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Series which is coming back for a second season really soon. I hope you enjoy the video, guys, and remember to hold tight. Hi guys, welcome to today’s video. We’re revisiting a few old subjects today. And today I’m gonna show you
how to fit an offset bath in the space we’ve got behind us here. We’ve got ourselves a little
aonisi shower in already. And basically I’m just gonna
show you how to line up, and fit the bath, and get the feet on. Please remember to
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(upbeat electronic music) Set in guys. Here’s the bath that we’re working on. I’ve already taken out the
pack that’s got the feet on it. Usually you’ll find your bath has got two big beams like this. The first thing you wanna do, is basically get our bath up on end, and actually fix the feet to it. So, let’s do that quickly now. Keep all the tabs on there now, while we’re at it. Look at that. (sped up talking) Right, so what you wanna do, you’ve got probably a
pack a bit like this. Loads of stuff in here. These
are your feet for in a minute. Pop them out the way. Just
pull everything out, like so. What we’re looking for are
these tiny little screws. We don’t want too long of
screws because there’s a plywood base in here. And that’s only gonna be like eight mils or probably ten mils
thick. Something like that. And what we wanna do is just
make sure we use the little baby screws on here so that
we don’t go through that base. Now, what I would recommend,
there’s only four feet on this. A lot of baths will have
a big long foot here, a big long foot here and
then one in the middle. We haven’t got this on this bath. It’s obviously a very well made bath. I kind of want the weight to
be nice and easily distributed. I mean, sort of almost doing it by eye. The thing is, you don’t want
to tie yourself up with this hole here, the waste outlet
that we’re gonna be doing. So we just want to get
our other bar and put that just roughly along here, like so. And also, yeah so we just
there. Is it perfect? If you want, you can
read the instructions. This is such an easy stage in the job. We’ve obviously got a
big chunk of glue on it. Probably want to just pull that off. One thing I would say about
baths when you’re doing them, is a lot of the time you’ll
find that there’s a litte bit of fibre glass sticking out. Guys, if you get that in
your finger, you ain’t known pain until you don’t that, I tell ya. I’m only gonna move that
down just about here. (bright music) (sped up drilling and talking) What you’re going to want to do now is just make up one of your feet. I have these just on the
inside, like so. Just like that. And then you’re gonna get another one. I mean, every bath
manufacturer is different. This is just the way I do this, okay. Try and have your feet, as well so they’re really kind of quite high up. Because what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna batten our wall. Now, the idea is once we’ve
got our wall battens on we use the height of the side
panel and where the tiles are and everything to define
how high we want to make the bath later on in the job. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m
gonna put on my other feet and get the other block
put on down at the bottom. I’m also, if we’ve got one
on-site, I’m pop the waste on, but it’s not especially
important because, guess what, the waste is right near
the front side panel, okay. So we’re all good for that. So what I’m gonna do is
get these all put together and we’re gonna sit the bath up, marry the side panel up
to it and then we’re gonna go up into the bathroom
and do our measurements before we even take the bath up there. Right, so we’ve got the bath down, we’ve got these feet on here, and we’ve got all the
protective cardboard off. The next thing you need to
do is a lot of times baths will come with special little brackets that just go under here.
What you want to do is get them put on now, okay.
So you can have one… There’s usually a tiny little bit of wood. What you want to do is
set the bracket back about two or three mil
off the face of the actual side of the bath. Because
what this is gonna do is when our side panel is up,
it’s gonna push under there and get sandwiched under there. So, they usually supply
all the screws with them. It’s a bit of a fiddle, so I’m not gonna go through it all now. I’m just gonna pop ’em on
quickly in front of you. You don’t have to watch
me swear and (mumbles). Already. (laughs) Why do they always send
such crap screws with these? (bright music) So now we’ve got this
in here, we should… I’m just gonna do a little test. Just pop the side panel… The baths obviously way
too high at the moment. Watch when I try and see how this goes in. (grunts) There we go. That
slots in there lovely. So now, I can put the rest of
mine on and get on with that. (bright music) So now we’ve got all these
on, we should just be able to mock up the actual side
panel going on the bath, even though our bath is
currently way too high. So as you can see on there,
this should just push in. These can be a bit fiddle-y. I’ll be honest, if you
want to do one at a time, really, so we just get
one in there, like so. Like that. Then work our way around. What we want to do is, we want to measure from the bottom here, to
the underside of the bath. Remeasuring it, I’m just gonna say 5-1-7. So, that’s 5-1-7 there. Make sure up this end. 5-1-8. Keep the number that you’ve
measured there in your mind. For us today on this one here, it’s 5-1-8. Right, so back up in the
bathroom, what we need to is we need to measure up our
5-1-8, okay, or our measurement, not from the floor level, but
from the finished floor level. Because what happens is,
when the tilers come in, they’ll tile further
under the bath, obviously, and you have to account
for the depth of the tile and the adhesive when you’re
putting your front panel on. Where’s my pen? Where’s my
pen? Where’s my pen, pen, pen?! Right, so what you’re gonna do, firstly, get your Michael Bublé
out and just make sure the floor is level. Lovely. And also as a tip, just
