheels on to the bottom of the stroller. Make sure to glue them so the
rolled edges face the sides. Fill the inside of your stroller
with your favorite baby accessories, and your stroller is complete. Mom is going to love the time and
effort you put into this gift. And the best part is, you
can be confident that you’ve given her something she needs. To earn points on every
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