How to make a baby car seat cover / tent / canopy

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Hi I’m Angel with All Free Sewing and
Today I’m going to show you today how to make this adorable baby car seat cover. Now it
used to be that you would just throw a blanket over your baby to protect them from the rain
or the sun or the wind but now you can make these adorable covers. They’re great because
they don’t block the handles, you can hold to the car seat really well, and it keeps
the baby really warm and snug. Now this pattern can be made with different fabrics. It doesn’t
just have to be fleece. Now this example is fleece on the exterior and flannel on the
interior and this will be great for a winter or a late fall cover for your baby. But you
can also make it out of cotton which is great for summer and spring. It’s great for keeping
shade on your baby and making it dark so they can take a long nice nap while you’re out
shopping. So I’m going to show you how to make this adorable cover today. You’re going
to need the following things. You will need: A printed out version of the free PDFpattern
that’s available on Just go to, find the baby car seat canopy,
and download the free PDF pattern. You’ll need 1/3 yards of fleece or cotton or flannel
depending on what you want to make out of the blanket. You’ll need another 1/3 yard
for the lining of the fabric so 1/3 for the exterior and 1/3 for the interior. You’ll
need 6 to 8 inches of sew on Velcro, 7-9 yards of cording, or three packages of wright’s,
and the cording is optional. You’ll need a washable cloth marking pen or pencil, extra
buttons or ribbons for decorating it. Alright, once you have all of those things it’s time
to start sewing. You’ll need to assemble and cut out the free PDF pattern that’s available
on Once you’ve cut out and assemble that pattern, you’re going to lay
it on your top fabric- your exterior fabric. And you’re going to place it on the fold and
you’re going to cut out one. Be sure to mark the top with a pen or with a pin so you know
what side is the top of the pattern because the pattern is not perfectly symmetrical.
Set that aside and cut out one more of that pattern piece for the liner fabric. Again,
marking the top with a pen or a pin so you know what the top of the pattern piece is.
Once you cut that out, cut out four of the straps. Just place it on folded fabric, cut
out one, place it on folded fabric, cut out another one of the pattern piece so you have
four total of the strap pieces. Once you have all of that cut out it’s time to start sewing.
Now if you’re adding on cording I like to sew the cording on first. i don’t like to
sandwich between because it doesn’t look as neat when I sew it that way. So what I like
to do is I like to pin my cording all the way around and you’re going to have the cord
on the interior of the fabric so the flemsy edge of the cording- you’re going to have
that line all the way around- and the cord part is going to be on the inside of the fabric.
Pin it on and using a zipper foot with the needle moved over so it’s right up against
the cording, sew all the way around, sew your cording on. Once you’ve done that you’re going
to take your liner fabric and with right sides together, pin it together, and remember how
I had you mark the top you’re going to make sure the top pieces are together. You’re going
to pin that all the way around. You’re also going to make sure to mark, when you sew,
you’re going to leave a good 4-5 inch gap for turning. I like to do that on one of the
interior parts where it dips in, you can see on the example of what I am talking about.
That’s usually where I like to leave my gap for turning. Alright, so if you’ve used cording,
you’re going to just, again, bat your zipper foot against the cording that you can feel
through the fabric and sew all the way around your cover again. If you’re not using cording,
just use a half inch seam allowance and sew all the way around your car seat cover. Once
you’ve done that turn your car seat cover right side out and be sure to poke it out,
make sure it’s flat, and it looks really good. Then you can hand stitch it shut if you really
want to but I just like to take the machine and sew over it and be done with it. Once
you’ve sewn your turning gap closed it’s time to do one more step and I’m sorry if you’ve
added the cording, you’re like- I’ve sewn around this cover twice already. You need
to do it one more time. Trust me it will just look so nice and so good especially with the
cording if you top stitch around the cover one more time. So using your zipper foot,
if you’ve used cording, just put it up against, again the needle is moved over so you kinda
have, it’s probably a half inch gap between the edge and you’re top stitching and just
sew all the way around. Trust me. It will look great. If you didn’t add cording I also
recommend top stitching all the way around. You can do that with an half inch seam allowance
or with a quarter inch, whatever your creativity feels like doing that day. So top stitch all
the way around the cover. Ok. You’re done. You won’t have to sew all the way around the
cover again. Now it’s time to start on the straps. If you’re adding cording to the straps
you’re going to do the same thing we did with the car seat cover. Just pin it on, sew around
it with a zipper foot. Then you’re going to take both sides of your straps- the exterior
and the interior- right sides together, sew all the way around, leave about an inch- inch
and a half gap at one end, I prefer to use the flat end for turning. So sew all the way
around, sew them together with a half inch seam allowance or use your cording as your
seam allowance if you’re using cording. Then turn it right side out. Once you’ve done that, again, same thing with
the car seat cover, you’re going to stitch close that gap. Then you’re going to top stitch
all the way around using the same seam allowances as you did on the car seat cover. Ok, now
you have this strap and now we need to make it functional. So we’re going to refer to
the pattern and you can see the placement for the Velcro and where you’re going to sew
it on to the car seat cover. I’m going to have you add the Velcro. Now if you’re going
to add a button on to your car seat cover I recommend having the hook on the interior
lining part and you can see the placement on the example there. So put the hook there
so when you add a button you won’t have the hook grabbing at the thread that you’re going
to use to sew the button on. So you’re going to place that on the interior. Now on the
exterior fabric you’re going to place the loop and you can see the placement on the
pattern that needs to be on the exterior so when you fold it together it folds over on
itself and it makes a nice little loop cuff. Now the other additional thing you can do
is you can add a button at this time you can sew it on. You can also make pretty flower
pins and that sort of thing and add those on later just using a pin back, just pin it
on. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to draw on with your marking pen that pattern-
that box with an x through it- that just makes it really sturdy and it really hold on to
the fabric well.
Now there are so many baby car seats out there and so many different designs and styles,
and sizes, so I highly highly recommend that you find the car seat that you’re making this
for and try it on it. This is the only way to get the strap placement perfect. So what
I recommend doing is taking it to the actual car seat, pinning it to the car seat where
you think it needs to go, and marking it. Once you have that marked and you have your
car seat marked, you’re going to sew it on your car seat using that box with an x pattern.
So, sew it on through all your layers of fabric. Be very sure that all your fabric is flat.
You don’t want anything bubbled up underneath your needle.
Once you’ve done that, you’re almost there.
One last step. This car seat cover is unique in its design as it actually makes an envelope
around the car seat. The fabric just doesn’t hang down. But it actually goes around the
handle and crosses over. To finally secure it, again, you’re going to have to go back
to that car seat that you’re making this for and you’re going to have the sides go over
so it covers the car seat completely and then you’re going to take the marking pen and you’re
going to mark that spot where they meet and it looks good and it’s enveloping perfectly.
Then you’re going to go back and then taking about an inch-inch and a half of sew on Velcro-
sew it on each side that you marked and you’re there. The other option you can do that some
other people have done is you can put a button hole on the exterior side and a button the
interior side and that looks really cute as well. And you’re done. You have this adorable
functional car seat cover that will work not just for one but for many babies. For more
great patterns you can visit You can also visit my website
There’s a great baby bib pattern that’s available there as well as the basic fleece pants pattern
in sizes three months through 5T. Have a great day and remember velvet is pretentious. Fleece
is fun.

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