How To Make a Diaper Cake | Pampers Baby Shower Ideas

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It’s a very creative
way to gift diapers, so you don’t have to just bring
boxes of diapers to the baby shower. I make my diaper cakes to fit
their themes, their personalities, their loves, their passion. So if they love football,
it’ll be a football. If they love hockey,
I’ll try to make hockey. I love making diaper cakes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Jaisa’s cake is a zebra cake. We both love animal prints,
but we’re both out there with the hot pinks and blacks. We love the bright colors. The first thing to do for a
diaper cake is to cut the strings and then roll the diapers. So you roll it like that. Get it as tight as you possibly can. And you place the diapers in
the cake around the rim of it. You actually fill the whole
thing in with diapers. I’m getting in as many as I
can to make a complete circle. It’s easier to work presents
in when they’re rolled. Because if you do need to take out,
you always take out from the middle. And then you can stick
the onesie, the blanket. When it’s in the cake pan, it’s
easier to put ribbon around it. We’re going to pull it
really tight, so you know that the diapers are
going to be able to stay. So you’re gonna take your hot glue gun. Glue on the side. So that when you do take
it off, it will stay. So I’ve got zebra. We have zebra ribbon. We have pink ribbon. And we had black ribbon. I have been planning this cake since
she told me she was having a girl. Then you can just place
that on top of that one. I don’t know who
invented the diaper cake, but I give mad props to that girl. Now the fun part is about to start. Because now we get to
put the stuff in that you have wanted to give to the child. I chose this particular swaddler. Because as you can see,
it’s an animal print theme. It’s not zebra, but it’s leopard. She loves all the different kinds. A little skirt, put it in the middle. So then after you’re done
sticking your gifts on the inside, I normally put the two pacifiers
just kind of sitting on top. I got hair bows, the zebra hair bow. The baby’s name is Skylar, we’re
gonna put it like right in the middle. I love how it looks. It came out exactly how I wanted it
to and how I envisioned it in my head. It’s done. Ashley, it’s gorgeous! All right, guys. No [INAUDIBLE]. We need you guys to guess how
many diapers are in the cake. I’d say 118. 118. 124. Go ahead, take your best guess. Right now? Yeah. 67. Who got 67? Nicki got 67. Nicki, where are you? Here’s your gift. Oh! Thank you. And you can always share
that with the mommy to be. Oh, yes. Thank you! Thank you for making that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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