get your spirit level. Make sure it’s obviously level
and then just run a line up, like that. And then you’ll
know that when you’re putting your tape up against it, you’ll
know that your tape is level and you’re getting a
really accurate reading. So, grab my tape. 5-1-8. I’m just gonna lower my line. 5-1-8 is here. Right, simple then. I take this mark here, I’m
not gonna draw up another mark there, I’m just gonna use
my spirit level and I’m just gonna go around the whole
of where the bath is with my spirit level. Making sure that it’s nice and level, we’re gonna draw a line
all the way around. (bright music) By the way, the holes
you see behind us here, because when this funky first fixed, unfortunately he put the
control cables for the Aqualisa Quartz in the wrong way around. Aqualisa I would like to
say, you do have a sticker on the end that says controller end. And for people who don’t
know, it is a little bit misleading, just so you know. (laughs) Alright, I don’t know
if you need bum crack. Oh isn’t that lovely.
Oh, he’s bum cracks now. (sped up talking) Alright, now I should be
able to run my tape up here and just make sure that
this measure is 5-1-8. It does. Bang on! Right, easy peasy bit next. Right, I’ve got three battens of wood. One long and two short. Two short ones are just gonna sit on here, on that line like that. Just sat up there. And then the long one at the back, will sit along there as well. So let’s just pop a couple
screws in there now. What I’m also gonna do is
use a little bit of glue as well, just to make
sure they’re glued up. I’ve made sure that the
bit of wood I’ve chosen already is nice and
straight as well, so… Sometimes you can get bits
of batten in that’s bowed. So gunk number one up. Now we’re gonna marry this
up so the top of this goes to our line that we’ve just marked out. (sped up drilling) I’m sure you can see
where I’m going with this. Set him across the back bit here. And then one down our far end as well. So now we’ve got all those marked out it might be a good idea,
just go make yourself a brew, and let some of your glue
off a little bit if you’ve put any of that on and that’s great. While you’re doing that,
pop back downstairs and also bring up all the feet on the bath so they’re at their
lowest, so that the bath is as low as possible. What that means is when we
lay the bath in in a minute the feet will just be hanging in midair, but we know that our bath is already level and that all we need to do, nice and easy, is just bring our feet
down so they’re just taking the weight of the bath. And
then we can glue our bath in and that’s it, we’re pretty much done. (humming and laughing) Alright, guys. So we’re just
gonna gonna life this onto our battens which we’ve
already made level. With any luck… Look at Jamie’s booty. (bathtub sliding against walls) Now she’ll just sit on our battens. Nice and level. And that’s it. Done. Boom. Hashtag ledge. Guys, I’m sure you’ve notied
how easy that was to do. Basically, just lay the bath
down straight onto our battens that are already level,
which inherently means that if the bath has been cast properly, it means that everything
you’ve put up here is level as well. So, now all I’ve got to do
is basically at me leisure, pop my feet on and you may
have notice that we took the feet off before we put the bath on, purely because it was just
getting pretty difficult to actually get it up here.
And I was starting to cry. (crying noise) So yeah. So all I’ve got to do now… It’s just such an easy job now. Just great here, eh. So good. Okay, so there’s that
one in there our hearts. (bolts spinning) Alright, then it is tightly… Just a point of making sure
these are just nip tuck tight. Just get this one wind, okay.
And then what you’re doing, you’re just taking the weight of the bath. I’m just gonna put some
wider feet on here. There we go. (bolts spinning) I’m just gonna do that
all the way around now. I’ve put the small camera underneath so you can watch me struggle. (bright music) So there you go. You’ve got the bath in. We’ve got it all level.
We’ve got the feet on. These are all nip tuck, nice and tight. Now there’s something you can also do. You can have these side little clips that’ll go on the side of the bath. It’s up to you if you pop them on. It depends on how you wanna fix your bath into the actual space. What I do now is we’ve
got so many new glues and ways to use good adhesives
to get onto the bath, I would use a good adhesive if I was you and put that on braces. Obviously also put on
your side clips as well. But just to prove that the way
I’ve measured everything up and the way that we’ve
done this is correct, let’s go and get the
side panel and pop it in. (bright music) Bang on. A bit floppy. Mrs. Ploppy. So let’s push that there
so I’m under there now. There you go. Just a
little bit of adjusting and popping about. That’s there. Most side panels will come with side shoes that you put down low or some
people batten it as well. And then you can put your
battening on and push up to that. If you want to find out how
far to put your battening all you need to do is get
yourself your spirit level, dangle that down off
the side of your bath. Imagine this isn’t here. And then make a mark is where
your spirit level is there and then go back about five
mil and then that will be where the edge of your battening is and you’ll be fine there and that’s done. So there we go. The bath is in. I’m gonna glue it in now. I’m just gonna run my glue
in around the side there and then effectively I’m gonna have to leave it for a little while. As tempting as it is
to start playing around and getting the waste in,
we’ve got a special bath filler on this side for the actual bath itself, as tempting as it is to do all that, it’s best just to wait, just
to leave it. Let that set. (bright music) So then guys, there we go. The bath is installed. We’re
all done. I’m really pleased. It’s been done. I’m very happy! I mean, what else can I say. If you like this video,
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remember to hold tight! (“Treat Me This Way” by Otis McDonald)



Sep 9, 2017, 9:01 am Reply

I hope you enjoy this video guys! Didn't want to show the whole job as there's a few cool things I want to show in a seperate video. This is purely about fitting the bath and fixing it to the wall! Any comments/suggestions, please comment below…


Sep 9, 2017, 9:20 am Reply

Love the videos. I would love if you could do more on the cold water side of domestic household systems, everyone seems to only focus on the hot water side. There are so many different cold water configurations I find it hard to differentiate them especially in new builds where you have no cold water storage tank etc.

Great videos though, you are so good at making things easy to understand.

David Jones

Sep 9, 2017, 9:23 am Reply

I'm watching this because my plumber double booked 🙁


Sep 9, 2017, 9:38 am Reply

I used your last bath installation video to fit my bath great videos thanks

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Sep 9, 2017, 9:42 am Reply

Perfect timing just bought the exact same bath and was wondering about the reasoning for no middle support. I was thinking of putting a block of wood in the middle just as a precaution?

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Sep 9, 2017, 9:56 am Reply

Looking forward to more videos. Will be going to your home page and going to watch every single one that you have done. You make it all look so easy. I have started to fit bathrooms after working in the city for 30 years. Steep learning curve. coming up against so many things that i'm not sure if i am doing as it should be done. I just put a bath in against a wall that was banana shape and on a floor that sloped away with a 20cm difference. Had to put in a bath panel and try and get it all to look level in the end. Tough job. Had to cut it down which wasn't easy. Also had to channel out the wall for a shower. Many of the vids I have watched especially from the states all have stud walls in which to put your pipes and have plasterboard finish or backer board. All my installations so far have been into brick walls and having to work out how to fix the tails for the shower mixer into a wall that you cant get a fixing into. No one seems to show those kind of vids. Discovered the other day what a megaflow was as well when i had to add a rad on. So many different types of water systems and installation methods for showers. Going to get me one of your T shirts. Love the videos and love your attitude to work. Wish i could find someone like you to work with.

Jonathan Greenwood

Sep 9, 2017, 9:58 am Reply

Great video James with some good tips on measuring and battening. Is there a reason your not sealing the moisture boards with Aqua seal before fitting the shower bath especially where the sparky has cut into the board? I see you prefer to use glue and sealant to fix the shower bath to the wall rather than first fitting a MX Flexi strip seal around the edge that the tiling will cover. Maybe you cover this off in a later video but just thought I'd ask. Great place to hide the shower pump, although I thought we weren't allowed plug fittings in zone 0 even with an RCD.


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Dude, What is that power socket for?


Sep 9, 2017, 10:14 am Reply

I fitted one of these the other day. You can get the whole bathroom suite (toilet, basin, bath, bar mixer shower and glass side etc) for ~£600 from Victorian so it says about quality. I did a dumb though and didn't measure the side panel first! Needless to say the inch and a half gap under the side panel wasn't a good start to the day! Seems pretty strong though, I found the tiler stood on the outside edge of it putting up 300×600 floor/wall tiles and it didn't flex! Love the editing quality though, turning yourself into a real Casey!


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Great vid, will help me fit my new bath in my new house, but one question (I may of missed it) you measured the bath panel to be 518mm…then you mentioned about allowed for tiled and adhesive in terms of height, but you measured 518mm from the floor when marking the wall to find your level lines for the batons…shouldn't of you measured more than 518mm from the floor to allow for tiles and adhesive? Or did you and I missed it sorry if I did! Shouldn't it if been like 522 or something? Cheers James 👍🏻


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Sep 9, 2017, 1:55 pm Reply

Thanks for the new upload plumberparts your material is great see & save for later use in a project.
I'm just wondering about aqua seal side of things for that bathe room given the sparky has put two hole in the wall board yet to fully sealed. I may be knit picking but water finds it's way in every space over time if not done right. It's rip out & start again who need them issues ?

Dont Get by Get Bry

Sep 9, 2017, 3:11 pm Reply

Don't forget to drill out and fit the taps if they're gonna be located at the top end of the bath otherwise you will struggle to fit them later. I use clear CT1 or 785 to seal and fix.

David Smith

Sep 9, 2017, 4:15 pm Reply

Hi great video, would you ever be able to do a video on integrated showers not a standard bar shower. Just find these tricky to do and would like to know if there is any easier way of fitting them.

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You know Buteline do transition fittings to allow you to plug straight into that Aqualisa box without having to join to the copper


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I did chuckle the way you added one nut to the leg, left it at the end then wound the second nut the whole length of the bar. why not add the first, wind it up an inch then add the second from the back?

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Would it have been easier to put the legs in brackets loosely before putting bath in place.

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Nice one, I also glue the legs and nuts down , stop them getting rattly after a few years

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Oh mate please help me out here ive just fitted a bath waste and trap , no leaks apart from one coming from the over flow pipe that you push on , the flexi one, when ever there is a full bath ofg water the pressure is causing it to leak at the bottom , not huge but enough to be of concern. Ive tried sealing it with SLX and even tried clamping it up with a cable tie but im still getting a leak and its driving me crazy. Im now thinking of trying to get some rubber tube (haven't a clue what size) and using a jubilee clip. Any tips I would be extremely grateful


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Would you care to share the adhesive product trusted for the job there our jimmy? Thanking you!


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I enjoy all you videos find them very informative, I’m about to put a new bath in myself so this one espiecially useful someone told me that when sealing the bath in I should fill it with water to allow for any movement would you say that was necessary. Keep up the good work.

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Brilliant video, very nice install! I had a couple of questions…I might have missed this, but once the bath is in and the feet are tightened up..what's to stop someone pulling the bath away from the wall? Is it glued or screwed onto the support battens? You did mention something around 10:10 but not sure if that's what you were talking about. Also, are the feet not screwed into the floor? I've seen this on a few baths but that bath doesn't seem to have screwholes…is it safer to drill a few holes into the plastic legs and secure to the boards/tiles? Thanks!

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Not just a great video, but a fantastic channel overall. I have only done a few bits of plumbing related handywork around the house, but love watching your videos.

Anyway, i have two quick questions:

One. Followed your videos and swapped the taps on our bath. However, the bath panel is about 5 cm above the bottom of the lip. It came off and i can't get it back on. Any suggestions?
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